Hire a male voice

A male voice is often favored by clients because a male voice is traditionally associated with authority especially that of an American male style. A particularly strong male voice can radiate commanding confidence – but be careful that it doesn’t sound domineering – which may impact an audience negatively. A male voice is also the more frequent choice when subject material is a male-oriented activity, such as protective services like firefighting, security, or construction, mining, forestry, fishery and hunting.

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What style to look out for when hiring a male voice?

Style-oriented search terms applicable to a male voice include adjectives like authoritative, confident, strong, serious, and so on. A male voice is also very well-suited to a project script with content that calls for dramatic elements. A male voice is frequently heard narrating corporate or business presentations as well as hard-sell commercials, although a male voice can be the perfect choice for humorous content as well.

Why you should use a male voice for your next project.

If you’re looking for a voice with authority and gravitas, you need to look no further than a strong male voice! Any subject matter that requires typical – if not stereotypical – male traits would make a male voice the perfect choice! 



When should I hire a male voice?
Whenever your project needs a voice over that radiates authoritative resonance or is about a topic aimed at a male audience, a male voice is likely to be the better choice for your voice over.
Is a male voice the best choice for sports promos? 
The short answer is probably ‘yes,’ but it depends on the sport. The purpose must ultimately dictate your choice. A male voice will not be a good choice for more female-oriented sports.
Who has a famous male voice?
Someone like Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame has a very famous male voice – largely because he’s not only a brilliant male voice actor, but he does so many male voices in the Family Guy series!