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Voice over scripts hold the audiovisual universe together. But crafting the best voice acting scripts requires professionalism, creativity, and detailed instructions. In this section, we’ll share free voice over script templates in a variety of categories and provide you with the best tips and tools you need to write compelling voice over scripts.

What are voice over scripts

Voice over scripts is word-for-word guides instructing narrators and voice actors on how to read lines for auditions, voice characters, or narrate audio/video projects like podcasts, commercials, animations, and more. These instructions include the dialogue accompanying on-screen visuals, specific narration elements, and requirements for the necessary tone, pace, intonation, inflection, and emphasis.

For example, a luxury car commercial script can specify a “sophisticated and aspirational” style or a “slow, deliberate” pace to stir audience desires and aspirations. Using these instructions, the voice actor can alter their tone and pace to convey the brand’s message and create an emotional connection with the audience.

Voice over scripts and the art of storytelling

Humans have been drawn to storytelling for centuries – from caveman rock paintings to princess fairytales. So, to be a scriptwriter, you must first be a storyteller. Whether you’re writing a 30-second commercial script or a 30-part documentary series. However, with the tools and platforms available today, you can produce better stories than ever before, provided you first master writing fundamentals and hone your storytelling skills.

You can use voice over example scripts by completing the structure with the style, tone, and overall vibe you need for your project. Study the format, weighing in with your specific requirements. With enough care, you can think up super lines and phrases that perfectly encapsulate what you want your character to say.

Why voice over scripts are important for your audio projects

Voice over scripts are crucial in guiding voice actors to deliver the desired tone, pace, and emphasis for audiovisual projects. They provide a roadmap for narrators to follow, ensuring that the final product meets the intended goals and communicates the desired message effectively. Without a clear voice over script, the quality of the project may suffer, and the audience may not fully understand the intended message. For example, documentary voice over scripts must guide audiences through the story. So, the script instructions must provide context and insight for the voice actor into the subject matter. Promotional voice over scripts, however, engage and persuade audiences. So, scripts for voice overs must highlight the unique features that voice actors should focus on, like the benefits of a product or service.

We hope this series on voice over scriptwriting will provide you with everything you need to take your livelihood — whether running a business or working for one — to the next level. Above all, we wish you every success in writing killer voice acting scripts!

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