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The best anime voice actors are Yuri Lowenthal and Laura Bailey. Yuri Lowenthal is best known as Sasuke Uchiha in “Naruto.” Lowenthal’s voice is intense, so he can confidently deliver dramatic lines. Laura Bailey is best known as Maka Albarn in “Soul Eater” and Trunks in “Dragon Ball Z.” Bailey’s voice softens for sensitive scenes and hardens for action-packed moments. Anime voice actors don’t just have great voices; they have the incredible skill to deliver screams, shouts, and war cries that make their characters believable. They are even skilled at delivering multiple roles in the same series with unique versatility and talent. Here’s more on how to use anime voice actors styles in your future voice over projects.

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What are the voice styles of anime voice actors?

Anime voice actors, or ‘Seiyuu,’ as they’re referred to in Japan, draw on specific voice styles to make their characters more realistic. These are ‘Tsundere,’ a cold, hostile tone that gradually becomes friendly. ‘Yandere’ sounds initially sweet and affectionate but becomes intense and psychotic. ‘Kuudere’ is a calm, unemotional voice with an occasionally warm, caring side. ‘Dandere’ sounds shy and quiet but talkative in comfortable situations. ‘Genki’ is the energetic, enthusiastic voice used for exuberant characters. ‘Ojousama/Oujisama’ is an elegant voice style used for characters of high social status. The voice styles add emotions and tones that define different character personalities. Anime voice actors can use these styles to highlight the message of countless voice over projects. 

When should you use anime voice actors for your project?

You can use anime voice actors for your project when the content appeals to the anime fandom, like an anime series or video game. These voice actors add unique flair, tonality, and energy that enhance the emotional resonance of a project. If your project is an animation with Japanese culture, anime voice actors can improve audience engagement. They also deliver convincing, expressive performances in theatrical voice roles. If your project involves dubbing anime content into different languages, these voice actors can match the unique rhythm and style of anime dialogue. This maintains the feel of the original version while making it more accessible to a new audience. Voice123 has various voice samples from talented anime voice actors ready to enhance the message of your voice over project.



Who is the most famous anime voice actor?
This is Masako Nozawa, known for her role as Goku in the “Dragon Ball” series.
Who has the cutest voice in anime?
Aoi Yuuki, who voices Madoka Kaname in “Puella Magi Madoka Magica,” has a voice many fans consider cute.
Who is the best anime voice actor?
Mamoru Miyano is famous for his fiery performances in “Death Note” and “Ouran High School Host Club.”