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What is voice over?
Voice over is the recording of a voice actor reading a script, which is synchronized with on-screen visuals to convey information or provide narration that’s used in a film, TV show, commercial, or video game.
What factors should I consider when hiring a voice actor?
You should consider vocal range, experience in the specific type of project you’re working on (e.g., commercial, narration, character work), availability, the quality of voice actor’s previous work, and their reviews.
How important is voice over quality?
High-quality voice overs maintain audience engagement, delivering impactful messages to audiences, while poor audio quality can detract from the overall production value and diminish the impact of the content.
What types of projects require voice over?
Voice overs are used in animated films, commercials, documentaries, audiobooks, video games, e-learning courses, telephone systems, and corporate videos to provide narration, character dialogue, or instructional content.
How can I ensure the voice over matches my project requirements on Voice123?
When you complete the free post a project form on Voice123, you can specify key details like the voice actor’s gender, age, budget, script, and details about the project, like the pronunciation and emotion needed. The unique Voice123 Algorythym will then match your project to voice actors who meet the requirements and send out automatic invitations. You can then review the auditions you receive and choose the voice that best suits your project.
What is the typical process and timeline for hiring a voice actor?
Once you post a project on Voice123, you’ll receive custom auditions if you’ve uploaded a script or related samples from a voice actor’s profile if there’s no script. Voice actors who submit auditions are typically available to record immediately, you can also contact the voice actor to confirm their availability and align on key details like usage, pricing, payment method, pickups, and most importantly deadline.