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So you’ve just finished a cool brand video (or an eLearning project) and it’s down to the wire: should you or shouldn’t you hire a professional voice actor to do the voice over? You have budget constraints because you overran on drone-shots, titling, and color-grading. The deadline is less than a week away. And where would you even find voice actors for hire at short notice?

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What to do?

You chat to friends and colleagues and they all tell you your visuals are great; they’re so good you could probably settle for text-to-speech. You make a mental note.

Then Sally from Sales tells you she’s always wanted to do voice over work; how about giving her a try?

Our advice? Don’t.

And don’t get us wrong: we’ve nothing against Sally. And text-to-speech is improving. Nonetheless, it’s been proven time after time that the best way to ruin a great video is to get it voiced by an amateur for free or someone on a freelance website who says they will do it for $25. Even if you want the voice over to sound amateurish, get a pro to do it.

You get what you pay for

Like with many things in life, in the voice business you get what you pay for. Of course, you have every right to smile and reckon we’d tell you to hire a professional. After all — Voice123 is a marketplace for professional voice actors.

Still: just like you, we’d like your project to be the huge success you want and need it to be. That’s in the best interests of all parties concerned.

The power of professional voice over

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Interestingly, there are big-name producers who still cheap out on voice overs. We’re talking major industry players, so if you follow the advice of your friends and colleagues, you’d be in good company. Sure, they save a couple hundred bucks, but more often than not, cheaping out ends up tremendously expensive.

Why, you ask?

Because it might cost you a lucrative account.

The pitch

Imagine you’ve been invited — along with two other ad agencies — to pitch for the account of a global retail chain. Your creative team has come up with an absolute winning concept and you’re all fired up because you feel you’ve got this in the bag.

Sitting with your team outside the pitching venue, you’re waiting for one of the competing agencies to finish their presentation. They’re winding up, and have obviously kept the best for last. Music starts playing. Okay: it’s video time!

Then you hear it: the voice over. Perfectly paced. Flawlessly presented. Emotive. Powerful. Mesmerizing. It weaves and rises and lulls. It’s so well done you get goosebumps and your jaw drops. You think of your own video presentation — and suddenly, Sally from Sales sounds like Sally from Sales. And maybe a bit like a duck.

Yeah, we know: they won the account. And yes, your concept was better.

True story.

Never underestimate the power of a great voice over. You need to hire a professional.

Professional voice actors for hire

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Professional voice actors can make projects better. And it doesn’t just apply to commercial work.

In an eLearning environment, learners are far more likely to retain information when the narration is performed by a professional. Furthermore, a seasoned pro takes direction well. They might even be able to touch up your script in places because they’ve done this sort of thing often enough to know what works.

Bottom line? No matter the medium or the message — a professional voice actor will be able to convey it better and more effectively.

There are other variables in the voice over equation you need to consider, too: factors like availability and reliability. Low-budget part-timers are rarely available when you need ’em and deadlines are unlikely to matter.

Voice actors for hire on Voice123

Voice actors for hire on Voice123 have profiles and pedigrees. They have samples you can listen to. They have proven track records. You can negotiate and book them directly. They understand files and formats, they can advise and assist. Because voice overs are the way they make their living, they’re attentive and amenable. Inevitably, they’ll go the extra mile to ensure the success of your project.

Furthermore, if you’re uncertain what you’re looking for, get in touch with our highly-experienced Customer Success team. They’ll help you every step of the way. Your success is our success!

Well — now you know why you should hire voice actors, and where to find voice actors for hire -what are you waiting for?



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