6 tips to ensure you’re booking a professional voice actor

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If you’re asking yourself, “what constitutes a professional voice actor?” trust us, you’re not the only one! A lot of companies and brands hiring voice actors often don’t know the difference between a professional and a novice, so they end up hiring someone who can’t do their script or characterization justice. 

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Fortunately, there are some very simple tips you can follow to make sure that the person you are hiring for your voice over project is truly a professional, not just someone who got up and decided to become a voice actor for the day because it seems like easy money.

1.   Look for experience

This is probably the most infallible way to ensure that you are hiring a professional voice actor! Look for someone who has a raft of experience, especially with recognizable brands or companies.

Experience in any field means that the person has been trusted over and over again to perform a certain task, so that must mean they’re good! Experience isn’t necessarily age-related, either. Some of the younger voice actors on Voice123 have been recording for years.

Obviously, more experience also means that you might be paying more for the talent, so it’s not always the most viable option, especially for smaller productions.  

2.   Check out the demos 

If yours is a smaller production and you don’t want to hire someone with a long list of previous projects because of budget constraints, you can always do a comprehensive search. Check for demos on their profile page.

All professional voice actors will have demos or voice clips from previous recordings available; give some a listen to see if the sound quality is good and if the actor’s voice, tone, and range work for you. 

3.   Look out for reviews

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Sometimes, experience isn’t everything; reviews can also say a lot about a casting platform and a voice actor’s professionalism. Reviews can speak volumes when you’re looking to hire: 

“Voice123 is our go-to site for voice talent. We’ve been using it for 10 years. The platform makes it easy to search for voice artists. I love how simple it is to review all the auditions and narrow them down to the finalists we want to share with our client. If you’re looking for a reliable platform for finding fantastic voice talent, look no further, Voice123 is it!”

  • Julia Cruz, Founder of Good Life Productions

4.   Check for versatility

Most professional voice actors have a range of voices, accents, tones, or styles they can perform. You won’t find a pro limited to only one type of voice; they need to be versatile and showcase a range of emotions and styles to be able to get hired for a variety of different jobs.

You can usually check for versatility through a list of different demos or by checking out past experiences. 

5.   Is availability or accessibility an issue?

Availability and access become an issue when you are looking to hire for a longer-term project. If your voice actor is someone who only does the job part-time, it might be hard to get access to them during working hours, or they might have availability issues. Full-time voice actors are the best choice for ongoing projects.   

6.   Ask For a quote

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This is a great way to check if you’re dealing with a professional or not. A lot of newbies either don’t know the going rate for voice acting, or they do and charge way below the going rate to book jobs.

In any case, if the cost seems too good to be true, it probably is. Rather go for actors who have a reasonable quote. As a general rule, you’ll get what you pay for. Good voice actors know their worth. Don’t be dazzled by ridiculously low prices. They should raise red flags instead!

The difference between getting a professional and an amateur is often the difference between a good production and a bad one. You might end up with muffled sound, a noisy recording or someone who can’t connect with the script and deliver the range of tones and emotions you need.

Happy hiring!