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Japanese actors portray anime, video games, and animated film characters with vocal authenticity in East Asian productions or other project featuring characters with a Japenese background. Famous Japanese actors known for their incredible skills include Brian Tee and Hiroyuki Sanada. Brian Tee is best known as Dr. Ethan Choi in Chicago Med. Tee has a deep, authoritative voice that captures the authority of a doctor’s presence. Hiroyuki Sanada played characters in The Last Samurai and Westworld. Sanada speaks calmly and measuredly, delivering lines that enthrall global audiences. Here’s more on the voice styles of Japanese actors and how they can enhance your voice over projects.

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What are the voice styles of Japanese actors?

The voice styles of Japanese actors include “Kabuki” and “Noh.” “Kabuki” is a traditional form of Japanese theatre where performers use a stylized form of speech to evoke emotion. “Noh,” however, shows a more restrained delivery, focusing on the tonal quality of a voice to convey meaning. The influence of these styles is often discernible in different roles, as they add a uniquely Japanese flavor to performances. These styles add unique vocal techniques to different voice roles that enhance entertainment experiences for audiences. So, use these voices to add unmatched vocal talent to your voice over projects.  

When should you use Japanese actors for your voice overs

You should use Japanese actors when your target audience is Japanese-speaking. This includes content for a Japanese market or when you need to dub content into Japanese. You can use Japanese actors to convey cultural nuances, emotions, and expressions unique to the Japanese language and culture. Japanese male actors are also trained professionals who bring characters to life through their voices. They learn techniques like tone and pitch adaptability to portray different emotions and understand Japanese cultural contexts and regional dialects. Browse Voice123 to listen to voice samples from talented Japanese actors and find extraordinary talent for your next project.  



Who is the most popular Japanese actor?
Some popular actors include Hiroshi Abe, Haruma Miura, and Masaki Okada.
Who is the Japanese male old adult actor?
Takeshi Kitano is a respected figure in Japanese cinema, best known as Beat Takeshi.
Who is the Japanese actor in Hero?
Takuya Kimura played the lead role in the Japanese TV series Hero.
Who is the famous celebrity in Japan?
These are Hikaru Utada, from the boy band Arashi, and Shizuka Arakawa, an Olympic figure skater.