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Podcast Scripts: How to create awesome podcasts!

Create professional podcast scripts with our free voice over script resources. At Voice123 – where you can find incredible podcast voice actors – we’ve got the latest, creative insights on how to write a podcast script with a podcast script template to help guide your episodes to success.  

Get ready to master the art of podcasting, one sample podcast script at a time!

What are podcast scripts?

podcast scripts

A podcast script organizes the content and dialogue of every podcast episode, starting with a podcast intro, audio cues, dialogue for the host, transitions, interviews, ads, disclaimers, and a conclusion with a CTA. Following a podcast script template ensures fluid topic progression, helps maintain tone and pacing consistency, and guides the host’s delivery. While narrative podcast scripts for series like This American Life may be heavily detailed to tell the stories of people or brands, scripts for interview-style podcasts like Fresh Air outline just the main points, allowing for spontaneous conversations between the host and guests. But be sure to build on a basic template with information pertinent to your script theme, topic, and category. 

Here’s more on how to write a podcast script.

How to write podcast scripts

1. Research your audience

Write your podcast script template with your audience’s age groups, backgrounds, interests, concerns, and pain points in mind. Consider presenting your content in a tone and style that appeals to your listeners. 

2. Tell an engaging story

Tell stories that capture attention, like personal accounts, interviews, or news reports. Create a natural flow in your sample podcast script to sound like you’re talking to friends. Avoid complicated terms and explain in-depth topics in simple language.

3. Create a strong intro

The first few seconds are vital because they set the episode’s tone. So, you must have an engaging introduction with intriguing questions, teasers, or anecdotes. For more inspiration on how to craft a strong intro, check out our podcast intro script examples.

4. Include a call to action

Be specific with your call to action, so listeners understand what you expect of them. You can also use your CTA to thank your listeners for tuning in. Examples are ‘subscribe to the podcast’ or ‘Thanks for listening.’ 

5. Use a voice over, sound effects, and music

Sounds and music can make characters and main points more relatable and impactful to listeners. Skilled voice actors can also adapt their pitch and inflection to connect with audiences. Visit Voice123 to find superb voice actors for your podcast!

6. Be authentic and human

Podcasting audiences listen to your program because people trust people – your listeners want a unique, authentic experience. So it’s important to build a human, emotional connection that will increase listenership and keep audiences coming back.

Podcast script template

#1: Interview-style podcast scripts


Host: “Hello and welcome back to [Podcast Name], the show where we explore [Main Theme]. I’m your host, [Host Name], and today we’re joined by [Guest Name], known for [Brief Description]. Thank you for joining us today. First, could you tell us about [Question]?”

[CTA Reminder] Host: “If you’re enjoying our conversation, don’t forget to subscribe to [Podcast Name] on your favorite podcast platform and leave a comment with your thoughts.”

[Music Break]

Host: “Welcome back! We were just about to discuss [Next Topic].”

[Ending Jingle]

Host: “Before we wrap up, [Guest Name], can you share where our listeners can find more about your work?”

[Guest’s Promotional Segment]

[CTA & Tagline] Host: “Thank you, [Guest Name], for those insights. And thank you, our listeners, for tuning in. Remember, [Tagline]. Don’t miss our next episode, where we’ll explore more [General Theme of Podcast]. And follow us on [Social Media Handles].”


#2: Narrative-style podcast scripts

[Intro Music]

Narrator: “Welcome to [Podcast Name]. I’m your host, [Your Name], inviting you on a journey through the past and the present.”

[CTA] Narrator: “Before diving into today’s tale, subscribe and follow us on [Social Media Platforms]. Now, settle in as we unfold a story that [Brief Description of Episode].


Narrator: “[Start of Story]…”


Narrator: “[Story Continuation]… And that, dear listeners, is where our story ends.”

[Closing CTA] Narrator: “Thank you for joining us on [Podcast Name]. We hope today’s story has sparked your imagination. Don’t forget to rate and review us on [Platform Name], and share it with friends and family.”


[Disclaimer: “Names have been altered to suit the narrative.”]

[Outro Music]

#3: Educational-style podcast scripts:


Host: “Welcome to [Podcast Name], the show that brings learning to life directly into your ears. I’m [Host Name]. Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of [Topic], uncovering its mysteries and why it matters.”


Host: “Before we get started, a quick word from our sponsor, [Sponsor Name]. [Sponsored Content]


Host: “Now, back to our topic.”




Host: “And that’s a wrap! We hope you found today’s episode as intriguing as we did.”

[CTA] Host: “Remember to follow us on [Social Media Platforms] for updates and extra content. And check out our website at [Podcast Website] for show notes, this episode’s resources, and more.”


Host: “This is [Host Name] from [Podcast Name], where learning meets curiosity. See you in the next episode.”


Hiring voice actors for your podcast

podcast scripts

Professional voice actors do more than just read podcast scripts; they infuse energy and interest in every word. These savvy voice experts can adapt the laid-back, conversational voice style from Joe Rogan’s podcast or the brainy, fast-talking manner of speaking used in Ben Shapiro’s podcast. They motivate listeners to join in the entertainment during gym workouts, work commutes, or daily moments of calm. Platforms like Voices123 are also invaluable resources for podcast creators searching for incredible voice artists. And many of these voice actors also have experience writing podcast scripts that you can harness to your show’s advantage.

Final thoughts on podcast scripts

Now, that’s a wrap on the best sample podcast script guide. And, whether your podcast script template features compelling interviews, riveting stories, or informative discussions, remember that the power of podcast scripts lies with captivating voice actors that bring them to life with emotion, depth, and intrigue. 

And once you’ve written your sample podcast script, remember there’s nothing more powerful than dynamic voices. Check out the professional voice talent on Voice123. Or hire our Managed Services team to handle your podcast from start to finish.

It’s time to turn up the volume of your podcast with the best podcast scripts!

FAQs on podcast scripts

How do you write a podcast script?

Outline your episode, write a strong intro with clear content sections, feature guest interviews, and include a closing statement.

How long is a 15-minute podcast script?

It’s around 1500 to 2250 words because the average speaker’s pace is 100 to 150 words per minute.

Do people make scripts for podcasts?

Yes, many podcasters prepare a script to organize thoughts and ideas for better flow. Scripts range from bullet points to complete dialogue, depending on preference and show format.

How do you structure a podcast?

Start with a compelling introduction, separate the main content into segments, include breaks for ads, and end with a call to action.


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