Infomercial script

How to write an epic infomercial script that sells!

For infomercial scripts to succeed at selling – they must leave a lasting impression on audiences with captivating sounds, graphics, and voice overs. That’s what makes an infomercial script so vital – every word is a promise, every phrase is a practical solution, and every CTA is the make-or-break moment that either sells or sinks! And knowing what is an infomercial is the foundation of sales inspiration. 

At Voice123, where you’ll find the most skilled infomercial voice actors, we’ve created a unique collection of free script resources to guide your creativity. Here, we’ll explore what is an infomercial and infomercial examples to give you a practical infomercial template to follow. 

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What is an infomercial script?

infomercial script

An infomercial script is a template used to create long-form, uninterrupted broadcast commercials, ranging from 15 to 60 minutes, for radio, TV, or online distribution. While the format varies depending on the advertising medium, all infomercial scripts use direct language to inform, persuade, or promote products or services. Compared to traditional commercials, infomercial scripts include detailed information about the product or service, featuring demonstrations and on-screen testimonials during late-night programming slots. 

How to write an infomercial script

1. Understand your product

Market research is key to understanding competitor and consumer preferences and how they respond to your product’s features and benefits. Read reviews and create comparisons for the benefits and disadvantages. 

2. Identify your target audience

You need buyer personas that represent your ideal customers. Consider age, gender, income, lifestyle, and pain points. For skincare products, tailor the script to address needs and preferences like aging and mature skin.

3. Write a compelling message

Highlight the problem your product solves with emotional triggers. Instead of saying your cleaning product removes stains, show how it saves time and reduces stress so customers can spend more time with their families.

4. Create an attention-grabbing hook

Start with an intriguing statement or question. Even something simple like, “Are you tired of struggling to get a good night’s sleep?” can get your target market thinking or pausing long enough for you to reel in their attention.  

5. Outline the structure

An infomercial script has different sections: introduction, problem-solving, testimonials, and call to action. So, address the need, highlight the benefits, share success stories, and then direct audiences to the purchase steps.

6. Use persuasive copy

Use language that evokes emotions and portrays the product’s value. Instead of saying, “Our product is great,” say, “Transform your life with our revolutionary product that changes how you sleep forever.” 

7. Add testimonials 

Real-life stories build credibility. They make a product/service more relatable because people buy from people. So, while your offer might be incredible, without testimonials, there’s nothing to cement its value. 

8. Include a strong CTA 

Audiences must understand the action you want them to take. Direct them to websites, phone numbers, or QR codes. You can also create a sense of urgency with the phrase, “Take advantage of our limited-time offer.”

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Infomercial script examples

Infomercial examples: #1


Tired of kitchen blenders that can’t keep up with your busy schedule? Introducing the BestBlend Pro – the ultimate blending solution.” 

With its cutting-edge motor and six-blade technology, the BestBlend Pro blitzes anything in a blink and a wink!”


I couldn’t believe how fast and smooth smoothies were with BestBlend Pro. I’ve saved so much time!


“Unlike other blenders, the BestBlend Pro is easy to dismantle and clean.” 

“Order now by calling the number on your screen to receive an exclusive 20% off the retail price!”

“This incredible offer is only available for the next 24 hours!”


Blending the Future – Fast.


“Don’t settle for anything less than the BestBlend Pro!” 

Infomercial examples: #2


“Another sleepless night? Then you need DreamEase – the ultimate sleep solution!”

“Made from the finest natural ingredients, DreamEase is designed to give you the best night’s sleep possible.”


“I used to struggle with insomnia, but with DreamEase, I now sleep like a baby.” 


“Whether it’s stress or jet lag, DreamEase has you covered.”

“Order now to receive a free bottle with every purchase.”

But hurry, this offer won’t last long!”

DreamEase logo:

Embrace Dreams, Naturally.


“DreamEase – the natural way to a restful sleep!”

Infomercial examples: #3


“Suffering from backaches? You need ErgoChair – the ultimate solution for office comfort!”

“There’s never been a chair that feels like it knows your body!” 


“With ErgoChair, my back pain has disappeared, and I’m more productive than ever.” 


“ErgoChair’s parts are durable and easily adjustable.” 

Act now to receive a special discount!”


Where Comfort Meets Productivity.


“Say goodbye to backaches and hello to comfort.” 

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Infomercial script template: How to structure your script

1. Introduction

  • Hook: Grab attention with a captivating statement or question.
  • Problem Identification: Highlight common issues your product solves by addressing pain points.

2. Product Demonstration

  • Features and Benefits: Show how key features solve the problem with vivid language and images. 
  • Testimonials: Share success stories from satisfied customers. 
Infomercial script

3. Call to Action 

  • Instruction: Tell viewers what specific action they should take. 
  • Additional Incentive: Offer a bonus or limited-time offer. 

4. Conclusion

  • Recap: Summarize the product’s benefits and value. 
  • Final Call to Action: Remind viewers of what to do with urgency. 

Final thoughts on an infomercial script

The power of an infomercial template lies in its ability to inform, inspire, and persuade audiences. So, knowing what is an infomercial starts by blending awesome words and skilled vocals. Infomercial scripts are the beacons that guide customers toward life-changing solutions.

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FAQs on an infomercial script

How do you write an infomercial script?

You must understand your product, identify your target audience, write a compelling message, structure your script, and add persuasive copy, testimonials, and a strong call to action.

What is an example of an infomercial?

Proactiv is a skincare informational that was popular in the early 2000s. It featured young celebrity endorsements by Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Julianne Hough, Katy Perry, and Kendall Jenner. 

How do you write a 30-second commercial script?

Identify the problem your product solves, highlight its key features and benefits, and add something attention-grabbing and a specific call to action, ensuring your script flows within your time frame.

How to start an infomercial?

Use a captivating statement or question addressing something your product solves, then transition into the benefits with testimonials or demonstrations, followed by a solid call to action. 


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