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A British accent is a way of speaking that’s polished and versatile, and it’s usually associated with people from Britain or the UK; some of the best British accent voice actors for dialogue and narrations are Sir Patrick Stewart, Dame Judi Dench, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Sir Patrick Stewart has a deep, authoritative, professor-like tone that stands out as Charles Xavier / Professor X in the X-Men and Star Trek series. Dame Judi Dench’s articulate, clipped vocal style is prominent as M in the James Bond film series. With his rich, resonant baritone, Benedict Cumberbatch’s vocal style is noticeable as the superhero Doctor Strange and the detective Sherlock Holmes. Consider using a British narrator for video game characters, ads, and audiobooks that need a calm, persuasive, and eloquent voice over.

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What is a British accent voice style?

A British accent voice style associated with Received Pronunciation (RP) is a highly standardized English accent. This accent is defined by clear enunciation, non-rhoticity (not pronouncing the ‘r’ at the end of words), and specific vowel and consonant enunciation. It’s most commonly associated with international broadcasting, upper-class speech, and educational institutions like Oxford and Cambridge. 

Why you should use a British voice actor in your next project

This voice style is associated with knowledge, authority, and sophistication, which add credibility and gravitas to content. And with a diverse range of British accents, you can tailor your project’s tone to suit specific audiences. Whether you’re looking for a friendly, relatable tone or a classy, refined one, a British voice actor can deliver on all project requirements.



Who are the best British voice actors?
The best British voice actors are Sir David Attenborough, with his rich, soothing voice from many documentaries; Stephen Fry, the Harry Potter audiobook narrator, Anthony Hopkins, best known as Hannibal Lecter; and Dame Judi Dench, with her distinctive clipped voice as M from the James Bond film series.
What does a British accent voice sound like?
The British accent sounds clear and enunciated. Received Pronunciation (RP) is non-rhotic speech, which means the ‘r’ at the end of words isn’t pronounced and there’s a distinctive vowel shift, with ‘a’ sounds being more rounded and ‘o’ sounds more open.
Why should I use a British voice actor for my voice overs?
These voices add a sophisticated, professional touch to a project that portrays elegance and intelligence. It also creates familiarity if your target audience is in the UK or you want to add global appeal to your brand.