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Finding the right voice for adult content is complex due to the fact that many voice actors feel there’s a stigma attached to adult content performance – quite apart from the fact that it’s sometimes uncomfortable to read convincingly. By the same token as a client, approaching the right actor isn’t that easy. The voice actor you approach will have to be willing, able, well-versed, and confident with reading adult content. As a rule, adult content is a long-form narration that requires dialog that often gets steamy, so choosing the right adult content voice actor is absolutely essential.

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What style to look out for when hiring adult content voice actors?

Style-oriented search terms applicable to adult content voice actors would be adjectives like alluring, desirable, attractive, sensual, voluptuous, seductive, inviting, flirtatious, arousing, stimulating, provocative, titillating, erotic, erotica, suggestive, and so on. Adult content voice actors need to be unblinkingly adept at performances that are relatable and believable. Any style will do, but as a suggestion, consider voices that are younger and more lyrical. Boomy, deep, and resonant voices may become problematic with trying to interpret really erotic material.

Why you should use an adult content voice actor for your next project.

Seasoned adult content voice actors know how to strut their stuff, so whenever your audio project calls for an alluring, sensual, or flirtatious delivery, they will be able to deliver a wonderfully professional read. Remember, too, that an adult content voice actor is often an excellent narrator for longer-form projects that aren’t erotically inclined. They’ve learned to be great actors under complex circumstances!



Why should I hire an experienced adult content voice actor?
An experienced adult content voice actor will be well-acquainted with the kind of content you’re expecting him/her to read. Adult content voice actors need to be unblinkingly adept at performances that are relatable and believable.
Are deep voices a good choice for adult content?
Erotica is generally associated with younger people, so the adult content voice actors you choose need to be age-appropriate. Deep, resonant voices are often associated with more mature adults and may not be able to suspend a listener’s disbelief to the point that their vocal performance is either relatable or believable. Choose carefully!
Are there famous adult content voice actors?
Of course – but we won’t mention their names… What we will say is that there are many superb adult content voice actors and you’ll find them on Voice123!