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Presentation script examples

Crafting an impactful presentation script is as easy as Voice-1-2-3 with our free script resources. Here, you can access multiple presentation script examples to help you learn how to write an impactful and innovative presentation script. As a leader in voice over services, Voice123 offers an innovative approach to scriptwriting that’s bound to elevate your next presentation script. Let’s get started!

What is a presentation script?

presentation script

A presentation script is a written outline for a presentation, which details key talking points, cues for visual aids such as slides or props, and a structured outline to guide the presenter. Presentation scripts typically break down the dialogue for the speaker to read, details of the product/service being promoted, and voice over instructions, effectively communicating the company’s message and motivating audiences to action. Scripts for presentations also help to ensure that the speaker stays on track and delivers a structured, coherent, and engaging presentation.

Presenters use different presentation script platforms like Google Slides or PowerPoint to write scripts for presentation, particularly because these platforms allow you to write notes that aren’t visible to the audience and add voice overs. For a detailed explanation, you can check out our guide on how to record audio on PowerPoint and how to add audio to Google Slides. For example, a financial presentation script for shareholders might include instructions and additional notes for the presenter to explain complex financial data along with cues for when to change slides or use visuals.

Here are three presentation script examples showcasing the importance of a structured outline, direction notes for the presenter, and cues for visual aids.

Presentation script examples

Presentation Scripts #1: The importance of a structured outline

Project Type: Request for funding from investors.

Target Audience: Investors, business owners, key tech-industry players 

Presentation Length: 15:00

Presentation Script Outline:

Introduction – 2.30 minute

  • Greet investors and express appreciation for their time
  • Identify and describe the problem that your business idea seeks to solve

Funding Request – 6 minutes

  • Clearly articulate your business idea and how it solves the identified problem
  • Detail the unique selling points of your solution in comparison to existing alternatives
  • Explain how your business will generate revenue and achieve profitability
  • Outline your approach to reaching out to and acquiring customers
  • Present key financial projections over the next 5 years
  • Specify the amount of funding required and what it will be used for
  • Discuss how the funding will help achieve business objectives and growth

Information for Investors – 4 minutes

  • Highlight potential exit strategies for investors
  • Discuss potential return on investment for investors

Conclusion – 2.30 minutes

  • Reiterate the business idea and its potential
  • Express confidence in the team’s ability to execute the plan
  • Thank the investors and express appreciation for their time
  • Invite questions from the investors 

Presentation Scripts #2: The importance of direction notes

Project Type: Company financial report  

Target audience: Investors, shareholders, company executives, and board members.

Direction notes: Comfortable, calm speaking pace, slower when explaining facts and figures. Use a friendly, conversational manner. Something like Stanley Tucci’s soothing style. 

Presentation length: 15:00

Dialogue Script:

(Friendly, welcoming tone) “Good morning, and welcome to our quarterly earnings report.” 

(Slower speaking pace and a calm, moderate tone)“I’m extremely pleased to announce that we’ve seen steady growth in the last three months with a 10% revenue increase and cost reduction of 5%.”

(Normal speaking pace, confident tone)“We’ve also launched several new products and received positive feedback from customers. It’s our belief that a continued focus on innovation and customer satisfaction will drive future growth.”

(Comfortable, conversational tone) “And though we face the challenge of increasing competition in certain markets, we’re confident that our dedicated team and proactive approach will continue to deliver strong results. Thank you for your time.”

Presentation Scripts #3: The importance of cues for visual aids

Project Type: Product launch 

Target Audience: Consumers from a specific target audience  

Presentation Length: 20:00


  • Images of the product from different angles
  • Close-up visuals of the product’s features
  • Closing call to action slide for consumers

Dialogue Script:

“Hello, everyone; I’m excited to present our latest product line today.” 

“Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a range of new and improved products to meet your needs. These products are high-quality, user-friendly, and offer excellent value for money.”

(Display product images)

“And since our research team determined that convenience, durability, and versatility are what you’re after, we’re convinced this new product range ticks all the boxes.”

(Display product features visuals)

“We’re also offering special discounts for those of you who want to take advantage of early promos, so now is the perfect time to place an order.”

(Display slide with a call to action info)

“Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to learning how our project has made a difference in your life.” 

 How to write a presentation script

You can write a presentation script by following these 10 steps:

1. Start with something catchy

Use a striking statistic, a thought-provoking question, or an interesting fact to make audiences sit up and pay attention.
Example: “By the end of this presentation, you’ll know exactly how to increase your consumer database by 40%!”

2. Tailor your message to your audience 

Use relatable language that speaks directly to their wants and needs.
Example: “As a tech founder, you seek ways to secure your business. That’s where our innovative solution can help you.”

3. Keep your points concise 

Write with simple, jargon-free language, and avoid going off on tangents.
Example: “Our product can streamline your finance processes efficiently and within minutes. Here’s how it works.”

4. Use intriguing visuals 

Utilize graphs, images, colors, and videos instead of lines of text to break up statistics, words, and numbers.
Example: “This color chart highlights the company’s sales for the last 6 months, and if you follow the color diagram …’ 

5. Tell a story with your presentation script

Relate how the product or brand started and where the idea originated.
Example: ” I started this company as a broke college student with a dream. Today, that dream has become a team of 500 in national offices. “

6. Use humor and personal anecdotes 

These will engage audiences and make your presentation memorable.
Example: ” I thought this software would be a huge, immediate success. But then I realized I didn’t test it on Apple computers.”

7. Make it interactive 

Ask questions and get feedback from your audience to focus their attention on your scripts for presentation.
Example: “Raise your hand if you’ve experienced this problem in your own business.”

8. End with a call to action 

Encourage audiences to take a specific course of action.
Example: “For more info on our product, please speak to us after the presentation. We’d love to answer any questions you have.”

9. Rehearse your script 

This ensures a smooth delivery and will help you get settled with your audience before you speak.
Example: “I’ve practiced this presentation in front of my colleagues, family, and friends, but if I forget something, please bear with me.’ 

10. Infuse passion into the delivery 

If you believe in what you’re saying, your audience will likely believe it too.
Example: “My aim is not to sell you a product. My aim is to help you solve a problem and achieve your goals.”

Final thoughts on a presentation script

presentation script

And there you have it! The 10 tips on how to write a presentation script that will leave a lasting impression on audiences. So when you’re writing scripts for presentations, don’t forget the importance of a structured outline, direction notes, and cues for visuals.  Now why not consider hiring a voice actor from Voice123 for a professional touch to your presentation scripts? You can also receive customized options and streamlined payments with our Managed Services. 

So get ready to create presentation scripts people will talk about long after the curtains close.

FAQs for presentation script

How do you write a presentation script?

You can write a presentation script by starting with a catchy opening, tailoring your message to audience needs, delivering concise and well-supported points, incorporating captivating visuals, weaving in storytelling and personal anecdotes, injecting humor, encouraging interactivity, including a clear call-to-action, rehearsing your script, and infusing passion into your delivery.

How do you start a presentation script?

You can start a presentation script by greeting your audience, introducing yourself, stating the topic of your presentation, and providing a brief overview or agenda of what you’ll be covering.

What should be included in a presentation script?

A presentation script should include a captivating introduction, followed by an overview or agenda detailing the points to be covered, and the main body comprising a detailed explanation of these points with relevant examples and visuals.

What do you say before starting a presentation?

Before starting a presentation, you typically greet your audience, introduce yourself, and clearly state the topic of your presentation, along with a brief overview or agenda of the key points you will be covering.


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