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The cast of Encanto: Who voiced those truly awesome characters?

If there’s one thing we’re still talking about, it’s not just Bruno; it’s the entire cast of Encanto. This skilled ensemble acted and sang their way into the hearts of global audiences with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s award-winning songwriting. Through visual and vocal storytelling, the cast of Encanto addressed family dynamics and the importance of self-acceptance.

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Get ready to talk about Bruno and the rest of the Encanto cast!

Who are the cast of Encanto?

Here’s more on the diverse characters that make up the cast of Encanto.

Who are the characters in the cast of Encanto?

Abuela Alma Madrigal is the family’s matriarch. Still grieving her husband’s death, Alma focuses on preserving her family’s unique abilities. Her children are 

  • Julieta Madrigal (the eldest) can heal people through her cooking. 
  • Pepa Madrigal (the middle child) controls the weather through her emotions
  • Bruno Madrigal (the youngest child) can see the future through visions 

Julieta and her husband ​​Agustín have three children:

  • Isabela (who can make flowers bloom anywhere)
  • Luisa (who has super strength)
  • Mirabel (who has no powers)

Pepa and her husband Felix also have three children: 

  • Dolores (who has super-hearing)
  • Camilo (who can shapeshift)
  • Antonio (who communicates with animals)

Who voices Mirabel?

cast of Encanto
Image: Disney

Stephanie Beatriz voices Mirabel in Encanto with a powerful vocal performance spotlighting intergenerational trauma. Beatriz also drew attention to outsider syndrome by balancing emotional tones of determination with sadness. Director Byron Howard called the Mirabel voice actor the missing piece of the movie’s emotional keystone. So, authentic, well-balanced emotions can motivate an audience and prompt them to action in any project, whether that’s commercials, corporate videos, or YouTube ads.

Who voices Bruno?

cast of Encanto
Image: Disney

John Leguizamo voices Bruno in Encanto by combining a light-hearted comedic tone with the depressed dejection his character experiences. As the Bruno voice actor, John Leguizamo captured Bruno’s nuances by drawing viewers away from his sinister ‘bad guy’ image and portraying him as he is, an eccentric uncle. And that’s the strength of a great voice actor. Utilizing enunciation and clarity through the power of their voice, they can accentuate character flaws, quirks, and nuances to create a multifaceted personality people understand and relate to.

Who voices Isabela?

cast of Encanto
Image: Disney

Diane Guerroerro voices Isabela Madrigal in Encanto. Although Isabela comes across as the perfect golden child, in a plot twist, her character is also Mirabel’s key rival. So, as the Isabela voice actor, Diane had to balance the character’s sweet side while highlighting the concept of perfectionism. Guerrero infused her dialogue with humor, wit, and charm to balance the emotions Isabela showed her family with the negative feelings she kept hidden. Professional voice actors have emotional versatility that allows them to convey complex emotions through their voice, bringing animated characters to life.

Who voices Luisa?

cast of Encanto
Image: Disney

Jessica Darrow voices Lusia, and she explained in an interview that she and Luisa are so similar it’s almost like they’re the same person. She claimed they were both funny, sarcastic, and solid on the outside while being big ol’ crybabies on the inside. So, by relating to the character, the Luisa voice actor could pour her personality into the role. The final element of excellent voice acting is connection and characterization. If a voice actor resonates with the on-screen character, they can infuse parts of their personality into the role and establish a genuine connection with viewers.

Who voices Alma Madrigal (Abuela) in Encanto?

María Cecilia Botero voices Alma Madrigal (Abuela) in Encanto. As the Alma Madrigal voice actor, María is one of the most beloved figures in Colombian entertainment. In an interview, María said her role involved using technique. Although she was restricted to just a voice behind a mic, she said it’s inevitable to move the body and make the faces that reflect the scene’s emotion so you can’t be flat with your voice. As the Abuela Madriga voice actor, Maria’s incredible talent led to her voicing her character in both the English and Spanish dub versions.

Final thoughts on the cast of Encanto

The cast of Encanto brought this captivating story to life with talent, passion, and authenticity. From Stephanie Beatriz as the Mirabel voice actor to John Leguizamo, who voices Bruno, the Encanto cast brought a unique layer of depth and relatability to their characters and used their personal experiences to enrich the film’s emotional appeal. 

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Will there be Encanto 2?

Disney has not officially announced plans for an Encanto 2.

Is Encanto based on a true story?

While Encanto is not based on a specific true story, Colombian culture, folklore, and traditions inspired its setting, themes, and characters.

Who is the singing voice of Bruno in Encanto?

John Leguizamo voiced and sang for Bruno in Encanto.

Who played the strong sister in Encanto?

Jessica Darrow voiced Luisa Madrigal in Encanto – Mirabel’s sister with superhuman strength.


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