Voice123 and how it changed the VO industry

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In the beginning…

The year was 2002.

Tania and I had recently married and moved to New York City. Tania was working at Banana Republic as a sales associate. I was freelancing as a webmaster and online marketing consultant for multiple clients.

Voice123: image of Alexander Torrenegra and Tania Zapata
Alexander Torrenegra and Tania Zapata in 2002

In addition, I was working from our 35 square meters (380 square foot) studio in Flushing, Queens near the last stop on the line 7 subway route. The studio was so small we used to joke that for the sun to get in, we had to get out.

Tania wanted to become a professional voice actress. She’d set her heart on doing commercials for radio, TV, and voice work for video games, etc.

Excited at first, we quickly realized how complicated the casting process was for aspiring voice actors. We learned that most companies in need of a professional voice had to jump through many hoops to get there.

A myriad of middlemen

First, they had to go through a casting director. After that, the casting director would contact talent agents. Similarly, the agents would contact several voice actors and then ask them to go to a designated auditioning studio. That studio would send the audition back to the agent. The agent would filter out the best auditions and send them to the casting director. Subsequently, the casting director would also filter the auditions and send them to the client.

If the client liked one of the auditions, they would then book a professional recording studio. All parties involved would meet in person for the recording session. If everything went according to plan, the client would then send the payment to yet another party called a paymaster.

The paymaster would keep a portion of the money and distribute the remainder — not only to those involved, but also to the actors’ union. We quickly realized that a system like this, with so many middlemen, was both inefficient and prone to abuse.

Opportunists & opportunities

In fact, a so-called talent agent charged Tania almost one thousand dollars for a photo shoot to promote her. Apparently, being beautiful was a prerequisite for being a professional voice actor! Of course, the agent disappeared with the deposit and never delivered. We were devastated, and even worse, we were out a thousand dollars when times were tough.

Tania and I came to the realization that high-speed Internet could enable a website with simple algorithms to fully automate and replace the work of the middlemen.

We envisioned a global marketplace that could quickly connect voice actors with potential buyers while also giving a fair chance to all aspiring and established voice actors to grow their professional careers.

The idea seemed so obvious to us, but we were concerned with the fact that nobody else had already done it.

Were we crazy?

Missing part of the picture?

Could it be that we were wishful thinkers?


We didn’t know, and we thought there was only one way to find out: executing the idea. But how?

My passion isn’t entrepreneurship. It’s tech innovation. If I had better mentors when I was younger, I would have executed on my passion in a different way. I would probably have been a scientist or software architect instead of an entrepreneur.

For this reason, I seldom care about the business viability of an idea if it is technologically intriguing. In the case of Voice123, we didn’t even think about how such a marketplace could make money.

Voice123: image of Alexander Torrenegra sitting in front of computer screens
At work. I was 23 at the time.

In January 2003, we started working on the idea.


While I coded the website, Tania started compiling a list of email addresses of voice actors, one at a time, who we would invite to join the marketplace as soon as the website was ready.

I worked diligently nights and weekends. Tania worked on it whenever her crazy shifts at Banana Republic allowed some free time. Each of us worked between 40 and 50 hours per week at our day jobs, and 20 to 30 hours on our idea.

To speed up the process, we hired my best friend from college, Andres Herrera, to help with the coding on a part-time basis. Given that he lived in Bogotá, Colombia, and that the Colombian peso was depreciated at the time, we could afford his fees.

Still, we had to save the little money we could, as we were going to have to pay for hosting and, hopefully, some marketing. We got used to enjoying Korean kimchi, popular in our neighborhood, alongside vegetarian sushi rolls that cost only two bucks a pop. We learned to eat spicy food out of necessity since we didn’t want to spend too much time and money going somewhere further away.

Passion & progress

We were extremely passionate about the idea, but such passion brought stress and a lack of exercise. To cope with both, Tania went to meditational yoga classes nearby.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I couldn’t relax my mind. Turning off my thoughts was a formidable challenge. My mind was always drifting to our idea and the different features and components that the website would need.

The few times I was actually able to relax my brain, I would find myself being nudged awake by others because I had fallen asleep on the floor and the class had already ended.

On June 13th of 2003, five months into the project, we launched the website. We called it Voice123. Tania had collected over ten thousand email addresses and we started emailing all of them. We expected a 10% conversion rate.

Voice123: an image of the original landing page
The original home page of Voice123.

To our surprise, the conversion rate was twice that. Voice actors loved the idea.

We soon had thousands of voice actors ready to be matched to clients.

Up & running

Just a few days later on June 16th, we started running pay-per-click ads. At that time, they were a relatively new concept. Just a few hours later, we had a buyer submit the very first job posting on Voice123. We jumped and hugged and laughed out of happiness. The pieces were starting to fall into place.

Only three months in, we had a functional marketplace. Every day we were connecting buyers with voice actors. There was one major problem, though: the service was free.

Tania and I were losing money paying for the hosting and marketing expenses. Most entrepreneurs I know today would have raised capital to fuel the growth of the business. Tania and I had never heard of the term “angel investor”. We had no idea that there were people willing to give us their money to experiment with our crazy ideas. Ignorance is bliss and hindsight is always 20/20.

Voice123: A sustainable business

The two of us were forced to figure out a sustainable business model for Voice123. After plenty of hesitation, we decided to charge voice actors a yearly subscription fee to get early access to job postings. We avoided being commission-driven because we didn’t want to be in the middle of the transactions between clients and voice actors. We wanted to keep it simple.

The idea, however, was quite controversial. Some voice actors didn’t like it. Hate mail started arriving. They feared that we were going to rip them off. To give them peace of mind, we added a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The voice actors would be able to cancel their subscription at any time and be refunded.

It worked. We started offering Premium subscriptions in early September. By the end of the month, we had over $3,000 in revenue. The next month, Tania quit Banana Republic to become full-time CEO of Voice123. That January, as revenue continued to increase, we hired our first full-time team members. They were all based in Bogotá.

Voice123: a photograph of the original team
Our team in Bogotá, back in 2005. Front: Luis Betancourt, Omar Duque, Caroline Perkins, and Angela Vega. Back: William Alvarez, Juan Carlos Barbosa, Milton Avila, Katia Monroy, Sara Mitchell, Javier Acuña, Andrés Herrera, Beto Hernández, Vilma Ballesteros, Julia Diaz, Emilio Jiménez, and Andrés Hernández.

Voice123 today

Today, Voice123 is the world’s largest and most popular marketplace for voice acting. Over 200,000 voice actors are registered in our database, and we have processed millions of auditions. Thousands of artists have grown and started their careers in over 100 countries. We have connected them with clients of all sizes, including huge ones such as Pixar, History Channel, Electronic Arts, and Pandora.

Toy Story 3 features voice actors found by Pixar using Voice123.

The crazy idea we had ended up changing the entire voice over industry.

And this is just the beginning.

In hindsight…

Tania and I frequently reflect on the many mistakes we made when launching Voice123 and how fortunate we were to have luck on our side. Despite so many errors, Voice123 worked.

As a logical thinker, I never believed that luck existed. I’ve come to acknowledge that the main reason for our success is similar to that of many other entrepreneurs: we weren’t afraid of failing. Neither were we afraid of losing face by sounding crazy, or afraid of missing social events organized by our friends. We didn’t mind being cataloged as workaholics. We were not put off spending our time doing something that might not work. And we were not afraid of risking our life savings to experiment with a new idea.

But, why weren’t we afraid? What gave us the confidence? After all, we didn’t have diplomas from great universities, angel investors backing us up, or any experienced mentors.

In hindsight, I realize we probably weren’t afraid then and we’re certainly not afraid going forward because Tania and I have each other’s relentless support, respect, admiration, and, most importantly, each other’s love. I found in Tania my life partner, business partner, and mentor.

What are the chances?

Luck does exist, after all!

Thanks to Grant LingelLisa LoganMelissa GaviriaPatrick McGinnisRoberto S. JalkhSantiago Jaramillo, and Tania Zapata for reading and commenting on drafts of this article.

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  1. Very interesting story. It’s fun to read how everyday folks come up with an idea to solve a problem, and end up with a “solution” far beyond their original problem. A classic American success story, but one which we voice actors need to be thankful for.

    1. Hi, Joe!

      you are right. Voice123 was born to make thousands of lives better.

      Have a beautiful day 🙂

  2. VOICE123 has changed my life. I am so grateful for this wonderful service. Thank you Alex and family

  3. Wow – I’m so glad that I paused to read this story. Love and entreprenuership…and now I’m here. A newbie.

    I look forward to refining my art as s voice actor though use of all Voice 123’s resources, and one day I will subscribe as a premium member (when I’ve strengthened my skill set).

    Thank you both for your your dedication and love of tech and voice.

    1. Hi, Janine!

      Thanks for your beautiful words. Whenever you need assistance, we are here to help. Have a nice Friday!

  4. Voice123 has definitely changed my life. In fact I can say Voice123 has “saved” my life!! Thanks many times over!!!

    1. Hi, Owino!

      Thank you for your nice words. We feel happy to know that Voice123 is making your life fulfilling 🙂

  5. Dear Juanita: I am inspired by this article at a time when it is difficult to find inspiration in our deeply divided society. Voice123 is “The “American Dream” really, and as a proud American I am very excited to take my next step in my VO career as a new premium member of voice123. I look forward to the opportunities that will be available to me. Thank you for your contributions to the VO community and I look forward to sharing my success in the not too distant future.

    1. Dear Tom:

      Thank you for your beautiful words, we hope you enjoy the service and we wish you lots of success 🙂

  6. Hello:
    A great, successful, prosperous vision. Helping so many people. Leaves the thought in my mind, “anything is possible. With belief, vision, and effort!”

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  7. Good Evening:

    I am registered with Voice 123. I see you mostly have voice over work in English not so much Spanish. Do you get much work for Spanish language voice actors?

    Thank you

    Lourdes Sicignano

    1. Hola Lourdes! Después del idioma inglés, español es el segundo en el que más recibimos proyectos por parte de clientes. Si quisieras comprar la membresía Premium, comunícate con el equipo de soporte a help@voice123.com pues te podemos ofrecer un precio especial por ser locutora que ofrece español. Quedamos pendientes de tí!

  8. An exciting story to say the least! Supporting so much more than Voice! Thank you for your share.

  9. I’ve been in this business for many years but I had never heard of Voice123. A friend told me about it and I registered today . Being a member of SAG-AFTRA, I will send you my dues, but I wanted to thank you and congratulate you for such a great idea. I also wrote a book FROM ETHIOPIA TO UTOPIA (I was born in Ethiopia from a French father and an Italian mother), and if you are interested you can get it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, GoodReads etc… You will find it quite amusing and kind of educational. In fact you’ll find everything about me !!! Thank you again.

  10. Inspiring story.
    I have a similar idea in another industry in South Africa and your story is an inspiration.

    Pierre 🙂

  11. I love this story! It’s filled to the brim with tenacity, loyalty, perseverance and more. I genuinely enjoyed reading it, and it reminded me how very lucky I am in so many ways, including how I am to be able to benefit from all of that hard work. Thank you and I’ll be coming back to re-read if I ever need a bit of inspiration.

  12. Hearing your story, I am not afraid to invest my trust in you and your company. You and your wife look like a beautiful and relax couple, May God continue to bless you both. Thank you

  13. I deeply admire what you both have created.
    I have just been given an opportunity to join VOICES 123. And, it looks like I am definitely going to sign-up.
    Especially since I left Voices.Com.
    If I can in any way speed up your growth. I will be here.

    Feel free to visit ME @ http://www.joltwise.com …Gene Call

    Look forward to our first MEET…AND V.O.


  14. What a wonderful history!! from you guys. It just shows you that once you put your mind and soul into something you end up with a great result weldone you are an inspiration to us all. I am a newbie in the voice over industry. It is so inspirational thank you for sharing it to us.

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