Wondering about the quality of your sound?

One of the doorways to getting hired is your voice over audio! So, having a quality assessment done by professionals is vital to improving your voice over experience.

Here's how it works:

Voice123’s Audio Sound Check

This service is focused on teaching technical best practices with a thorough assessment from audio experts.
Request a free profile assessment
Our team of experts will review your profile to ensure you are elegible for the QA service
Proposal review by
our experts
Receive a technical report in 5- 7 business days outlining the areas you can focus to bring your audio to the next level
Start the next stage of your career
Equipped with all the skills and know-how to deliver the highest standard of your voice.

Ready to get some feedback ?


How have voice actors benefited from the Quality Assurance report?

“I found the experience to be quite helpful. It was valuable to get an expert opinion on the technical and performance aspects of my deliverables”
Ross H.
Premium Voice Actor

It has been 1 month and with the progress I have made I climbed into the Top 20% for the first time!  I plan to use this service again in the future as a benchmark to see my progress and use the feedback again for future growth and development.

Jessica H


How long will it take to receive my assessment?

Your report can take 3 to 4 business days.

Who will conduct my assessment?

A qualified audio engineer.

Do you offer discounts?

Not at this time. 

If you feel your situation qualifies for a discount, please contact our support team directly via help@voice123.com. We will be glad to look for a way to assist you.

Do you have a refund policy ?

We do not offer refunds on our Sound Check service provided. However, we take customer satisfaction very seriously and appreciate any recommendations to improve our service.