How to launch a new feature to energize your brand

If you’re slumped in front of a blank document or notebook trying to think of innovative ways on how to energize your brand, you’ve found your way to the right place. 

But does the prospect of launching a new feature make you think, ‘That sounds great, but it’s just not in my current budget or timeframe?’

If it does, that’s understandable – budget constraints and lockdown limitations have led to serious belt-tightening. And while that’s affected gym memberships, magazine subscriptions, and cookie collections … it hasn’t stopped users from wanting more. And with 700,000 new internet users every day, this continues to increase. 

Think of your own experiences when using Gmail or surfing the Apple store; there’s always something extra that could enhance your experience. Okay – these tech giants have billions of dollars backing their features, but sometimes, all that’s needed to energize your brand is a change in mindset, a bit of tweaking, and some creative outsourcing. 

So in this post, we’ll show you companies that have successfully added new features, how you can follow suit in budget and time-friendly ways, and how to best market new or updated features. 

Successful features and updates


Energize your brand: image of Spotify logo
Image: Spotify

With 381 million users, it’s easy to imagine the number of feature requests that Spotify receives. Something along the lines of …. to infinity and beyond! But one of their latest features sheds light on how they decide which features make the cut – the recent test launch of a vertical video streaming tab. This allows users to scroll through a video feed like the interface on TikTok, making it’s easy to see why Spotify would aim for something similar.

While it’s still in test mode, the takeaway is that deciding on a new feature is usually linked to what’s already working in the industry. Since people follow crowds, who follow trends.

So you can save time by not reinventing the wheel. Take already working concepts and add your own spin to reach your brand’s goals. After all, DC and Marvel are able to have their own successful yet different universes in the same world.


Energize your brand: image of Twitter logo
Image: Twitter

Everyone who’s everyone is on Twitter, the social network that brought in $3.72 billion in revenue in 2020

Instead of focusing only on its tweeting functions, the platform recently launched new ad features. A move that will help them reach their end goal of allowing companies to sell products directly through their service, which is in line with current social media ad trends. 

The takeaway is that adding a new feature should be aligned with your brand’s goals and business strategy. Ultimately, successful features are launched in the present, based on past learnings, and plotted according to future expectations.


Energize your brand: image of Apple logo
Image: Apple

Since the iPhone debuted in 2007, Apple has been on a never-ending marathon of updates to please a fanbase that always needs more. 

A bigger screen. Done. 

More apps on the Apple store. Done. 

Make it water-proof. Done. 

Make it flip. Almost done. 

But it’s not always possible for every version to come with a list of new features. The next best option is to update existing hardware or software features. 

Cue iOS 15. 

It has new features like ‘Focus’ and includes updates to facetime and revamped notifications.

The takeaway is clear. You don’t always need new features. An update or improvement can work just as well. Especially if it’s something that users have requested or impacts a popular feature.

3 key ways to add or update a feature 

1. Research what’s already in the market 

This will give you insight into what’s already working and what customers are still looking for. It will also provide the right grounding for you to adjust according to what is needed for your brand or customer/user base. 

2. Ask your customers 

You’d never ask your personal trainer for legal advice or your waiter for stock market updates because it’s just not their forte. You’d get an opinion, sure, but unless they moonlight as lawyers and brokers, it’s best to find a trustworthy source. So, when deciding on new updates or features, go straight to your customers for transparent feedback.

3. Save your budget by outsourcing 

Instead of hiring a new researcher, designer, and engineer to launch a new feature to energize your brand, outsource each component to a freelancer to save time and money. As there’s never been a greater market for creatives. In fact, Voice123 is an open marketplace for voice actors who are also skilled at copywriting, editing, marketing, translating – and you can contact these pros at just the click of a button

How to market a new feature or update 

Now, you’ve decided on an update, hired a freelancer, and the launch is going fine. 

How do you upgrade from ‘fine’ to ‘energized?’ 

Well, remember the last time you drove past Mcdonald’s, saw a new ad for toffee fudge ice cream, and decided you had to taste it? Or the time you were scrolling through your Instagram feed and saw your favorite pizzeria’s post for buy 1 pizza and get 2 free – making dinner a no-brainer that night? 

That highlights the power of suggestion. Since customers can’t buy or use something, they’re not aware of. 

However, before conversions can happen, you have to first ‘suggest’ the use of your product or service by making users aware of new/updated features.

A key way to do this is by creating a specific campaign for online channels with visually stimulating infographics, website banners, social media posts, and marketing emails. 

And don’t forget the value of explainer videos. While graphics are helpful, videos are just that much more powerful, interesting, and easier to share. It also allows you to add compelling voice overs because nothing persuades more than a dynamic voice telling users why your new or updated feature is awesome, how they can use it, and where they can get it. 

In conclusion 

While there aren’t any energy drinks to give your brand wings, adding a new feature or updating one can certainly energize your brand. 

But you’ll need to stop thinking of it like vacations – something you’d love to have, but circumstances don’t yet allow. That’s why staycations were invented! 

If time and money prevent you from hiring more staff to work on new features or updates, outsource to creative freelancers. Then, may your next launch be successful as you research what’s already in the market, ask your customers for feedback and use the power of suggestion.

We wish you all the best as you unleash your inner tech genius now that you know how to launch a new feature to energize your brand. Oh – and don’t forget to call on the voice over geniuses at Voice123 as soon as you’re ready to let your awesome new feature or update ‘speak’ for itself. 


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