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Hiring a British accent voice can be slightly more complicated than you might think. The United Kingdom - or alternatively, Great Britain - includes England, Scotland, and Wales. Each of those territories have a whole range of accents - and they can all be said to be British. You’re likely to find over forty different accents and English dialects in the city of London alone! So the first thing you need to decide is on the kind of British accent speaker you’re looking for.

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What style to look out for when considering a British accent voice?

Great Britain’s role in the history of the world has inevitably resulted in stereotypical accents that still apply today. They can be broadly divided into the following categories: Royal or Received Pronunciation, which suggests a sophisticated, upper-class status. Search terms include adjectives like regal, distinguished, snobbish, etc. A standard British accent voice would suggest adjectives like modern, business, professional, and academic. Common and scrappy are adjectives that are associated with actor Michael Caine’s Cockney accent!

Why you should use a British accent speaker for your next project.

The British accent voice is often chosen to convey sophistication – or even great humor. It has a definite heroic and dramatic quality if one thinks of Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings. The British accent voice can be a wonderfully memorable choice, but you need to weigh your choices carefully. Also, neither Scottish nor Irish are regarded as British accents at all, really.



When should I hire a British accent voice?
Whenever your project needs a regal, stiff-upper-lip, sophisticated style of presentation.
Is a British accent voice the best choice for character roles? 
It’s a great choice for character roles but can also work brilliantly for documentary narration. It can also convey humor very well.
Who is a famous British accent speaker?  
Certainly, one of the most famous – and one of the most impersonated – is presenter and narrator David Attenborough.