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The best Connor voice actors are Nolan North, who voiced Connor Kent/Superboy in the Young Justice TV show, Bryan Dechart, who voiced the android Connor in the Detriot: Become Human video game and Eric Meyers who voiced John Connor in the 2019 Terminator Resistance video game. As the Connor voice actor for Superboy, Nolan North created a captivating blend of tenacity, grit, and an underlying warmth that highlights Superboy’s desire to do what’s right despite his occasional anger and frustration. Bryan Dechart, the Connor voice actor in the Detriot: Become Human video game, crafted a voice style that uses clipped speech and a robotic cadence to suit the character’s android nature, and as the story progresses and the character becomes more human, his voice shifts to include warmth, vulnerability and other human emotions that make for a compelling, multidimensional character. Eric Meyer’s voice over for John Connor conveys his relentless determination, courage, and grit, while also including a vulnerability that adds depth to the character and captures the essence of the hardened resistance leader.

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What is the voice over style of Connor voice actors?

The voice over style of the Connor voice actors in Young Justice, Terminator: Resistance, and Detroit: Become Human includes a blend of emotional depth and stoicism. The characters of Connor Kent, John Connor, and the android Connor share an inherent strength and intensity in their personalities. The Connor voice actors lend a distinct note of authenticity and gravitas to the characters, capturing the tenacity, determination, and vulnerability that make these characters so compelling and relatable. So, if you’re looking for a voice to bring a heroic, resilient character to life, check out some of the best Connor voice actors on Voice123 who can use this voice style to elevate your content.

Why you should use a Connor voice actor in your project

A Connor voice actor can bring a depth of emotion and stoicism to your project so you can create multi-dimensional, relatable characters that audiences can relate to. The Connor voice actor style can also portray strength, courage, resilience, vulnerability, and other unique emotions to enrich your storytelling. Connor voice actors have already successfully created emotional connections with audiences across different video game and TV show franchises. So, whether your project is an entertaining video game or an inspiring documentary, a Connor voice actor style can make your project even more powerful.



Who are the best Connor voice actors?
They are Bryan Dechart as the android Connor in the Detroit: Become Human video game, Eric Meyers as the voice of John Connor in the 2019 Terminator: Resistance video game, and Nolan North, who voiced Connor Kent/Superboy in the Young Justice TV show.
What does a Connor voice actor sound like?
A Connor voice actor has a strong and commanding tone that is balanced with emotional depth and vulnerability, enabling them to portray character growth and multifaceted personalities. 
Why should I use a Connor voice actor for my project?
A Connor voice actor can breathe life into characters, making them complex, and the grit, determination, and vulnerability they can convey through their voices can make your characters more relatable and engaging for the audience.