Ciao Alberto: How to tell magical stories like Disney

Telling a story is easy, right? All you need is a knight in shining armor and a villain; maybe toss in an epic battle scene or two, and presto, you’ve got a story! Now imagine telling that story in just 8 minutes. Sounds impossible? Well, that’s where the magic of Ciao Alberto lies. It’s a short film continuation of Disney’s Luca that convincingly explores humanity’s resilience and emotional depth in 8 minutes of impeccable storytelling. While still creating fun in the sun with fishing and Vespa’s.

Would you like to do that in your company videos?

Whether you’re working on a company explainer, video promo, or even a TV commercial, we’ll guide you through 5 special ingredients that made this short film a success and how you can harness the magic of Ciao Alberto in your storytelling projects.

What is Ciao Alberto about

Ciao Alberto characters

Ciao Alberto is a fun-filled, action-packed short film that continues the story from Luca, the full-length animation movie. In 8 minutes, it explores more than just an amusing story that closes a few chapters. Instead, it pays special attention to Alberto’s adventures with Massimo, Giulia’s father.

In Luca, Alberto speaks briefly about how his father abandoned him. Something that left an emotional void and the loss of a male figure to look up to. But, as Alberto works with Massimo and tries to learn about the fishing business, he becomes more and more eager to gain the imposing, one-armed, tattooed fisherman’s approval. As far as Alberto is concerned, Massimo is quite possibly the most extraordinary man ever.

Why does Alberto go through all this effort when it earns him little more than a couple of grunts? Because even though they’re not related by blood, Massimo is a sort of father figure to Alberto. A sturdy, salt-of-the-earth kind of character that represents strengths and stability. The kind of person who would never abandon his loved ones. And it’s this heartfelt relationship with Massimo that is the foundation of this Disney storytelling magic.

Ciao Alberto’s magical storytelling

Ciao Alberto’s storytelling magic doesn’t rely on magic wands and alternate realities; instead, its basis is authentic human appeal. From tenacious kids to concerned parents, the story shines a spotlight on the importance of human relationships. And that children need to have positive good role models. Because they’re more likely to pick up the habits and even perspectives of the person they look up to. This kind of behavior could also last a lifetime, shaping reliable, sturdy adults.

So, real storytelling magic isn’t about fantasy but believable realism. And whether you sell a product or offer a service, you need to tell your brand’s story in a way that appeals to real people. People with hopes, dreams, and the desire to be loved in return. All of which are ingredients that form a pretty simple formula for a happy life worldwide.

Ciao Alberto: 5 special storytelling ingredients

1. The original voice cast returns 

Whenever an actor is replaced in reboots and movie sequels, audiences tend to compare the new actor to the original one. Voice acting is no different. Vocal performances are memorable, and audiences relate to specific voices and associate those with different memories and experiences. Since the original Luca voice cast set a benchmark with their vocal ability, using the same voices in Ciao, Alberto kept the magic alive.

So, the voice you use in a brand campaign or project will create a certain type of association with your brand. When deciding on voice actors, think of the longevity of your project and how you want it represented years from now. 

2. It adds a well-placed backstory 

Ciao Alberto is a short film that’s … well, short, but it does explore a clever backstory that was touched on briefly in Luca; Alberto’s feelings about his father who abandoned him. The new plot delves into how Alberto tries so hard to please a total stranger. And why Massimo bothers with a child who burns his – well, let’s not get into that. So a backstory has the power to answer nagging questions viewers might have while creating more conundrums for future sequels.

3. Highlight different emotions 

The expert design in Ciao Alberto showcases every hint of emotion. Like how Massimo’s eyebrows occasionally rise to reveal that he actually has eyes. Or when Alberto’s jaw drops in fear as he realizes he’s really put his foot in it this time. Without these tell-tale signs of humanity, Ciao Alberto would just be a bunch of pictures strung together. Emotion tells a story; it doesn’t have to move viewers to tears, but it should move their feelings by involving them in the story and evoking an emotional response.

4. Emphasize a moral 

Ciao Alberto’s principal moral springs from the importance of learning life lessons and that friendships are unrestricted by age or occupation. Like when you think Massimo is really going to let Alberto have it this time, and well … he doesn’t. That’s because life is all about teaching and learning with the people we care about. And that’s a story billions worldwide can relate to.

5. Keep things real 

Although it draws on myths, Ciao Alberto stays true to real people with real problems, which is exactly the kind of magical storytelling that attracts viewers. Especially when combined with pro voice actors. Exceptional vocal performances resonate with global audiences. So using authentic voices are the best way to keep things real. And whatever your next project might be, Voice123 has the most compelling and heartfelt vocal talent in the business. Just the voices you need to tell your next story.

3 ways to adapt the magical storytelling of the Ciao Alberto movie to your next project

1. Use the power of voice

Heartfelt voices appeal to viewers. Like Alberto’s resilient tone as he tries to make Massimo proud. Or the subtle nostalgic thread in Massimo’s voice as he recalls a memory about his father. So, like Ciao Alberto, your project needs similar pockets of emotion enhanced by voice actors to draw audiences on a personal level.

2. The animation sells the emotion

Ciao Alberto’s animation is expertly designed to showcase every hint of emotion. And when combined with voice acting it can bring back memories or hone in on topics viewers are thinking about. The takeaway from Ciao Alberto is ‘show, don’t tell.’ Audiences are moved by what they see and then what they hear, it keeps them guessing and coming back for more.

3. Use the power of length

While Ciao Alberto is just 8 minutes, it packs the passionate punch of a full-length feature. Now, if 8 minutes is too long or too short for you, then remember that storytelling doesn’t follow any time rules. The trick is to adapt your project to your target audience by telling the story you want. Whether your time frame is 30 seconds or a couple of minutes.

Final thoughts on Ciao Alberto

Fairies with pixie dust and wands and knights in shining armor who always save the day are still fascinating. But sometimes authentic emotion, believability, and a moral to the story are all you need to create real magic. The kind that your audience will resonate with.

After all, Ciao Alberto teaches us that people want stories they can believe in. To be swept up in a heartfelt tale that makes us forget our troubles and remember our loved ones.

Now that you know how to follow Ciao Alberto’s magical storytelling, we’d like to wish you all the best with your next plot, script, or dialogue.! Remember, it’s not about how long you say something, but what you say and how you say it. length, use heartfelt vocal talent, and above all, keep it real. So, when you’re ready to infuse your story with powerful voice acting, Voice123 is overflowing with camera-ready pros – be sure to check them out here. Ciao, Voice123 

FAQs: Ciao Alberto

How long is the Ciao Alberto movie?

Ciao Alberto is an 8-minute short film about Luca’s best friend Alberto as he works alongside Massimo.

What is Ciao Alberto about?

The story follows Alberto’s life while Luca is away at school. Alberto spends most of his time working with Massimo, doing his best to impress the gentle fisherman and mentor who took him under his wing.

Where to watch Ciao Alberto?

Ciao Alberto is available to stream on Disney+.

Who voices Alberto in Luca?

Jack Dylan Grazer is the voice of Alberto in Ciao Alberto and Luca.

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