Our customer success team helps clients and voice actors solve their problems.

They also aim to educate where they can, and help voice actors as they develop their careers on Voice123.

Meet the customer success team, the solution finders and education champions. They have a responsibility to educate and guide the voice actors and clients in the best way possible to adapt to platform changes. Whenever new updates and implementations are completed by the engineering and product team, they’re on the front lines, explaining how things works, and why it was implemented. The team is committed to helping people who use Voice123 accomplish their goals!

Alejandra Giraldo - Senior Customer Success Associate
Alejandra Giraldo - Senior Customer Success Associate from and based in Colombia 🇨🇴
Likes: Mexican food
Dislikes: onions 🧅
Current obsession: videos of dogs learning to talk with buttons
Voice123 Meet the Customer Success Team Reece Richardson Account Manager Profile Photo
Reece Richardson - Account Manager from Australia 🇦🇺 based in Colombia 🇨🇴
Likes: coffee ☕
Dislikes: being really cold
Current obsession: making 🍕 from scratch
Mia Sanin - Customer Success Associate
Mia Sanin - Customer Success Associate from and based in Colombia 🇨🇴
Likes: sunsets 🌇
Dislikes: mushrooms
Current obsession: fudge brownies
Mariana Scaffo - Customer Success Lead
Mariana Scaffo - Customer Success Lead from and based in Uruguay 🇺🇾
Likes: the beach
Dislikes: snakes 🐍
Current obsession: working out
Chris Govender - Customer Success Associate
Chris Govender - Customer Success Associate from and based in South Africa 🇿🇦
Likes: storytelling
Dislikes: injustice
Current obsession: Little House on the Prairie (TV show 📺)
Meet the Customer Success Team at Voice123 Full Zoom Picture

What's the company value that the customer success team resonates with most?

We provide memorable experiences, and we always keep in mind to never lose the human touch. While we aim to make sure that each experience is memorable, we also take pride in trying to tailor each experience to the person. We’re also transparent and passionate. We’re always open and happy to explain how our system works. We know it can be confusing and we’re pretty straight up with how members of any tier can make the most of their Voice123 journey. We don’t hide how the ranking works; if you ask, we’ll tell you.”

Mariana Scaffo, Customer Success Lead, shares a story:

“I have a lot of meetings during the week, usually one-on-ones with voice actors. I explain how our search algorithm works. People usually ask, “why am I not being found?” and we let them know that they need to, for instance, add samples, and secondly, the reasons why they need to add different keywords to their samples. 

If you work on your profile, if you take this as a business and do your homework, give it time, then change will come. These one-on-ones work very efficiently for me because as I do live demonstrations, those on the other end see the change.”

"These one-on-ones work very efficiently for me because as I do live demonstrations, those on the other end see the change."

— Mariana Scaffo, Customer Success Lead

We played our own version of Mafia/Wolf/Among Us - Voice123 CS style. A social deduction game that will keep you guessing. Survive through the workdays or win as the ultimate troll. Will the customer success team find the saboteur before it’s too late? Watch and find out!

What were your proudest accomplishments as a team in 2020?

We single-handedly implemented the secure payment flow in the company. Being built from the ground up, most of our work here is done by people and the people are mostly on this team. 

So, secure payment went from one single payment where basically, it was a completely manual process. We had to ask for permission from the voice actor, and from the client. And then we had to negotiate for the preferred payment methods from the voice actor. There was no technical innovation behind it whatsoever. But fast-forward to today- it’s nearly entirely automated!

The journey from our manual days to now has taken a lot of work, trial and error and a lot of ideas from everyone on the team. Partnering with the engineering team, it’s been a true and tried process of getting to the point to where payment can be processed without nearly as much input from us.

So yeah – we implemented a system that helps voice actors who don’t want to handle payments. A system was done manually, in attempts to avoid human error. But we’re proud to know that it was helping voice actors get paid in a more efficient way. There are a lot of voice actors that don’t know how to deal with payments with clients. Secure payment alleviates the stress that comes with having to bill a client. The customer success team takes pride in this because we knew that we were working on something that was helping people.”

What's down the pipeline?

“Coming from the CS team, hiring is the biggest thing that we’re working on. In late 2020, we hired another team member (Chris) to provide their services for another time zone. And in 2021, we continue to expand on more customer success associates.

Our goal is to help the company scale, which means the customer success team will have to hire people in a variety of timezones. We can now provide a longer live chat experience too!

But looking past the horizon, we want to collaborate with other teams to improve our educational offerings. We’d love to be able to help out with content on The Booth, or maybe even host our own webinars in the future.

We’ve rejigged our team structure so that we’re actively working on getting new clients to post more projects. It’s in its early days, but we’re trying to really find a way to make sure that our big clients and/or most active clients feel comfortable on the platform and that we are able to adapt our processes to meet their needs because they are very attractive to voice actors on Voice123, so having them be more prolific on Voice123 is key.”

Any final words?

“Just know that there’s a human on the other side of the screen. There’s a team on the other side that really cares, and they’re going to work hard to dig up the best answers possible, to fix the issues at hand and provide the information requested!

If anyone needs help, we can be reached at help@voice123.com.”

Maria Panico - Customer Success Associate
Since doing this piece, we’ve hired another customer success associate, Maria Panico, from Italy & based in the UK. She plays a crucial role in extending our live chat hours. But we are still hiring!

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We're currently hiring for a Customer Success Associate to join our Customer Success team!