Video game script examples

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What are video game scripts

Video game scripts are roadmaps that incorporate dialogue, narratives, player instructions, character details, and storylines for video games. Production teams use these scripts as blueprints when developing character interactions, quests, objectives, level designs, and gameplay mechanics. They also guide voice actors and other creative teams when completing character interactions like conversations or gameplay mechanics like puzzles and combat sequences.

For example, the scripting technique in The Last of Us includes detailed game settings about an ‘Outbreak World’ and a touching backstory for Joel and Ellie. This emotional arc makes it one of the best-selling video games worldwide. But what should you include in your script to make it successful? Check out these video game script examples for inspiration.

Video game script examples

Video game script examples are excerpts used in video game development to showcase direction notes like character personality and a description of the vocal style, voice over instructions like reading pace, tone, and soundalike vocal styles for reference, and gameplay details like sound effects and visuals. For example, a script could say: ‘Read this narration in Jim Carrey’s upbeat, humorous style or follow Mark Hamill’s sinister villain voice as the Joker for this character.’ Here are three examples highlighting how to use this information in video game scripts.

Video game script example: The importance of direction notes

Video Game Name: Jungle Run

Direction Notes: We need a Dwayne Johnson Jumanji-type voice to give the character a heroic, inspiring personality and voice.

Gameplay: Players must look for small hints, symbols, and clues while paying attention to hidden dangers, like wild animals.

Dialog script: 

(Mature male with a heroic, authoritative tone): “Alright, team, listen up. 

It’s time to scour 1,000 miles of uncharted terrain to locate a stolen sacred artifact and return it to its rightful owners.”

“Every detail matters, so look for the smallest hints, markings, or symbols that could hold the key to our success.”

Video game script example: The importance of voice over instructions

Video Game Name: Lab Escape

Direction Notes: We need Jim Carey’s panicked, mad-scientist vocal style echoing through the lab to make the scene fun and realistic.

Gameplay: Players look for a keycard to the exit, using stealth to avoid obstacles like toxic chemicals and exploding burners.

Dialog script: 

(Quirky male voice with a humorous, chaotic tone): “You gotta get outta here, buddy; you’re the only one who can stop the nefarious, Dr. Smith.” 

“Only Smith’s keycard opens the exit doors, but look out; he’s boobie trapped the place.”

Video game script example: The importance of gameplay details

Video Game Name: Battle of Lightsabers 

Direction Notes: We need a Mandalorian/Darth Vader vocal style to guide players through space battles.

Gameplay: Players battle stormtrooper soldiers using Mandalorian-style weapons and Jedi lightsabers to accomplish their mission. Lightsaber cinematography during combat sequences and Mandalorian helmet sound effects during voice overs.

Dialog script: 

(Hissing helmet sound with a deep male voice, lightsaber sounds in the background): “It’s time to battle your way through lightsabers and stormtroopers to protect the last of the Jedi.” 

“The enemy outnumbers your team 10 to 1, so May the force be with you.”

Video game script format

A video game script format breaks down the details of a video game project so creatives and voice actors understand which direction to follow during production. It includes:

  • Video game name
  • Target audience 
  • Gender and age of the game characters or narrator
  • Direction notes detailing vocal tone and soundalike styles for voice actor reference
  • Gameplay mechanics production teams use to build the game world
  • A dialogue script sample for voice actors to practice

So now that you know what a video game script is and its format, how do you write one?

How to write a video game script

video game script

You can write a video game script by following this six-step process: 1) define your game’s concept; 2) build your game world; 3) create the characters; 4) develop the plot; 5) construct your flow; and 6) draft your dialogue. Here’s more on each step.

1. Define your game concept

Consider the main idea and genre of your video game. Is it action-adventure with a mix of combat and exploration in open-world environments like Assassin’s Creed? Or an RPG (Role-Playing Game) with complex stories, character development, and decision-making like The Elder Scrolls? By defining your idea, you draft a plot that outlines your heroes and villains, time and place, and what players need to do to win.

2. Build your game world

Worldbuilding directly influences the plot, dialogue, and story flow. Start by imagining your game’s environment. Is it a post-apocalyptic world like in The Last Of Us, or is space your playground like Halo Infinite? Then you’re ready to start designing the environment with unique features, like the people or factions your player will encounter.

3. Create the characters

Script the main character’s personality and backstory well. Is he a lone ranger like Arthur Morgan or a team player like SAS Captain John Price from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ll? Next, create your supporting characters similarly, developing relationships between the lead character and the rest of the cast, like family or friends. This shapes the game’s plot and eventual outcome for players.

4. Develop the plot

Return to your original concept and define the details so players are drawn to your world. You can create a noble quest like in the Elder Scrolls, where elite warriors fight to protect the innocent in their villages. Or where players have a mission to save the world, like Mortal Kombat 11. So script the major story first, then add challenges or side quests.

5. Construct the flow

The game’s outcome depends on the player’s choices, which all dictate player flow. In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players can do almost anything they want in their quest, but certain decisions make it harder for them to succeed. Once you’ve scripted your main story, add options that branch out into new storylines. That way, you have an outcome ready for the player’s decision.

6. Draft the dialog

Video game scripts use dialogue between characters, like in God of War Ragnarök, where the moving script between the main character, Kratos, and his son won the Video Game Award for Best Performance (vocal). Keep your dialogue honest, heartfelt, and relatable to create an immersive player experience. And to find the best voice for your video game script, head over to Voice123 to fill all your vocal needs with a few clicks of your mouse. 

Final thoughts on video game scripts

video game script

And there you have it, folks – the direct path from you to gamers: video game scripts. Video game scripts provide a foundation for compelling game narratives, realistic characters, and immersive virtual worlds. In addition, to write a persuasive game script that draws in gamers, first identify your concept, build a unique world, create relatable characters, develop the plot and flow, and write heartfelt dialogue.

Whether you’re looking for a Mark Hamil villain or Mandalorian hero, you can search for a voice actor or receive customized options and streamlined payments from Voice123’s Managed Services.

It’s time to decide if your gamers will Endure and Survive like Joel and Ellie or Roll the dice and let fate decide like Jumanji!

FAQs on a video game scripts

How to write a script for a video game?

To write a script for a video game, create a mini-story with engaging characters, gameplay, dialogue, and technical requirements. Design the game with the player’s experience in mind, revise and edit multiple times, and seek feedback from others in the industry.

What is a video game script?

A video game script is a blueprint developers use to create a game. This blueprint includes a game’s art, sound, and technical aspects, from storyline to gameplay mechanics.

Do games need scripts?

Yes, most do because it guides the development process, making a game functional and enjoyable for players. Some games have more flexible scripts, allowing players to create their own narratives.

How long should a video game script be?

A video game script can be anywhere from a few pages to hundreds of pages. This depends on the game’s complexity, characters, dialogue, and story details. Smaller games usually have shorter scripts, and complex games have longer ones.


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