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How much does it cost to hire voice actors?
Voice actor costs vary based on project type, usage, the voice actors’ experience, and whether they belong to a union. Consult a calculator like the GVA rate guide for more information, or find a voice actor’s rate using the Voice123 search and booking tool.
How do I hire voice actors?
You can look online, by word of mouth, through an agency, or use an online platform. On Voice123, you can also search for a voice actor or post a project for free to receive auditions and related samples.
How can I hire a voice actor for free?
While professional voice actors typically charge for their services, you can find newer voice actors on online forums or through social media who may be willing to work on a project for free to build their portfolio.
Are there industry-standard voice over rates?
The recording time of a voice over depends on production, editing, and a word-per-minute ratio. When you post a project for free on Voice123, you can also specify how long the recording will be by writing the number of words to record.
How long does it take to record a voice over?
While you can invoice clients directly according to the payment method that suits you (Paypal, credit card, checks, or wire transfers), you can also make use of our free Secure Payment service as a convenient way to receive your funds.  
How do I hire a voice actor on Voice123?
Log into Voice123 to post a project for free. Complete the voice actor information you need like gender, age, and budget. Next, you can upload a script for custom auditions and choose pre-recorded samples. You can also search for voice actors on the Voice123 search engine.