Welcome to Voice123!

We’re the world’s first and largest marketplace for professional voice actors, and it has always been our endeavor to craft the future of the voice over industry. We set the standard in 2003 and have raised the bar ever since: Technology. Innovation. Transparency. Simplicity. Community. Customer service.

We cheer for those who know that voice transcends communication; the creators and the crafters who not only speak for themselves but on behalf of others. We applaud those who rise to meet their dreams and strive for the opportunity to be heard. We empower those who believe they can reach their goals because we know they’re the ones who will. 

We have a core set of values we would love to share with you!

  1. We provide memorable experiences. We create meaningful moments that are fondly remembered.
  2. We’re inclusive. Authenticity, decency, and fairness are traits that underwrite everything we do and frame our global focus.
  3. We’re forward-thinking. Education, innovation, and growth-orientation encapsulate our mindset.
  4. We’re resilient. We take risks. We adjust and pivot. We’re flexible. We stand up for what we believe in.
  5. We’re passionate. Passion and expertise embody and embolden our vision. We empower our users to speak for themselves.
  6. We’re transparent. We’re honest. We want our clients and voice actors to know how, why, and what we’re doing.

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Meet the Engineering Team

Get to know Voice123’s Engineering team in our Meet the Teams! series! Literally our biggest team in the company; they're the ones that make it possible for Voice123 to exist. We test the engineering team's reaction times with rapid-fire rounds of Tutti Frutti, and learn about their most recent successes & upcoming projects in the pipeline.

Meet the Customer Success Team

Meet Voice123's Customer Success team in our Meet the Teams! series. We played our own version of Mafia/Wolf/Among Us - Voice123 Customer Success Team style. A social deduction game that will keep you guessing. Survive through the workdays or win as the ultimate troll. Will the team find the saboteur before it’s too late? Watch and find out!