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Spotify ads: how to make the best ads in 2024

If you’re looking to spice up your digital advertising strategy and reach a massive audience, look no further than Spotify Ads. Spotify is a game-changer in the world of music, podcasts, and audiobook streaming. But did you know Spotify advertising is also a fantastic platform to showcase your brand or products/services? Think about it: when you’re listening to your favorite playlist or podcast, what do you hear in between? Yup – ads! 

At Voice123, we know that creating awesome Spotify ads isn’t as simple as posting a banner and calling it a day. To advertise on Spotify effectively, you need a clear advertising strategy with targeted demographics, the right ad format (audio, video, or display), and, most importantly, the perfect voice actor. So, in this post, we’ll explore what are Spotify ads, how to advertise on Spotify, and how to choose the best voice actors for your Spotify ads. Let’s get going!

What are Spotify ads?

Spotify Ads are audio and video advertisements that play between songs and during podcast breaks for free users – and thanks to Spotify’s user genre and content targeting options, you can choose a specific demographic more likely to use your products/services. This form of targeted advertising analyzes your consumer’s listening habits, interests, and behaviors to show tailored ad content. This makes Spotify advertising a powerful method to reach audiences as they jam to their favorite tunes or chill with their fave podcast.

Spotify Ads are like a billboard – if it’s placed on the right highway or busy street, millions of global users can see/hear the ad. In fact, 2024 saw 551 million monthly active users who used the platform for free. The best part is that Spotify ads aren’t limited to your average “skip ad in 5 seconds” experience. So here’s a quick breakdown of how to get started.

How to best advertise on Spotify in 2024

Spotify ads

You can advertise on Spotify using the Spotify Ad Studio self-service option or outsourcing your advertising campaign to an ad agency. The self-service platform offers different options and ad formats, like audio, video, and display ads. Advertisers can also set targeting parameters like age, gender, location, interest, and budget to create, manage, and track their own audio and video ads. Alternatively, you can use an ad agency to create the Spotify advertising strategy, manage and track the campaign, and create the ad content.

Pro tip: If you opt for an agency, you can only work with Spotify-approved ones to ensure compliance with the platform’s guidelines and policies. 

Here are some of the best Spotify advertising options:

1. Spotify audio ads

Audio ads are 30-second audio-only ads that play in between songs or during a user’s listening session. Using the right voice actor can create a favorable impression of your brand and inspire consumer purchases. Just think of Michael C. Hall’s (the titular serial killer on Dexter) deadpan monotone delivery that adds a unique spin to the Dodge commercials.

2. Spotify video ads

Video ads are 30-second ad slots that appear when users interact with the Spotify app or website. To make your ad pop for users, you could use ad jingles like Liberty Mutual’s Liberty Liberty Liberty. These tunes spark nostalgia and brand recall to highlight your brand or website’s ease of use and product selection.

3. Display ads

Display ads are banners or interstitial ads (full-screen ads) visible on a user’s device screen. These ads are often used on audio platforms like Amazon Music and Spotify. For example, a software brand could use a creative banner to promote its latest workflow tool on the user’s screen. And you can use vibrant colors, images, and even a discount code on your banner to attract listeners.

4. Sponsored playlists

Sponsored playlists appear at the top of the user’s playlist list and are sponsored by brands or advertisers  Think of a popular brand like Coca-Cola appearing at the top of a user’s YouTube Music playlist list. The playlist could feature songs that pair well with Coke, like Avicii’s Taste the Feeling, and a link to help listeners make a purchase.

5. Sponsored sessions

Sponsored sessions are ads that offer users ad-free listening in and exchange users watching 30-second video ads. These ads could be for movie streaming services like Netflix or Apple TV to showcase their exclusive movie content and encourage listeners to sign up for a free trial.

Pro tip: Advertising on Spotify can be competitive, so set a clear strategy and use compelling ad content to shine a spotlight on your brand’s message.

How to advertise on Spotify with audio ads

You can advertise on Spotify with audio ads by creating an account on the Spotify Ad Studio and logging in. Then, choose “Audio Ad” as the ad format you want to create and select the “Brand Awareness and Reach” or “Conversion” campaign type. Next, set the targeting parameters for your Spotify advertising campaign. Finish off by setting your budget and selecting your bid strategy.

Now that you’re ready to create your audio ad, you can either record your ad on the Ad Studio platform or upload a pre-recorded audio file from a voice actor. 

All that’s needed is to choose the best voice for your ads.

How to choose a voice actor for Spotify ads

First, define your brand’s tone and style – is it fun and energetic or serious and authoritative? Second, consider your target audience – their age, gender, nationality, and interests. Third, listen to voice actor audio samples like the ones on Voice123, which showcase a voice actor’s range and abilities so you can imagine how their voice will sound in your ad. Fourth, find a voice actor whose sound matches your brand’s message while getting your audience fired up. Apple’s “Think Different” campaign is one example. It features Richard Dreyfuss’ deep, authoritative voice, which adds weight to the campaign’s powerful message while encouraging listeners to think differently and embrace their unique ideas.

Tips for successful advertising on Spotify in 2024

Advertising on Spotify in 2024 can be competitive, expensive, and time-consuming, so here are five strategies to help you take advantage of the Spotify advertising scene.

1. Target your audience

Want to target left-handed designers who love country music? No problem! With Spotify’s powerful targeted advertising tools, you can narrow down your audience to the most specific groups imaginable.

2. Use personalized messaging

Imagine an ad for a donut place that knows your favorite flavors and recommends a sweet treat just for you. Yum! Gone are the days of generic ads because Spotify’s data resources help you create personalized ads that are tailored to individual listeners.

3. Leverage influencers

Look no further than Spotify influencers to cut through business noise and get your brand noticed. They’ve built massive followings on the platform and can help get your message in front of a wider audience.

4. Offer discounts and promotions

Everyone loves a good deal, and Spotify users are no exception. By offering exclusive discounts and promotions to listeners, you can create a buzz around your brand and incentivize people to take action.

5. Use compelling creativity

Catchy ads can imprint your brand in users’ minds. That’s the power of compelling stories. You can also enhance your story with music, sound effects, and exciting voice overs by using the talented voice actors on Voice123.

Final thoughts on Spotify ads

Spotify ads

There you have it, folks! With these tips, you’re now a Spotify advertising expert! Try out some of the audio, video, and display ads, sponsored playlists, and sessions. But remember to target your audience, use personalized messaging, leverage influencers, use compelling storytelling techniques, and offer discounts and promos to make your ad stand out from the crowd. You might just create the next viral ad campaign and become an overnight sensation. 

You can also use Voice123’s Managed Services feature and have our team manage all the voice over aspects of your ad campaign. So, let Spotify ads and the pros on Voice123 help you turn up the volume of your business today!

FAQs on Spotify ads

What are the ads on Spotify?

The ads on Spotify are audio, video, and display ads, as well as sponsored playlists and sessions that are used to attract targeted audiences.

How often are Spotify ads?

Generally, free Spotify users can expect to hear ads before, after, or during every few songs, while premium users have an ad-free experience.

Does Spotify do ads now?

Yes, Spotify does ads, and there are various options to choose from, including audio, video, and display ads, as well as sponsored playlists and sessions.


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