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Girl actors are used to portray emotionally charged characters in award-winning films and shows. Girl actors like Zendaya and Millie Bobby Bown are skilled actresses. Zendaya is the voice and singer for Meechee in “Smallfoot” and Anne Wheeler in The Greatest Showman. Her compelling vocal performances add fresh vibrancy to her performances, creating convincing characters. Milly Bobby Brown is best known as Eleven from Stranger Things and Enola Holmes from the Netflix film series. Brown captivated global audiences with her unique emotional connection to her character, adding textured layers to her roles. Girl actors exemplify the dynamic and transformative nature of voice acting, showing that emotion and storytelling transcend visual performance. Here’s more about girl actor’s voice styles and their value in voice over projects.

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What are the voice styles of girl actors?

The voice styles of young female celebrities adapt to different roles and narratives. First is the youthful, bubbly voice style with higher pitches and a lively cadence that conveys innocence and enthusiasm. The second is a soothing, maternal tone enriched by a warm, gentle pitch, creating comfort. The third is a commanding, authoritative voice that suits characters with gravitas, a lower register, and a firm enunciation for confidence and power. The fourth is a villainous tone employing a husky, sinister style with a controlled lower pitch that smoothly shifts to a menacing, shrill cackle evoking menace. And fifth is a quirky, comedic style with playful pitches to deliver humor and eccentricity. Each style has the unique purpose of enhancing the storytelling experience. Young female celebrities are a great addition to adding intrigue to voice over roles for women. 

When should you use girl actors for your voice overs?

Girl actors are an excellent choice for voice overs projects that evoke youth and innocence. They’re well-suited to animations and children’s programming, where the characters are young girls. Educational software and games designed for younger audiences can also benefit from young female celebrities’ relatable, clear voices. Advertisements targeting families or products for young people, like toys or books, can use girl actors to create an authentic appeal that resonates with their primary audience. In audiobook productions of children’s literature and young adult fiction, girl actors can provide compelling and age-appropriate narration that enhances the listener’s experience. To use these voices in your projects, you must understand the tone and vocal style you need for your project. You can listen to countless talented girl actors on Voice123 to find the right fit for your project. 



Who is the most popular female actor?
Scarlett Johansson is one of Hollywood’s most popular female actors, known for blockbuster films and indie projects.
Who are some young female actresses?
Millie Bobby Brown from “Stranger Things” and Florence Pugh from “Little Women” are well-known young female actresses.
Who are the new female actresses in 2023?
Jenna Ortega, Halle Bailey, Emma Myers, Olivia Rodrigo, and Elle Fanning.
Who are the up-and-coming girl actors?
Milly Alcock, Rachel Zegler,  Halle Bailey, and Kathryn Newton are up and coming girl actors.