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How to hire a podcast editor

Podcast editor: image of a podcaster recording a podcast

If the first question that pops into your mind after reading ‘how to hire a podcast editor’ is ‘why do I need to hire one?’, then let’s take a step back together for a moment. For the sake of context, the following: listening to podcasts today is pretty ubiquitous. Everyone does it. It’s also as easy as popping in your AirPods during an office commute, running errands, or even doing chores. And for many businesses, podcasting is a very practical tool to reach their target audience and relay a vital brand message, provided it’s done well – and that’s key.

Much like a movie, the real magic of a podcast lies in editing. In fact, great podcast editing is the glue that binds elements like storytelling and consumer engagement to create a compelling conversation. Though winging the editing yourself might sound tempting, editing is most effective when handled by a pro. 

So, whether you’re managing your company’s podcast or thinking of starting your own, you need to know how to hire a podcast editor. It will clear some of the work tasks off your plate and give you quality editing that delivers the perfect sound. In this post, we’ll break down the steps in podcast editing, a few of the benefits of hiring a pro, as well as the costs involved.

What is podcast editing  

How to hire a podcast editor
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Podcast editing is crucial because it can take just about any podcast to the next level of post-production quality. It condenses content, creates a cohesive narrative, and improves audio quality. This way, the podcast’s verbal message comes across loud and clear to the audience. Podcasting helps companies to broadcast their brand voice, but for that message to sink into minds and motivate hearts, quality is needed. 

For example, consider what the most popular podcasts have in common, like The Joe Rogan Experience (#1 on Spotify in 2021) and Crime Junkie (#1 on Apple in 2021). Aside from being the number one podcast on Spotify and Apple, they also share quality podcast editing.

When people listen to a podcast, they hear more than words; they hear the emotion behind the message. It’s one thing to read Joe Rogan’s be the hero of your own movie, but hearing him say it in a heartfelt motivational tone is entirely something else.

Why podcast editing matters 

A good podcast is more than just recording behind a mic with a bit of splice and dice thrown in afterward. For starters, you need high-quality sound combined with material that matters. So, it should be free from awkward pauses and background noise. But the concept of editing can sometimes conjure up unpleasant images making podcasters more inclined to try to bypass this vital step. 

For instance, when you think of editing, you’ll likely remember how your high-school language teacher used her red pen to redecorate the essay you poured your heart into for endless hours. So, understandably, editing is the stage in any production that can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, this step takes the gems you’ve created in the podcast and polishes them until they sparkle for listeners. It can: 

  • Remove unnecessary pauses, awkward moments, or repeated words. 
  • Get rid of discourse markers like, you know, or um’s and er. 
  • Take out loud coughs, sneezes, or background sounds like your dog running into the room and knocking over your mic sound. 
  • Refine the episode’s message by cutting out unnecessary segments.
  • Create a streamlined flow during the episode that connects with the audience.

So, hiring podcast editing services will take your recording and arrange it into the most compelling story for global listeners. Leaving only what appeals to the listeners. 

Podcast editing steps

According to The Podcast Host, podcasts vary from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the content. So the post-production editing process will range in time and steps needed to convey your entire narrative to the audience. Some of these steps include: 

  • Editing, which involves cutting, merging, synchronization
  • Color correction based on whether it’s corporate or casual. 
  • Subtitles
  • Text animation/images 
  • Background music/sound effects
  • Footage of actual events 
  • Graphic and visual effects

The key for both an audio and video podcast is to enhance natural flow. Essentially, the speaker converses with the audience. So the podcast, although one-sided, should get people talking. Lack of proper flow and audio editing can lead to podfading (stopping a podcast suddenly) which is definitely something to avoid. 

3 reasons to outsource your podcast to a podcast editor

To quote the famous lyrics by The Residents, sometimes it is best to give it to someone else. Why, you ask? Well, using a podcast editor is: 

  1. One less weight lifted off your shoulders. 
  2. Convenient to source.
  3. Efficient because it saves you time.

By using podcast editing services, you can host a successful podcast without having to run a one-person show. This eliminates some of your stress because you know your project is in the hands of a pro. Now talented creators are the best option for podcasts because they can edit, offer voice overs, translate, and do anything else you might need to boost your podcast. And platforms like Voice123 are a plethora of freelance services at your disposal. You can find a variety of pros to mix, match, and edit your content so your podcast will be more than just another episode of talking. It will have storytelling, gripping vocals, and high-quality audio at its best, which will always drive real engagement. 

The benefits of podcast editing 

Listeners form a deeper connection to high-quality podcasts, so podcast editing services are a price worth paying if it brings you a better, smoother end product. It’s also efficient, with a faster turnaround than if you tried DIY editing. Sometimes, you’ll get a fully edited episode in less than 24 hours, and you can launch your episodes on schedule. Podcast editing also provides you with premium sound quality, so the recording is noise-free, and the voice flows without interruptions, deepening your end-user connection. Some of the benefits of hiring podcast editing services are: 

  • No more poorly edited episodes that damage your brand identity and challenge your authority within the industry. 
  • It saves time long term by eliminating re-recordings. 
  • Editors offer a thorough vetting process, so the content you receive post-editing is always ready-to-distribute. 

What to look for in podcast editors 

How to hire a podcast editor
Image: Envato

Statistica suggests that podcast listeners will exceed 160 million by 2023. And since good talent often arises from market demand, there are now various freelance platforms where you can find global or local editors. But before looking for a podcast editing service, consider the editors: 

  1. Skills 
  2. Client ratings & feedback
  3. Past projects 

These steps are vital because you must become familiar with an editor’s work before considering a collaboration.

Think of it like an office door sign. Words like manager’s office, tea room, or archives don’t just direct you to a place; they give you information about what or who is behind the door. In the same way, an editor’s portfolio is like a door that leads to information about the editor’s skills, client feedback, and past projects. And as a professional, you want to work with a professional. 

Someone who can help boost your podcast episodes because their work quality is excellent. You also want someone available if something urgent were to spring up. The highlight of working with pro podcast editors is that you can trust them to deliver on time and within budget. They know how to keep deadlines and budgets intact, making them reliable partners when producing high-quality content. 

How much does it cost to hire a podcast editor 

According to Castos, for some projects, you could pay $100 once-off for technical editing to $1000 for complete production services. What’s involved in that breakdown? As with anything today, the cost depends on what you expect to receive, the skill and experience level of the editor, and the project’s budget. It will also vary depending on your requirements: special effects, music, or synchronized voice with visual effects. Do you have multiple voice overs, music, or sound effects? So, to find the perfect pro podcast editor, you must first consider your project’s complexity.

Final thoughts on podcast editing and how to hire a podcast editor 

Podcast editing is more than just a cutting-out phase. Instead, it’s a method that saves time, avoids unnecessary stress, and smoothens the rough edges of your podcast. Think of a podcast editor as an ally that won’t lead you wrong. Like a scout uses a compass to guide his steps, you can use a podcast editor to navigate your episodes to success by creating flow, rhythm and cohesion. You will receive the best audio quality possible, and the editor can advise you on other podcast aspects to better convey your brand’s message—music intros and outros.  

From voice overs, editing, and even translation services, at Voice123, we’ve got you covered. And now that you know how to hire a podcast editor, you can post a project for free and you’re sure to find the best creator from our talent pool of pros, whatever your podcasting needs are!


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