Never underestimate the power of a voice over!

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All too often, we underestimate the power of voice. Why? Because we have so many other means of communication competing for our attention today. Still, humans have a long-time history with oral transmission of information.

A long time ago…

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Think way back. Think ancient times. Regular folks couldn’t read in 3500 B.C. They didn’t have the means or necessity to do so.

So if they didn’t read, they spoke. They passed on the importance of their traditions orally, using their voices — especially through storytelling. It was the only thing that was available.

In modern times, information is so heavily reliant on reading and visuals. These days, we get so much information that people’s attention spans are shortening!

If people’s attention spans are not only shortening but also narrowing, how are businesses going to keep customers’ attention?

With a well-chosen, professional voice over.

Backed by history

The town crier. At the mention of a town crier, immediately we can hear a declamatory voice, shouting information with importance.

This job, now an old tradition, was the main way for towns to spread information. Even now, we use word of mouth to spread opinions and rely on it to make decisions.

The power of voice has held up over the course of human history, as lengthy as it is, and it’s not surprising. Voice is just a natural way for people to connect.

Develop human connections

power of a voice over: people chatting across a table
Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash

When you use a voice over, people are more inclined to feel a connection to what you’re sharing.

If you work with a professional voice actor, it brings authenticity to your product. A good voice actor has the ability to act well, and transmit information as if a person had just heard it from a good friend.

There’s something about text and visuals that can’t imitate that familiarity.

Something else that voice over can do: it helps your audience feel identified. Your visuals and other sounds may suit your target audience, but without a voice to go with it, it’s just a visual and some sounds.

Think of an empty restaurant. Pretty uninviting, and it doesn’t make you feel much.

Now think of a busy restaurant full of people who are like you. That’s better. The food is probably good there too!.

Just by having a voice over, you can bring an element of human connection that can’t be found elsewhere.

Make yourself trustworthy

power of a voice over: man and woman in conversation
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A business without a voice is just a business. Without an effort to give it a personality or human characteristic, it’s hard to trust it.

That’s one of the powers of voice over, it builds trust.

Imagine the sound of a mother’s voice to a newborn infant — it’s comforting and safe. Voice has the power to elicit emotion and build a reliable connection between people.

A good voice actor can sound confident and credible. It’ll help the audience identify with your business, and help them recognize the importance of what you’re offering.

The voice over doesn’t have to sound informative and confident either, it can sound playful or calming too. The point is, a voice over can show something human, something people can trust.

Another note on trust, one thing you can do with a voice over is localize the voice into one that’s native to your audience.

That means taking on the same accent, pacing and sounds of the people you’re trying to reach. A voice over can blend in with the traditions of your audience, and really make your audience feel like an effort has been made to address them personally.

That’ll go a long way to build trust with your customers. It’s an absolute truism that if people mistrust your business, you won’t get any business.

Add depth

If you work with a professional voice actor over a long period of time, it can do wonders for developing a unique brand presence: a brand voice.

Each voice is unique, so having one voice continually represent your business will help build a familiarity with your brand. People might begin to see the brand more as a person they know than a business.

If you have a distinct voice, you’ll have a distinct and memorable brand.

More on the actual voice, if the actor is able to, and if it’s fitting for your product, they can add a lot of depth and character to your business.

They can grab the audience’s attention at each inflection of a word, or take them through a journey with a spoken phrase. It’ll add another dimension to your brand.

If you’re skipping out on a voice over, you might just miss out on the depth you can add to your brand. Don’t do it!

Final thoughts

Voice has worked for thousands of years and it continues to work this very day. It’s proving to be a tradition that has stood the test of time, and for good reason.

When you have a voice actor that can build human connections, develop necessary trust, and keep your audience engaged with your business, you’ll start to see the real power of a voice over.

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