Welcome to Voice123

The world’s first and largest marketplace for professional voice actors.


It has always been our endeavor to craft the future of the voice over industry. We set the standard in 2003 and have raised the bar ever since: Technology. Innovation. Transparency. Simplicity. Community. Customer service.

We cheer for those who know that voice transcends communication; the creators and the crafters who not only speak for themselves but on behalf of others.

We applaud those who rise to meet their dreams and strive for the opportunity to be heard.

We empower those who believe they can reach their goals because we know they’re the ones who will.

Voice123: speak for yourself.


We have a core set of values we would love to share with you!

We always deliver memorable experiences

We know our customers are our investors. Without them, we wouldn’t be in business. We build our teams, products, and services to deliver memorable experiences first and foremost. We pitch ideas that will improve their experience.

We execute fast and deliver quality results

We focus on the most important priorities and continuously strive to achieve results. Where possible, we don’t build unnecessary dependencies. We don’t like slow execution that prevents us from moving forward. Likewise, we focus on delivering quality results on time, every time — and we don’t sacrifice quality to deliver more results. Neither, however, do we feel comfortable slowing projects down when quality is an excuse. We won’t tolerate negligence that can jeopardize our results.

We are flexible

We adapt to new opportunities and environments. We adjust to different realities, work under pressure, and thrive. We aim to move forward with an adaptive mindset without becoming inconsistent. We avoid staying in the same spot for too long because we understand it can make us less agile.

We analyze and learn

We embrace the scientific method. For us, experimentation and constant learning are the only way forward. We take decisions based on results and data. In some cases, we complement our numbers with intuition. Without becoming careless, we take controlled risks. We accept that making mistakes is an essential part of our experimentation process. We take ownership of them, reflect, and move on. We ensure people are aware of the mistakes we make. We fix processes and update our documentation to reflect such learnings. We find mentors who support our professional development. We work hard to avoid making the same mistake twice.

We resolve problems

We proactively identify problems and resolve them. We don’t complain and we discuss issues. We fix situations. Whenever possible, we are decisive and remove blockers on our own. When required, we build bridges between teams to achieve results. We overcome obstacles to move forward. We are not indecisive. We make decisions.

We embrace feedback

We believe in communication. Candid and open feedback allows us to identify potential blind spots. It’s a tool for professional growth. We are capable of managing conflicting perspectives and build solid relationships despite such differences. We keep our eyes focused on the goal.

We disagree and commit

We embrace discussions. We argue with data. As we reach agreements, we commit to decisions. Based on the results, we open new avenues for discussion. This means we are critical of the decisions we are making while at the same time accepting them with the rest of the company once decisions are made. Sometimes you have to: “disagree and commit.” – Jeff Bezos.

We challenge the status quo.

We believe there’s always room for improvement. We allow ourselves to change. We look at the market and recognize risks. We realize we can be disrupted. Given the long journey ahead of us, we stay inquisitive and keep an open mind. We believe our company is nowhere near close to reaching its full potential.

We are proud

We speak for ourselves and are proud of Voice123. Being proud allows us to be ambassadors of our brand externally and ensures that all Voice123 members participate in spreading Voice123 love to our community and beyond.

We are fair

We treat all people fairly and rise up against any and every form of discrimination.