Outstanding voice over performances: 5 truly great examples!

From talking animals to quirky superheroes, outstanding voice over performances can bring fantastical worlds and compelling characters to life. Captivating audiences with dazzling visuals and gripping storytelling. Whether it’s Robin Williams in Aladdin or David Attinsbourgh’s soul-stirring narration of A Perfect Planet, outstanding voice overs ignite our imaginations. But how do these outstanding voices affect your projects?

Well, at Voice123, we’re all about using the power of imagination in audio/video projects. So, in this post, we’ll journey into the world of outstanding voice acting performances to find out what makes the best voices stand out from the rest. 

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What is an outstanding voice over performance 

An outstanding voice over performance is when a voice actor skillfully uses vocal control, nuanced deliveries, pitch, and pace to transport listeners into the heart of the story. They make on-screen characters realistic by infusing their lines with sincere vocal emotions. These performances go beyond reading lines in animated films, video games, audiobooks, and commercials because they bridge the gap between the fictional world and the listener’s imagination.

Take, for example, Mark Hamill’s portrayal of the Joker in the Batman series. With his masterful use of vocal nuances, Hamill brought this iconic villain to life, infusing the Joker’s lines with a perfect blend of maniacal laughter, sinister charm, and genuine madness. He created one of the most memorable and definitive versions of the character worldwide. But which are some of the most outstanding voice over performances?  

5 outstanding voice over performances

5 outstanding voice over performances are

  • Robin Williams’ Genie from Aladdin
  • Andy Serkis’ Gollum in The Lord of the Rings
  • Paul Bettany’s J.A.R.V.I.S., the AI from Avengers
  • David Attenborough’s narration of A Perfect Planet
  • Disney’s Luca

Here’s more on these outstanding voice overs.

Robin Williams’ genie in Aladdin 

    outstanding voice over performances
    Image: Disney

    Williams’ unique improvisational style in Aladdin made him a natural fit for this voice over role. His humorous tone added vitality to an already dynamic character. Williams also lent his singing voice to the character with a performance that paved the way for more celebrity names to voice animated roles. It’s his talent that immortalized iconic movie phrases like, ‘ain’t never had a friend like me.’ 

    Andy Serkis as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings

    outstanding voice over performances
    Image: Warner Brothers

    The Lord of the Rings used motion capture technology so Serkis could fully embody Gollum’s physicality and mannerisms to create a phenomenal global performance. With true talent, Serkis brought a nuanced and complex character to life on the big screen with one of the most impressive voice acting performances. By simply combining realistic physical movements captured by the technology with his incredibly versatile voice. The troubled ring-bearer is also best known for Serkis’s disturbing rendition of, ‘My precious… Oh yes, we knows… we knows all about it…

    Paul Bettany’s J.A.R.V.I.S. in Avengers 

    outstanding voice over performances
    Image: Marvel

    Bettany’s voice and delivery added personality and wit to the AI system in Iron Man and Avengers. His outstanding voice over performance was also a game-changer for robotic characters because it demonstrated the potential of using voice acting and AI in innovative ways in future media and technology. With his humorous, sarcastic one-liners Bettany also breathed life into his AI character, making him more than just a machine voice. In fact, Bettany’s voice acting was so exceptional that the character became an on-screen persona in later films. Who can forget, ‘Sir, the Mark VII is not ready for deployment,’ 

    David Attenborough’s narration in A Perfect Planet 

    voice over performance
    Image: Richard Cairns

    In A Perfect Planet, Attenborough’s calm and authoritative voice lends a sense of urgency and gravity to the subject of climate change, making it accessible and impactful for viewers. At 97, his decades-long legacy as a natural historian and broadcaster adds to the weight of his performance, inspiring viewers to take action for the environment and other important causes. And his ability to evoke emotion and convey important messages through his words makes him one of the most accomplished and legendary narrators of our time. He says it best with, ‘As the sun rises, a new day begins. Life stirs in every corner of the Earth.’

    Disney’s Luca 

    outstanding voice over
    Image: Pixar

    This Disney production brought innovative sea creatures to life under unique Covid-19 circumstances. Due to the pandemic, the Luca voice actors had to perform from home without physical references or interaction with other actors. Despite the challenges, the film’s incredible voice acting showcased the talents of child actors and non-professionals with regional accents. The cast skillfully channeled their respective characters with great authenticity in the fantastical world of Luca’s whimsical characters. Ending with a resounding, ‘Summer in Portorosso is the best! Everything changes, but here, it’s like time stands still.’

    How to create an outstanding voice acting performance 

    You can create an outstanding voice acting performance by clearly communicating the desired vocal style in a comprehensive voice over script, providing effective direction to the voice actors, and leveraging professional voice actors like those on Voice123. A detailed voice over brief gives overall direction to the voice actor. So provide instructions like “this script needs a powerful, commercial-style, fast-paced read.” This makes it easier for voice actors to nail the right vocal style because they know exactly what you’re looking for.

    Knowing how to direct a voice actor is also crucial because when you specify the tone, style, pacing, and tempo, it ensures that voice over captures the heart of your message or character. Voice acting is an essential tool for effectively communicating complex subjects to audiences. And in the case of Luca, it also emphasizes the success of remote voice acting in adapting to challenges in a modern age.

    Final thoughts on outstanding voice over performances 

    Voice acting may not always receive the same glitz and glam as other forms of entertainment. But it’s just as important in creating a truly immersive experience. From iconic voices like Robin Williams’ Genie to Andy Serkis’ Gollum, these outstanding voice over performances are the bridge between the animated and real worlds.

    So, when you’re ready to embrace the power of a voice over, be sure to hire one of the professional voice actors from Voice123.  

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    What is the best voice over award?

    The best voice over award is known as the Outstanding Character Voice Over Performance, and this award is a category at the Primetime Emmy Awards, which recognizes exceptional voice acting in animated programs.

    What is the voice over Artist Award?

    The voice over Artist Award is an annual award ceremony that’s organized by the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (SOVAS) to recognize outstanding achievements in categories like animation, audiobooks, commercials, video games, and narration. 

    Who won the Emmy for narrator?

    In 2022, Barack Obama won the Emmy for narrator for Our Great National Parks, A World of Wonder, on Netflix. 


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