what does a producer do?

VoiceTalks AV Series: What does a producer do?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a movie set? Actors? Directors? Sure! But have you ever asked yourself: what does a producer do? From blockbuster movies to mom-and-pop-shop low-cost AVs: producers are essential! So we’ll guide you through what a producer does, different types of producers, duties, and the difference between executive producers. Action!

What is a producer

A producer oversees film production and helps with the development, planning, execution, and marketing of a movie and various other types of audiovisual productions. So they have a finger in just about every production pie there is. As a result, a producer often has more responsibilities than the director because they usually have to manage the financial, logistical, and creative aspects of the film, which includes everything from ensuring deadlines are met and the project remains within budget to creating story ideas and even casting actors. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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What is the job of a producer

The job of a producer is to initiate, coordinate, supervise, and manage the production of not just movies but also web series, television shows, commercial videos, and many other types of productions. They play a significant role throughout the different phases of production, from inception to completion. They even control the talent, crafts, and finances of a project, and, at times, producers can also hold the rights to the project. They’re also in charge of finalizing the creative ideas from the directors, aligning with the scriptwriters and production team, and managing the legal aspects of the film.

So basically, the producer ensures that a project reaches its completion.

Job description and duties of a producer

The job description and duties of a producer mainly involve purchasing a project and securing the rights to it (if applicable). But that’s just the beginning. Once a project has been purchased, the real work begins:

what does a producer do
  • They develop the material for the project and get it ready for production.
  • They hire key members for the project – director, manager, writer, talent, heads of departments, crew, staff, and any other personnel required for the project.
  • Producers also negotiate key talent. This means they are responsible for hiring the right voice actors for productions that require voice acting.
  • They manage all the people involved in the project – from the director to the staff.
  • A producer sets a budget for the project and secures the funds through investors. Sometimes they might even use their personal funds for a project.
  • Once the funds are secured, the producer oversees the project to ensure it stays within budget.
  • The script breakdown and the production schedule are fixed from start to end.
  • They will also hire any additional staff or crew needed.
  • It’s not only during the preproduction and production stages that producers play an important role. They also play an essential part during the post-production phase – from editing through to music composition.
  • Sometimes, test screenings and last-minute changes are necessary, and a producer will need to continue working on the project to ensure it’s 100% complete.
  • Finally, once the project is complete, the producer has to initiate the marketing of the project and work with the PR team to ensure there is enough buzz created around the project.

Different types of producers

If you take a closer look at a movie poster or the credits at the end of a film, you’ll notice that all kinds of producers were involved in the project. From an executive producer to co-producers and associate producers. While they all play an important role in a production, the executive producer is the person who works at the highest level. And if you need to hire a producer, there are some skills and points to look out for.

What is an executive producer

An executive producer (EP) is an independent contractor employed by a studio who supervises the other producers involved in a project – whether it is a film, web series, commercial, or even a theatre performance. Financiers or distributors of a project also contract producers. However, several high-profile Hollywood producers, for example, would only work for specific studios. In instances like this, they frequently act as the executive producer for that particular studio’s projects.

What does an executive producer do

The executive producer is tasked with securing the funding and screenplays for the project, and they ensure that the project finishes within budget and on time. They also maintain all the agreed technical and artistic standards. Sometimes, an EP may double as the creator or the writer of the film/series. They wouldn’t physically produce the project, but they might finance it and manage the legal, financial, and promotional aspects of the project. In this case, they might also be the representative or CEO of the studio that makes the film, and as the face of the production, they have decision-making authority and are responsible for assembling the core production team. If you’re a producer working on a production, you can post a project for free on Voice123. This is a great way to expand your talent pool in the voice over industry.

Final thoughts on producers

executive producers

Producers are the glue that holds an entire production and its team together. They give shape to a project and breathe life into its production. So, a superior production needs a superior producer. Whatever your field Voice123 is a platform overflowing with professional voice talent that can magnify any project. Find a voice actor here!

And on that note, to all the producers out there, we’d like to wish you every success in the world of producing.

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What does a producer do?

A producer is a person who works with a movie or audio production team to plan the scripts, cast actors, edit the project, coordinate finances, and even market and distribute the completed production.

What does an executive producer do?

An executive producer secures the funding for the project and manages the legal, financial, and promotional aspects of the project, and they also manage the production team as well as the technical and artistic standards.


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