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Luca voice cast: how to best record a blockbuster from home!

Is it possible to record the voice cast of a blockbuster movie from home?
Well, it was for the Luca cast. Not only did they record their dialog from home, but they also did it without audio engineers, professional recording booths, and fancy studio environments. And they did a pretty awesome job. Because if you didn’t know about the home recording, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Now keep in mind that the mighty arsenal of worldwide professional voice actors on Voice123 confidently achieves the same results every day. They record in home studios that are sometimes just closet-turned-DIY recording booths. So, how do voice actors, like the talented Luca cast, pull off the impossible, and what effect does have on your voice over projects? Here we’ll look at what makes the Luca cast outstanding, the voices behind the main characters, and 4 ways the Luca voice cast affect your projects.

What makes the Luca cast outstanding?

Luca cast
Image: Disney/Pixar

What makes the Luca cast outstanding is their ability to record their conversation while miles apart and still sound like they were all in the same room. So, even though physically recording in a studio wasn’t possible for all cast members didn’t mean that the production had to come to a grinding halt. In fact, the studio looked for multiple ways to overcome Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, which included home recordings. The end result? Perfect dialog flow, witty one-liners, and heartfelt speeches brought to life by diligent and tenacious voice actors.

But how did they do it? Did a genie in a lamp grant the production three wishes?

As incredible as three wishes would have been, real-life works a little differently. And the Luca cast had to draw on more than just vocal skill to persevere. So, what helped them pull off such an unbelievable feat?

How did the Luca cast pull it off? 

With nothing more than an iPad, a mic, and maybe a mic stand or two thrown in for good measure.

Andrea Warren, the producer of Luca, also explained that production “involved sending iPads and microphones, and everybody testing out spaces in their houses where the sound would be baffled.” So, other than that and vocal skill, there were no special industry secrets or equipment used.

But that’s exactly what makes voice acting so unique. Extraordinary voices are unrestricted by external factors like location, studios, or in Luca’s case, a pandemic! And the strongest voices aren’t the loudest or the deepest; they’re the ones that are willing to persevere and use what’s available to pull off something memorable.

Curious to see what it was like for the Luca cast? Check out this behind-the-scenes footage. You’ll witness the Luca voice cast performing their lines with gusto, sometimes multiple times before nailing it. You’ll also see the small closet spaces and lack of ventilation that they had to work in. But none of those roadblocks prevented Luca from reaching its final destination, a major global hit. Now, who were the voices that brought the Luca characters to life?

The voices in the Luca Cast

Who voices Luca

Child actor Jacob Tremblay voices Luca. Known for hits like Wonder and Good Boys, Tremblay was the only actor who didn’t record lines from home. He said, “it was awesome because I was able to go into the studio, and they have all the decorations there and all that stuff which helped bring out your creativity.”

Who voices Alberto

Jack Dylan Grazer voices Alberto. Grazer, who is also Freddy Freeman in Shazam, drew on his own similarity with the character to bring out the essence of Alberto. He expressed, “I really assimilated with always wanting to extend the bounds and go outside of your comfort zone and also explore more of yourself. That’s kind of who I am as well. I relate to Alberto as well.”

Who voices Giulia

Emma Berman voices Giulia. Berman, although a newcomer, prepared for her role by doing research. In an interview, she said that an Italian waiter she met at a local restaurant taught her some Italian over Zoom. She claimed, “that’s how I got more into the vibes and just the melody of the Italian language. So kind of like wrapping my head around the Giulia Italian.”

How does the Luca voice cast affect your projects

The Luca cast has shown that a voice over project can not only go ahead but can also succeed amid a host of challenges. The key is to be organized and flexible, along with using resources that are available.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

  1. Be resourceful: You can use various software, DAW, and programs anywhere, anytime. And instead of corporate office setups, compatible laptops work just fine.
  2. Be flexible: If something doesn’t work, find alternatives. The pandemic has shown that the ‘I’ve always done it this way’ isn’t always the best way to get things done.
  3. Craft a clear working schedule: Know your deadlines. Set clear dates, goals, and timeframes and communicate these to everyone involved in the project. 
  4. Outsource: Freelancers have the setup needed to edit videos/audios, design storyboards, write scripts, and advertise your product/service. You can also hire a professional voice actor since you can trust pros to take direction, add valuable input, and deliver a top-quality recording. 

Final thoughts on the Luca cast

Luca cast
Image: Disney/Pixar

Blockbuster movies often have fan associations that become trends. Like James Bond’s Martinis and Star Wars Light Sabers, while Luca’s is a blockbuster from home. So, while no project is without its challenges, the top-class recordings of the Luca voice cast prove that the impossible can become possible when you work with professional voice actors who are ready to utilize available resources, even if it means recording from a home closet.

Now, we may not have a genie in a lamp to grant you three wishes, but we can still ‘wish’ you all the best with your voice over projects. And Voice123 also has the best creative talent available to suit all your project needs. Because it’s like Alberto once said, “You and me? We can do anything!”

FAQs: Luca cast

  1. Who is the Luca voice cast?

    The three main Luca voice cast members are Jacob Tremblay, the voice of Luca; Jack Dylan Grazer, the voice of Alberto; and Emma Berman, the voice of Giulia.

  2. What made the Luca cast successful?

    The Luca cast successfully brought their script to life by highlighting character authenticity, growth, and believability. So, instead of portraying a perfect world, their vocal talents enhanced relatable emotions like fear and an innate desire to belong.

  3. Is there a Luca 2?

    There is no official sequel, but Ciao Alberto is a short film that continues the story of Alberto and Luca.

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