Our engineering team powers the future of the voiceover industry.

They make it possible for Voice123 to exist.

Meet the engineering team, the brains behind the day to day technical maintenance and improvements on Voice123. Inspired by the stories of the Mercedes Benz F1 Team, our engineering team supports Voice123’s company mission- they’re the motor that makes things happen. 

Andrés Zuleta - SEO Engineer
Andrés Zuleta - SEO Engineer from & living in Colombia 🇨🇴.
Likes: video games
Dislikes: traffic jams
Current obsession: learning about AI
Carlos Beltrán - Ops Engineer
Carlos Beltrán - Ops Engineer from & living in Colombia 🇨🇴.
Likes: Reading
Dislikes: Headaches
Current obsession: Sleeping in hammocks 😴
Cristhian Gómez - Algorithm Engineer
Cristhian Gómez - Algorithm Engineer from & living in Colombia 🇨🇴.
Likes: Math ➕
Dislikes: Watching sports
Current obsession: Studying weird logics
Germán González - Head of Engineering
Germán González - Head of Engineering from & living in Colombia 🇨🇴.
Likes: Biking
Dislikes: Getting lost while driving 🏎️
Current obsession: Winning the champions league in FIFA21
José Laya - Software Architect
José Laya - Software Architect from Venezuela 🇻🇪 & living in Colombia 🇨🇴.
Likes: Woodworking
Dislikes: Reading 📘
Current obsession: 3D Design & Printing
Nathalia Avila - Support Engineer
Nathalia Avila - Support Engineer from & living in Colombia 🇨🇴.
Likes: Learning
Dislikes: Animal products
Current obsession: My cat 🐈
Luis Perichon - Sr. Product Engineer
Luis Perichon - Sr. Product Engineer from & living in Argentina 🇦🇷.
Likes: Star Trek
Dislikes: Loud neighbours
Current obsession: SpaceX 🚀
Nicolás Árias - Fullstack Developer
Nicolás Árias - Fullstack Developer from & living in Colombia 🇨🇴.
Likes: Cycling 🚴
Dislikes: Queues
Current obsession: Avatar (Animated)

What's the company value that the engineering team resonates with most?

We’re resilient. We’re adaptable and flexible, and we always critically analyze situations in all possible angles and perspectives. Being analytical is so important to us because we know that the decisions and prioritizations we make will strongly impact the company vision and strategy.

We expect the best, but we’re prepared for the worst.

– Germán González, Head of Engineering

As engineers, we’re naturally attuned to solving problems, no matter how easy or hard. We need to be resilient and persevere when it comes to problem solving; choosing when we’ll take risks and how calculated they can be. We expect the best, but we’re prepared for the worst.”

Are there any other company values that you personally relate to, and why?

Nathalia Avila, our newest engineer, pipes up.

“I would say forward-thinking is also one of the things that I’ve noticed with the team members, especially in technology. You have to think about what’s going to happen next. What’s going to be the upcoming trend, how to optimize your code, how to just make things better… just how to always think ahead.”

Think fast! We test the engineering team's reaction times with rapid-fire rounds of Tutti Frutti.

What were your proudest accomplishments as a team in 2020?

After two years of continuous improvements, the team achieved a 99.99% uptime and 99.98% availability, which means that Voice123 site was down less than 5 minutes per month, even when we do daily releases of new features and bug fixes. And today, the Voice123 platform manages more than 1.5 millions of leads, 60,000 active users and around 100,000,000 monthly transactions.

For our team, this has been a goal in the making (over the last few years!) Ever since the huge platform change at the beginning of 2019, we had a lot of changes to implement and bugs to fix. But after that, it was a matter of stabilizing Voice123 and making it as reliable as possible for the voice actors and clients, while simultaneously developing new functionalities. So the fact that we achieved a 99.99% uptime and 99.98% availability, those numbers are proof of reliability. From a bird’s eye view engineering perspective, this is a really amazing achievement. Not only because we can provide the best user experience. Even though in theory, being available 100% of the time is something that people expect, it’s not that simple in reality. This is important because this allows us as a team to focus on developing more products and providing more value to others.”

What's down the pipeline?

1) “We want to make the platform expandable to other categories. Voice123 has been serving the voice over industry for more than 17 years. We are aware that voice overs are an articulated piece of content creation, and most of our talents are able to deliver other high-quality services to the media industry. We are committed to enable people to offer more services through our product and platform. We’re currently in deep research mode on what this could look like down the road.”

2) “Real-time notifications for system messages and marketing campaigns. E-mail has been proven to be an efficient way of communicating with members of Voice123. Our current system sends around 80,000 e-mails per day, but it is definitely time for an upgrade as most modern e-mail managers and applications provide instantaneous sends and real time notifications.”

3) “As a minimum requirement to achieving more projects, we’d like to double the size of our current team. We’ll continue looking into hiring inclusively, that is very important to us (also considering we are a remote-first company).”

Overall, we’ve got lots of fantastic (but currently top secret) projects coming out in the future!

Any final words?

“We’re really committed to delivering memorable experiences for anyone who lands on and uses Voice123. For that reason, every time we identify opportunities to optimize something, whether it’s improving our site downtime or fixing bugs that pop up, all of that is really important to us. This commitment is intertwined with our preference on quality over speed; we rather do something correctly once, than do it and have to fix it time and time again- that’s not delivering memorable experiences to those using our site.”

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