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Voice types: How to choose the best one for your projects

Voice types perform different roles in audio/visual projects. They can enhance brand messages in commercials, add vibrancy to video game characters, or bring captivating animated videos to life. Consider what voice overs would sound like without global accents or iconic voice styles like Batman. So, identifying each voice type is vital in choosing the best voice actor for your project.

At Voice123 – where you’ll find expert character voice actors – we understand the intricacies of human voices. So, here’s our comprehensive guide on what are the 6 types of voices and a breakdown of male and female voice types for audio projects. 

Get ready to find the best sonic signature for your next project.

What is a voice type?

voice types

A voice type is the classification of a person’s voice based on its range, weight, tessitura, timbre, and transition points between vocal registers. Common voice types include soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass. They identify a person’s vocal repertoire so a role can be written with specific voice styles in mind. When voice actors understand their voice types, characteristics, patterns, and forms, it helps them determine which scripts and projects best suit their vocal skills. 

Need to hire a voice actor? Then, understanding the range, depth, and style of different voice types will help you make more informed casting decisions for your creative endeavors.

But what are the 6 types of voices? 

Watch our tutorial on the 6 most common voice types

What are the 6 types of voices?

  1. Soprano
  2. Mezzo-soprano 
  3. Alto
  4. Tenor
  5. Baritone
  6. Bass. 

Here’s more on each one. 

Female voice types 

1. Soprano

This vibrant, dynamic female voice type hits high notes with clarity, sounding like a crisp, clear bell. It’s valuable in leading roles like heroines or those requiring spontaneous vocal adaptation. A well-known soprano example is Ariana Grande’s impressions of different voice styles. 

2. Mezzo-Soprano

Mezzo is the 2nd highest female voice type, with an expressive range that blends warmth and a slightly darker vocal timbre. It suits hero and villain supporting roles. Idina Menzel voices Elsa in the Frozen franchise, using her range as a Mezzo for hit tunes like Let It Go and Into the Unknown

3. Alto

The alto voice is the lowest female voice type with a deep, velvety quality that showcases a rich, fuller lower register, allowing them to play roles with serious, authoritative, or sultry tones. Cher is a famous Alto example who voices Janet the Lioness in Zookeeper.

Male voice types 

1. Tenor

This male voice type has the highest pitch, filling a room with a piercing sound. It suits lead roles in operas, musicals, or characters, radiating heroism and charm. Tom Hiddleston is a tenor voice type who plays Loki and voices James Hook in The Pirate Fairy.  

2. Baritone

This male voice type is placed between tenor and bass for its warm, mellow sound and extensive vocal and emotional range in varied roles, from heroic to villainous. Sam Elliot echos a Baritone’s vocal richness as Trusty’s voice in Lady and the Tramp. 

3. Bass

A bass male voice type can convey wisdom and authority. Its depth makes it a popular choice for wise older men, villains, or mystical being voice overs. It also creates impactful characters like Vecna from Stranger Things, voiced by Jamie Campbell Bower’s bass, gravitas tone.  

Choosing the right voice types for your AV projects

For your project to be successful, you need a voice that can tell your story in just the right tone and style. Here’s a list of voice types for different projects.   

  • Commercials prompt listeners to take action. You could use a Baritone voice type with a rich, trustworthy tone. It can create comfortable listening environments that sell insurance or even healthcare products.
  • Audiobooks have different genres, so your voice type depends on the book type. Use an Alto voice type for depth and seriousness in mystery crime novels or a Tenor voice style for energy and passion in sci-fi or dystopian fiction. 
  • Video game characters have different personalities and need different voice styles. A Bass voice type is low and vibrant, which suits villains, whereas a Soprano voice type is vibrant and more dynamic for youthful heroes.
  • Film and game trailers build suspense and anticipation, getting audiences excited about what’s to come. A Baritone voice range is warm and deep, easily shifting from foreboding to inviting during a trailer voice over. 
  • Explainer videos need a clear, engaging, and friendly tone. Using a Mezzo-Soprano can make the complex information in the video seem approachable and easy to understand. They’re the types of voices that calm audiences and help them connect with the content. 

Final thoughts on voice types

voice types

The different voice types combine the finest vocal techniques, like range, weight, and timber, to produce sensational sounds. So, understanding what are the 6 types of voices is key to choosing a voice your audience will enjoy listening to and remember the longest.  

And once you have your project script in the bag, you can work with the stellar voice actors on Voice123 or hire our full-scale Managed Services to handle your entire project. 

From soprano to bass, find your project’s vocal harmony with Voice123. 


What are the 6 types of voices, from highest to lowest?

They are Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto (for females), Tenor, Baritone, and Bass (for males).

What is the rarest voice type?

Contralto is rare because of its rich texture and deep vocal timbre.

How do I know my voice type?

First, evaluate your vocal range and timbre. Can you hit certain pitches with ease or difficulty? Use vocal exercises of work with a coach to assess your voice type.

What are the 3 female voice types?

These are Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, and Alto. Sopranos have the highest pitch range, Mezzo-Sopranos in the middle range, and Altos in the lowest range.


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