Our product team is building the platform that powers the voiceover industry.

Meet the product team, consisting of a UX researcher and designer, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the Voice123 platform. The new features, updates and changes are coming straight from conversations we’re having with voice actors and clients.

Gaurav Karnataki - UX Researcher
Gaurav Karnataki - UX Researcher from India 🇮🇳, living in the US 🇺🇸.
Likes: Golden Retrievers
Dislikes: Messiness
Current obsession: Clash of Clans
Laura Esteban - Product Designer
Laura Esteban - Product Designer from Colombia 🇨🇴, living in Italy 🇮🇹.
Likes: all things ginger
Dislikes: ticking clocks
Current obsession: learning Greek vocab on Drops.

What's the company value that the product team resonates with most?

“That is a hard one. Because at the core of everything, it’s memorable experiences. But we’ll go with forward-thinking because the main question we consistently ask ourselves is, “What is the impact of what we’re doing, and what does that impact look like on a long-term basis?” This is where all the magic on the platform comes from!

On the topic of values, we’d also like to improve on our transparency, in terms of openness in communications from the very start.

We want it to be clear that “this is the service and this is what we can do for you.” We know voice actors and clients already have their perceptions about us, and we’re striving to improve that everyday.”

We took the Product Team aside and had them play a round of We’re Not Really Strangers, a really popular conversational card game just to loosen the nerves and get a sense of the team dynamic.

What were your proudest accomplishments as a team in 2020?

“Both Gaurav and I (Laura) joined the team at different times during 2020. What the product team looked like in January 2020 was very different from December 2020. 

We were both involved in revamping the voice actor profiles, and we improved our cross-collaboration dynamics with the engineering team. That’s the thing, as a product team, we need engineers to get things going!

Finally, the team built a full dashboard for our clients to better manage their preferred voice actors and to keep posting projects. We realized that we had to re-envision the whole workflow. It took a fair amount of time, but now our clients are able to manage the relationship with voice actors in a better and meaningful way.”

What's down the pipeline?

“There are plenty of small to medium things we need to improve to make the lives of our voice actors and clients better. However, we’re working on a big feature that will be a dedicated page for all our voice actors to view their performance statistics on Voice123. You can check also check out what we’re working on via our product roadmap!

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When you're recruiting, what's one personality trait the team looks for?

“Definitely proactiveness. We wear multiple hats in our teams; sometimes we design, or research, or do product management. And this person should be comfortable putting forward solutions, for them to say something like, “hey, here’s a design solution for XYZ. I researched this, and these are the requirements from the product side.” I think that would add value to our team.

We also need someone who’s very user-centric because they’ll be connecting with people. Someone that can consistently remind the team, “hey, you know what, this is what I discovered. And this is actually the real problem for our users.””

Anything to add?

“There are always questions popping up, like, “what do you do with the feedback received about Voice123?” And we’d like to emphasize that we hear you and read every single piece of feedback received. From NPS surveys, to user testing sessions, we identify the recurring pain points and prioritize our roadmap based on feedback. All those user testing and research sessions? We just want to get to know you and put ourselves in your shoes accurately. So thank you so much for all the feedback so far, and we’re always eager to hear more.”

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