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Hire a voice actor: 5 Things you need to know about voice actors

Knowing what to look for when you hire a voice actor will help you save time and make the best choice for your voice over project. Especially if you want a voice jam-packed with character and emotion. Whether you’re producing animated videos or engaging commercials, hiring a professional voice actor elevates your project’s quality and appeal.

At Voice123 – where you can hire voice actors for all your audio/visual needs – we know that skilled voice actors are the backbone of successful projects. So here, we’ll explore what is a professional voice actor and 5 things you must know when hiring voice actors. 

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What you need to know when hiring a voice actor

What is a professional voice actor 

hire a voice actor

A professional voice actor is a skilled individual who records scripts for voice over projects, creating iconic characters and putting voices to words in TV and radio commercials, animations, video games, audiobooks, and film and TV narration using vocal techniques like tone modulation, accents, and emotional expression. Voice actors collaborate with directors, producers, game developers, and more to create authentic, high-quality performances. Some examples include the annual SuperBowl ads with international viewerships or the niche vocal genre of Batman video games.    

The power of professional voice actors

A professional voice actor can transform simple text into persuasive commercials, exciting promo videos, captivating audiobooks, elearning, and explainers. Here’s more on the power of voice on each one:

  1. Commercials: Professional voice actors can bring a brand’s message to life in a way that captivates and engages audiences. Their voice can effectively convey emotions, tone, and personality, making the commercial more memorable and impactful.
  2. Promo videos: Like in commercials, voice actors can add depth and emotion to promo videos. With their dynamic voices, they can create a sense of urgency and excitement, encouraging viewers to take specific action.
  3. Audiobooks: Audiobook voice actors can elevate the listening experience by using different voices and styles for each character, making the story more engaging and immersive.
  4. Elearning: Voice actors for elearning have to keep learners engaged with the content, and they use their skills to convey complex information simply, making the learning process more enjoyable.
  5. Explainer videos: When it comes to explaining a concept or product, a professional voice actor can be the key to success. With their clear and concise delivery, they can effectively communicate information and keep viewers interested and informed.

5 Things to look for when hiring voice actors

  1. Vocal skills
  2. Reviews
  3. Samples
  4. Versatility
  5. Availability

1. Vocal skills

Vocal skills like enunciation, pacing, tone, inflection, and niche skills like character voices and vocal range are essential to successful voice over projects. So, hiring a voice actor with the vocal skills that match your project is critical. A voice actor should have good diction, a versatile vocal range for different characters, and an adaptable tone to suit your type of project.

2. Reviews

Reviews are testimonials. They reveal whether a voice actor can deliver work with others and respond to feedback. So, glowing reviews mean you’ll enjoy a smooth production process. A voice actor with consistent praise for adaptability and attention to detail will bring those qualities to your project.

3. Samples

Samples help you gauge if a voice actor is a good fit for your project. You can listen to their range, tone, delivery quality, vocal clarity, and emotion. A diverse sample portfolio that includes everything from animated characters to corporate narrations is beneficial if you require a dynamic voice range for your project.

4. Versatility

Using a versatile voice actor can save time and resources by exploring various project elements with a single voice. They can adapt their delivery for different characters, tones, and styles, like effortlessly switching from a youthful, energetic tone for a video game character to a somber, gravelly one in an audiobook reading. 

5. Availability

Deadlines and availability go hand-in-hand. When voice actors are available, they have time to communicate and are dedicated to meeting your project’s deadline, making it a smoother production. Available voice actors proactively send updates and quick-to-deliver recordings, which keeps your project on schedule – will they be available for pickups and revisions? 

Find voice actors for hire on Voice123

hire a voice actor

Voice123 is the first and largest online marketplace where you can hire professional voice actors either with the Voice123 search engine or by posting a project for free. On our platform, you’ll be able to see the voice actor’s vocal skills and abilities and listen to samples to see if their voice is a good fit for your project. You can also read their reviews from previous projects and clients, discover their versatility, and find out if they’re available for booking. Then, once you’re ready to hire – click ‘Book Now‘ and opt for our Secure Payment service to make hassle fee payments. Or see how our Managed Services can take over the A-to-Z of your project – from narrowing down the best voices to directing the performance and delivering the voice over. 

Final thoughts on how to hire a voice actor

Your choice of a professional voice actor is crucial to creating engaging content. From gripping video game narratives to memorable commercial voices that echo in the minds of consumers, hiring extraordinary voice actors is the linchpin of success. 

So, when you’re ready to hire a voice actor, look to the skilled talent on Voice123 or let our Managed Services produce and deliver your entire project. 

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FAQs on how to hire a voice actor

How much does it cost to hire a voice actor?

Depending on a voice actor’s experience, project complexity, length, and broadcasting and union rights – check out the GVAA voice acting rate guide to learn more.

How do I hire a specific voice actor?

You can book a specific voice actor directly on a platform like Voice123. You can also approach the voice actor on their personal website or social media profile if you’ve worked with them before.

What should I look for when hiring a voice actor?

You should look for their vocal skills, samples, reviews, versatility, and availability to determine if they can bring the right tone and style to your project.


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