Voice123 and the act of engaging authentic voices

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Aligning with our purpose of crafting the future of the voiceover industry, we’re committed to not only vocalizing but also implementing our support for Black Lives Matter

Apart from placing visual cues on our website, we want to cut to the chase and find better ways to address biases in the voiceover industry. We contacted numerous of black voice actors on our platform and let them speak for themselves. We listened and learned. 

As a result, we’ve implemented a system to ensure that projects seeking black voice actors end up in the inboxes of black voice actors only. We’ve also launched Project Authentic Voices so we can work towards the larger goal of leveling the playing field.

In short, we’ll be pushing initiatives that actively promote:
  • Clearer specifications of project requirements. This means going beyond obvious choices like language, gender, and age, and providing accurate descriptions that incorporate ethnicity and accent.
  • While there is power in being able to say ‘yes’, there is as much power in saying ‘no’. (Voice actors should feel free to respond to any invitation that fits their profile. If the audition calls for an authentic voice or accent, however, a voice actor who does not qualify on the basis of true authenticity should refrain from auditioning.)

In the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing our revitalized company values and we’d love to get your feedback. Transparency and authenticity are non-negotiables. As a company, we’re committed to inclusivity and diversity in whatever we do. 

As a leading open marketplace for voice actors, we play a prominent role in the greater voice over industry. We take that responsibility seriously, and do so by holding ourselves accountable and consistently striving to do better.

For those who would like to hear more about Project Authentic Voices, we welcome your comments and participation. Please feel free to contact josephine@voice123.com if you have any questions.

Keep well and stay safe,

The Voice123 team

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  1. This is wonderful to hear! You might also incorporate some filtering mechanisms upstream from an actor saying no to a role — for example, I (a White cis-gendered man) get lots of matches for roles that call for Viet accents, Jamaican accents, and other dialects which I a) would not be good at, b) would not comfortable submitting for, and c) (and this is where you can help!) have never indicated on my profile that I should be considered for.

    Greater care and understanding is needed in this industry — from actors, from clients, and from the platforms that connect them. I applaud you for resolving to be leaders in this regard.

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