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How to best use Voice123 to find and direct actors

How to best use Voice123 to find and direct actors is a question Voice123’s customer success team deals with regularly. If you’re one of our new clients, we’re delighted you’re here – and if you’ve just asked that question, read on; by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to find and direct actors on Voice123! Contextually and consequently, however, first consider:

Don LaFontaine’s famous ‘In a world’ trailers. James Earl Jones’ resonating ‘Mufassa.’ Mel Blanc’s versatile ‘Looney Tunes’ characters. What do they all have in common? Their voice overs and characterizations are timeless, powerful, and iconic.  

What about Jane, Tom, and Sarah who voiced XYZ? What was that about again, you wonder?


No one ever remembers voice overs that are bland, amateur, or sound like their neighbors. Now, we’re not saying that you have to have celebrity voice actors for your projects. But you do need powerful, professional voice recordings that can turn your project into the next Lion King of explainers or commercials.  Here’s how to make it happen on Voice123.

How to find Voice Actors On Voice123

1. Post a Project 

Ever find yourself reading a script and thinking, ‘I wish I could hear just a little sample of what this would sound like?’ Well, you can. On Voice123, you can create casting projects and receive custom auditions. But these project forms are kinda like recipes, so be as detailed as possible. Remember, cakes without baking soda turn out like pancakes. So don’t forget these key ingredients: 

  • Project name and description 
  • Usage of the recording 
  • Budget: Set a fixed or flexible amount, or even ask for quotes  
  • Language and gender
  • Recording length and word count
  • Deadline and approximate number of auditions  
  • Delivery method: Digital files or on-site recording 

What if you don’t have a final script?

In the project description, specify the genre (explainer, narration, e-learning, etc). Then select ‘voice over samples.’ Voice actors can then audition with their related voice over samples. These samples are a bit like the prototypes that mobile giants such as Samsung and Apple design, since the latest smartphones don’t magically appear in stores. They first have to be designed and tested as prototypes. Then adjustments can be made and final versions released.  

So, when you listen to a voice actor’s samples, look out for what works and what needs to be tweaked. Something along the lines of, ‘I liked your pacing in this sample, but can you sound more friendly?’

2. Use the search feature  

Ever surfed an online store that had tons of product categories but no real search feature? Or been to a department store with clerks hovering around when you already knew what you wanted? Cue frustrated sigh.  

We can relate. 

find and direct actors
Image: Voice123

So, when you’ve got a clear idea of the voice you want and don’t have the time to go through oodles of auditions, just click search. Literally. And save time by filtering your Voice123 search results according to language, gender, budget, and keywords. 

For example, if you’re looking for Sam Elliot’s rugged style, type Sam Elliot into the search bar and filter by English-USA/male adult. 161 results will pop up! Then comes the fun part; listen to the ‘Sam Elliot’ samples on the profile cards and once you’ve found the voice that ‘speaks to you,’ hit Book Now. You can also use the messaging feature to negotiate with voice actors and align on everything from usage to directions. 

What about payment? 

Remember that online store you were looking at with the pathetic search feature?

Imagine if you finally found what you were looking for, went through the drama of creating a profile, but as you’re about to check out, you see this error message: Credit Card not accepted. 

Cue Facepalm. 

So, if you’re eager to speed things up, check out the Voice123 Secure Payment feature.

How to best direct a voice actor’s performance

After finding the voice actor that fits your project, imagine receiving this message; ‘Thanks for the script, I’m guessing it should sound friendly?’ Seems like a simple question, but so is, ‘Do you want fries with that?’ You could say, ‘No, I’m on a diet.’ Or, ‘Sure, why not?’ and pile on a few more pounds. Maybe even, ‘You decide,’ and let the universe work it out for you. 

find and direct actors
Image: Envato

But can you afford to do that with your voice over? 

‘No, don’t be friendly,’ and a lack of further directions could lead to a confused-sounding performance. ‘Sure, why not?’ would sound like the voice actor is trying to explain something s/he doesn’t really understand. And ‘You decide’ leaves the fate of your project in a stranger’s hands. 

While the decision is completely up to you, our advice is neither. All voice actors need clear, engaging directions. As the client, you have to direct the voice actor on every aspect; tone, style, pacing, tempo, etc. It might take a little more time and preparation, but it can make all the difference between a listener thinking, ‘Wow, that was really moving.’ Or, ‘I can’t figure out what that was really about.’ 

Final Thoughts 

When people say that something is as easy as 123, it usually isn’t. It’s more like 123456 … you get the picture. But finding and directing voice actors on Voice123 is really as easy as:

  1. Post a project or hit search 
  2. Book a voice actor 
  3. Join the ranks of voiceovers that stand the test of time

Now that you know how to best use Voice123 to find and direct actors, there’s no reason not to get on with it! Book any one (or more) of our selection of the finest professional voice actors available today – and feel free to reach out to our Customer Success ninjas; they’re devastatingly efficient! You can post a project for free or search for voice actors.

And finally – we wish you every success with your voice over projects.


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