Script timer calculator

Need a script timer to calculate how long the finished recording of your voice over script will be?

Use our helpful voice over script timer to get an estimated script duration. Our free, word-to-time calculator will give you an estimated voice over script duration based on word count and reading speed.

Our word-to-time calculator gives you a ballpark figure based on word count and reading speed.

You can also modify the script timer voice calculator to reflect your preferred pace and reading speed to calculate the cost of a voice over project more accurately. The script timer helps you with more accurate project estimates instead of rough ideas.

How to use the Script Timer Calculator

You can use the word timer calculator in two ways. First, enter the number of words in your voice over script, or second, paste your entire voice over script in the box provided. Once you’ve entered the word count, the voice calculator automatically weighs words against reading speed to show you the recording length. You can even adjust the speed in the words-to-time calculator to reflect your preferred pacing.

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How do I become a voice actor?
Becoming a voice actor starts with four key steps: 1. Do your research to learn about the voice over industry and your own vocal abilities. 2. Invest in setting up a DIY home studio with a computer, microphone, DAW (software), and a quiet environment. 3. Build your own unique brand while auditioning for voice acting jobs. 4. Set up your voice over business and learn the best tools to run it successfully. Don’t forget to hone your craft with voice acting classes, online courses, and workshops! Check out our blog to find the best resources on the voice over industry.
How do I get voice over jobs on Voice123?
You can apply for voice over jobs on Voice123 by first signing up for a free voice actor profile with your experience, skills, services, and voice over samples. This enables your profile to be found in client searches and provides vital information that the system uses to match you with voice over project invitations, which you can then submit auditions for. Sign up and get helpful info in our guides on setting up your profile and samples.
Is there a trial period?
Our Standard membership is free to use for as long as you want. If you’re ready to take the leap with Voice123 and acquire a paid membership for the first time, there is a 30-day-money back guarantee. Learn more about all the plans we offer and recommend based on your specific voice over market, or sign up for free and decide later.
How much should I charge for voice over work?
Voice123 is an open marketplace. Fee negotiation is solely between the client and the voice actor. However, you can base your rates on both your personal background and industry standards according to different usage, length, and project categories (Cartoon, commercial, movies, narration, radio, video games, etc). Feel free to check out our voice over rate calculator for an estimate of what clients can be expected to pay.
How do I get paid for my voice over work ?
While you can invoice clients directly according to the payment method that suits you (Paypal, credit card, checks, or wire transfers), you can also make use of our free Secure Payment service as a convenient way to receive your funds.  
Can I get voice over jobs with no experience?
Yes! But it takes effort and preparation to become a skilled voice actor. It also involves researching voice over jobs, getting advice from pros, getting the necessary voice over equipment, honing your voice over techniques, being persistent in your search for voice over work, and createing short voice over job samples to showcase your work. Learn more in our guide to getting voice over jobs for beginners.