The Voice123 platform

Voice123 is a voice over platform. That means we’ve got you covered if you need anything related to audio and sound. If you’re new to Voice123 or looking for a guide around the site – here’s a quick breakdown of why the Voice123 voice over platform is all you’ll ever need. As well as tips and feature advice to get your voice over projects done easier and faster.

Voice123's casting projects

Casting projects allows you to submit your voice over project details and get voice over auditions within hours. Adding your project specs such as the description, requirements, voice gender and age helps the Voice123 system invite the best-suited voice actors to audition.

Voice123’s search tool

With our industry-leading search tool, you can independently search and contact voice actors directly. When you type in a key phrase like commercial or friendly, voice actors with audio samples that match those keywords will be displayed. You can listen to samples, message voice actors directly, and then book them via our convenient booking system. Check out voice actors.

Voice123’s booking system

Once you’ve found a voice actor that suits your project, Voice123’s booking system is the easiest and fastest way to hire them. In 2022, 81% of bookings were created by returning clients who consistently use this feature – with a 98% success rate! You can also enable the Voice123 Secure Payment service to save time, and let Voice123 act as a bond for transactions between you and the voice actors you select.

Whether you decide to use Voice123 to post a project, search for voice actors, or hire your chosen voice actor – we’re here to help! Reach out to us at and our Customer Success team will be glad to assist.

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  • What is Voice123?

    Voice123 is an online voice over platform that connects clients with voice actors. You can set up a free client profile, which allows you to post voice over projects for free, and use the free search engine to find and hire voice actors. 

  • How does Voice123 pay?

    Voice123 pays voice actors through the Secure Payment service via the platform. When you book a voice actor, enable the Secure Payment service and complete the payment via credit card or paypal and we’ll manage the entire transaction. Once you’re happy with the final recording, we’ll release the funds to the voice actor via their chosen payment method. Check out our FAQs on Bookings and Payments for more info.

  • Is Voice123 free?

    Signing up for a profile, posting projects and using the search engine is free to do for clients. You only pay voice actors for their services, and a small fee for using the Secure Payment service that’s customized to your profile. For a detailed pricing breakdown, check out our FAQs on How does the Secure Payment system work for clients?

  • How can I use Voice123 to hire voice actors?

    You can use Voice123 to search for pro voice actors and listen to their samples, or if you have a specific project, post it on the platform and receive auditions from voice actors who meet your requirements. You can also use our Managed Services team to manage your projects from A-to-Z. Check out these FAQs on Posting a voice over project.

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