Source Connect voice over: how to direct a voice actor remotely!

Source Connect voice over is one of the latest trends when it comes to directing a voice actor remotely, despite the many alternatives and cheaper options. Why? Imagine you’re in Vancouver, Canada, and your chosen actor is in Cape Town, South Africa. Sure, the ten-hour time difference is easy to deal with because you simply correspond via email. But directing a live voice over performance isn’t that simple.

At Voice123, we know the importance of being able to direct voice actors to add subtle emphasis, gentle pauses, and vocal inflection that make a powerful voice over. That’s where Source Connect Now saves the day! So we’ve put together a quick breakdown of what is source connect for voice over, alternative source connect options, as well as key things you need to be a remote voice director. Let’s start by taking a look at an ISDN voice over.

What is an ISDN voice over

An ISDN voice over is a voice over that’s recorded and directed via the Integrated Services Digital Network, which is a circuit-switched telephone network system that transmits data as well as voice over a digital line. This method provides high-quality sound transfer, so when it became more affordable, more and more pro voice actors started installing ISDN in their own home studios. A slightly down-scaled alternative to an ISDN voice over is the phone patch. Here, the voice artist uses an outboard audio box to patch the output from his microphone into a telephone line. A director using any telephone can then listen to the recording and give instructions between takes.

The Internet has moved things along at quite a pace. In fact, ISDN has been all but retired as the primary means of remote broadcast quality recording. For many, the phone patch has suffered the same fate. There are several new kids on the block, the most popular one being Source Connect Now. So here’s everything you need to know about what is Source Connect.

What is Source Connect

Source Connect voice over

Source Connect is a digital software that enables both clients and voice actors to set up a remote recording session from anywhere in the world. The voice actor’s voice is transmitted while also being simultaneously recorded. So, the client can record live audio as soon as the voice actor speaks. This eliminates the voice actor having to send large audio files to the client after the session has ended and allows a client to direct the performance in real time. Source Connect Now is the latest Source Connect software that routes audio through its own internet network. Additional features like remote audio recording, monitoring, and Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) are all made smooth sailing with Source Connect.

Source Connect has three versions – Standard, Pro, and Pro Extended depending on the scope required. The fee for the Standard package is $35/month or $650 perpetual. Furthermore, the rates for Pro and Pro Extended are $1,495 perpetual and $2,450 perpetual, respectively. While the set-up fee is $75, before making a purchase, you can grab hold of a full-featured 15-day trial to see if it works for you. So if you’re interested in doing a Source Connect voice over, here are some tips to get you started.

How to use Source Connect as a voice director

  • Deliver all the material beforehand – this allows the voice actor enough time to familiarize themselves with the script, making it easier for them to nail the final script.
  • Provide a sample – a sample of the script with direction notes will help the voice actor understand what you’re looking for so they can craft the correct vocal style.
  • Explain the purpose – explain whether the purpose of the voice over and the project is to inform, entertain, or motivate so the voice actor will know what type of tone and style to use.
  • Provide a detailed brief – a detailed brief is vital because it contains everything the voice actor needs to know to deliver a great performance, so include details like the target audience, the tone of the voice over, and include soundalike styles for reference.
  • Break down difficult pronunciations – pronunciations differ between countries, states, and dialects, so give your voice actor a breakdown of the difficult pronunciations and what dialect or accent they should use to avoid any confusion.
  • Confirm the pace – mention specifically whether you want the voice actor to speak at a normal pace and confirm where you want them to speed up or slow down.

Now that you know what is Source Connect remember that there are alternatives you can use as a voice director to get the best performance possible from your voice actor. Let’s look at some of these alternatives.

Source Connect voice over alternatives

The main Source Connect voice over alternatives are software applications like ConnectionOpen, ipDTL, and Cleanfeed. However, both Voice123’s voice actors and clients are fairly adamant that Source Connect is the way forward for voice overs – if for no other reason than the fact that professional industry players are starting to expect it. But voice over is a very competitive industry, and new platforms frequently come and go. So with that in mind, here’s more on the best Source Connect alternatives.


Source Connect voice over: image of ConnectionOpen logo

ConnectionOpen is a platform that enables you to collaborate and communicate all over the world in real-time. With almost zero latency, it uses high-quality, uncompressed audio. The software is available for both Mac and PC, either as a VST/AU/AAX plugin or as a standalone desktop application. It only needs a broadband connection to work, and it allows a 1-month free trial before you finalize your purchase. It offers three pricing tiers: a day pass for a once-off recording at $10, Basic at $25 a month, and Pro at $100 a month.


Source Connect voice over: image of ipDTL logo

ipDTL is an IP codec that runs in a web browser, and you access it through the company’s website. With backward compatibility, ipDTL is a substitute for ISDN’s audio codes. ipDTL has three main subscription levels that start at $10, depending on your needs. there’s a $ 15-day pass as well. It works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and ChromeOS, and for voice sessions, it creates a phone patch. It even has its own dedicated ipDTL Browser and only requires a stable internet connection to function.


Source Connect voice over: image of Cleanfeed logo

Cleanfeed uses the Opus audio codec to connect remote studios in real time using high-quality audio. It only requires a browser and mic to get going in a matter of just minutes. Major broadcasters the world over use it because it offers crystal-clear audio quality. You can connect to Cleanfeed from Android, Mac, Linux, or Windows platforms. Besides, the Standard version is free to use, while the Pro edition costs $34 monthly. Discounts are available for charitable and educational use too.

Final thoughts on source connect voice overs 

Inevitably, the best way forward is to use what works best. Source Connect Now is the platform that rises to the top because it’s the one that voice actors use the most. However, there are main other options like ConnectionOpen and Cleanfeed that can do the job quickly and flawlessly.  So as long as you have an unshakeable internet connection (always opt for and ask for a wired ethernet connection if possible), a working computer, and the right software, your remote recording session as a voice director will hardly seem remote at all! The important thing is to use the software solution that works for you.

The world of technology is also rapidly evolving, so booking and directing a voice actor remotely is where Voice123 functions as the best voice acting platform available. So once you’ve chosen your remote recording software, be sure to post a project for free. This will give you access to tons of custom auditions to suit all your recording needs, as well as additional services offered by voice actors like copywriting and audio editing. And we wish you all the best with your next Source Connect voice over!


What is Source Connect?

Source-Connect is a software application that facilitates remote voice over (or other audio) recording easily and flawlessly. It’s a highly regarded tool used by both clients and top professional creatives in the audiovisual industry. You download it and then buy either a subscription or an outright license to use it.

How much does Source Connect cost?

Source Connect Now is free, but limited. Take a look at the Source Connect website to see all the subscription plans available.


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