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Some of the best phone system voice actors are Pat Fleet, Susan Bennett, and Alison Smith. Pat Fleet was the voice over phone system of AT&T’s automated systems, and she is known for her warm, friendly tone that puts customers at ease when they call AT&T’s customer service line. Susan Bennett is best known as the female voice of Siri, and her soothing, helpful, and recognizable voice has been used for many voicemail voice overs and IVR voice over phone calls. Allison Smith is ‘The IVR Voice’ due to her extensive IVR voice over work. She has been behind the voice over phone system for major companies like Verizon, FedEx, and American Express, and her clear and precise tone makes it easy for customers to navigate through complex phone menus. So, if you need a voice actor for a voice over phone system or a voicemail voice over, check out the pros on Voice123 who can craft unique voice styles to make your voice over phone system more engaging for your customers.

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What is the IVR voice over style?

The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) voice over style is characterized by a clear, articulate, and approachable tone, designed to aid callers in navigating automated phone systems. This style is neutral and fluent, aiming to provide efficient guidance to users through a voicemail voice over. The goal of an IVR voice over is to create a smooth and frustration-free experience for the caller, making it easier for them to access the information or service they require. Voice over phone system styles vary depending on the type of IVR voice overs. For example, if you need a simple voicemail voice over to notify customers that you’re unable to take their call, the voice style should be friendly, apologetic, and relatable, encouraging the customer to call back. On the other hand, an IVR voice over with complex menus and options needs a slower reading pace with a clear delivery so listeners can understand the different menu options and choose the one they need.

Why you should use phone system voice actors for your voicemail voice over project

Professional phone system voice actors can communicate your message clearly and efficiently, aiding in user navigation and reducing potential frustration. They offer a consistent and professional first impression that reflects your company’s brand and values to create an instant connection with the caller. This familiarity can lend credibility and trustworthiness to your service and show the customers that you are genuinely interested in them. With phone system voice actors, you also have the opportunity to create a unique and identifiable character or tone for your voice over phone system, which can make your service stand out and be more memorable. So, using phone system voice actors for your voicemail voice over project can enhance caller engagement, satisfaction, and the overall customer experience.



Who are the best phone system voice actors?
The best phone system voice actors are Pat Fleet, Jane Barbe, Alison Smith, and Susan Bennet.
What does a voice over phone system sound like?
A voice over phone system sounds clear and calm, and has a neutral voice to ensure that the caller can hear the message correctly and navigate easily to the right menu.
Why should I use an IVR voice over style for my project?
Using an IVR voice over style for your project can enhance caller engagement and satisfaction, and improve the overall customer experience so they’ll be motivated to call back and use your services.