DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation: Top AV tips from the best films 

DreamWorks Animation is the powerhouse live-action studio behind inspirational yet fiery DreamWorks characters. From swampy ogres who save the princess to dumpling-loving pandas that uplift and enchant audiences of all ages. So, whether you’re a filmmaker or animator, use the techniques and artistry of DreamWorks Animation movies to spark your audiovisual creativity. 

At Voice123 – where you’ll find exceptional voice actors for animated projects – we’ve got unique insights into DreamWorks films to invigorate your 2024 AV projects. Here, we’ll break down the best DreamWorks movies, the wickedest DreamWorks villains, and the most touching DreamWorks characters.

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The best DreamWorks Animation movies 

DreamWorks Animation

The best DreamWorks Animation movies are:

  1. Kung Fu Panda (2008) – grossed over $630 million.
  2. The Croods (2013) – grossed over $580 million.
  3. Madagascar (2005) – grossed over $550 million.
  4. How to Train Your Dragon (2010) – grossed almost $500 million.
  5. Shrek (2001) – grossed over $490 million.

1. Kung Fu Panda 

Kung Fu Panda’s authentic martial arts action sequences, inspired by films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, create authentic Chinese locations and fight scene precision. It was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the Oscars and Golden Globes and 

2. The Croods 

This is one of the DreamWorks films with fantastical creatures and high-energy family antics set in the Stone Age. It grossed over $587.2 million worldwide, resulting in a Croods franchise with films, TV shows, and video games. 

3. Madagascar 

Madagascar is one of the DreamWorks films with a memorable soundtrack and energetic animation style. The bold facial expressions and body language capture each animal’s distinct personality. The American Film Institute nominated it for the Top 10 Animation Films list.

4. How to Train Your Dragon

This DreamWorks film’s vibrant landscapes, dragon designs, and emotional voice acting bring unique DreamWorks characters to life. It won 25 film awards and a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for its breathtaking dragon flight sequences and aerial battles, which were created with innovative 3D animation and dynamic camera movements.

5. Shrek 

Shrek, one of the best DreamWorks movies, differs from traditionally produced animation with its exaggerated computer aesthetics for character design and world-building. Its quirky humor and fresh take on fairy tales resulted in the 2001 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. 

Popular DreamWorks villains

  1. Lord Farquaad: Shrek 
  2. Tai Lung: Kung Fu Panda 
  3. Megamind: Megamind

1. Lord Farquaad: Shrek 

Lord Farquaad, voiced by John Lithgow, is an egotistical villain with short-man syndrome. Lithgow’s sinister delivery adds cruelty to Farquaad as he dominates more powerful DreamWorks characters. His tone is also humorous during scenes like Farquaad interrogating the Gingerbread Man

2. Tai Lung: Kung Fu Panda 

Tai Lung, voiced by Ian McShane, is a menacing warrior. McShane’s deep, gravelly voice draws out Lung’s charisma, his voice dripping with contempt and fury during Tai Lung’s battle against Shifu—an intense delivery that adds weight to Lung’s vendetta. 

3. Megamind: DreamWorks Animation Megamind

Will Ferrell voices Megamind, a self-proclaimed DreamWorks villain with a heart of gold. Ferrell’s tone blends mischief with tenderness as Megamind battles Metroman, drawing out his conflicted feelings about villainy as he banters with his friend/nemesis. 

Inspiring DreamWorks characters 

  1. Hiccup: How to Train Your Dragon 
  2. Po: Kung Fu Panda 
  3. Shrek: Shrek 

1. Hiccup: How to Train Your Dragon 

Jay Baruchel voices Hiccup, the weak, clumsy son of the imposing Viking village chief. Baruchel’s youthful, comedic tone captures Hiccup’s journey from teen to village leader, incorporating vulnerable emotions as Hiccup stands up to his father for his dragon best friend. 

2. Po: Kung Fu Panda 

Po, voiced by Jack Black, is a lovable panda who dreams of mastering kung fu. Black’s infectious energy and humor create a determined, vulnerable hero with perseverance and inner strength as he confronts a villain stronger than himself. 

3. Shrek: DreamWorks Animation Shrek 

Shrek, voiced by Mike Myers, is a grumpy, kind ogre with a unique Scottish accent. Myers captures Shrek’s individual emotions as he finds love and acceptance, infusing Shrek’s voice with genuine remorse to highlight his growth and emotion. 

AV Inspiration from DreamWorks Animation movies 

DreamWorks Animation has set a standard for captivating films, and the best DreamWorks movies have unique insights for AV projects. Here’s how you can draw inspiration from DreamWorks:

DreamWorks Animation
  • Music: The How to Train Your Dragon series features a Celtic-inspired score by John Powell that enhances the epic and heartfelt moments in the story. In AV projects, craft a musical score that complements the narrative’s emotional highs and lows, creating a deeper connection with the audience.
  • Character growth: Shrek’s journey from a reclusive ogre to a loving friend is portrayed with nuance and depth. To incorporate this, create characters with resonant backstories and motivations that make their transformation more compelling and relatable. 
  • Loss: Kung Fu Panda 2 powerfully portrays loss when Po learns about his past and the loss of his biological family. When including themes of loss in AV productions, use visuals and poignant dialogue to convey the weight of the emotion. Build up to these moments gradually to enhance the emotional impact. 
  • Choose the right voice: In Madagascar, Ben Stiller, who voices Alex the Lion, and Chris Rock, who voices Marty the Zebra, bring the characters’ personalities to life. So, cast voice actors whose vocal qualities and style align with the character’s personality. Check out the voice actors on Voice123 for your next AV project.
  • Visual storytelling: The Croods used stunning visuals and vibrant color palettes to depict the prehistoric world and enhance the storytelling experience. Focus on creating visually striking scenes that complement the narrative, making your story visually engaging and memorable.

Final Thoughts on DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation movies stand tall in the world of dynamic video production. Their exciting worlds and rich DreamWorks characters remain fan-favorites long after the credits roll. Whether you’re a video producer or animator, let the spirit of the best DreamWorks movies infuse your projects with magic and wonder. 

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FAQs on DreamWorks Animation

What was the last film of DreamWorks?

The last film was Kung Fu Panda 4, released on March 8, 2024. 

What is DreamWork’s biggest hit?

How to Train Your Dragon (2010) has a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it DreamWork’s biggest hit. Since the first movie, the franchise has expanded to include three feature films, three spin-off TV shows, and an upcoming live-action movie. 

What is the best DreamWorks Animation?

How to Train Your Dragon and Shrek are two of the best DreamWorks Animation series. 

Is DreamWorks owned by Disney?

No, DreamWorks Animation isn’t owned by Disney; they’re an American animation film studio owned by Universal Pictures. 


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