We’re outlining and publicizing our own internal team pledge, in accordance with Project Authentic Voices.


There’s no denying the facts. We’re a small team made up of innovative, inspiring and interesting individuals. We have our own personalities, our own cultures, our own characteristics and our life views. It is this diversity of thought that sets us apart! 

But we cannot simply add “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion” to our company goals without a way to measure impacts. All too often, well-meaning organizations get nothing done because there was never any follow up to these aspirational level goals.

How are we defining success and measuring progress?

We have decided to take a different approach. So if our focus is on improving the status quo, internally and externally, within our industry, then we’re holding ourselves accountable and letting the data speak for itself by performing a bi-annual re-evaluation on our position (every 6 to 12 months).

Throughout the way, we’ll constantly communicate our initiatives and purpose. We’ll be measuring and keeping track of the impact and changes of our initiatives, publishing our data and findings via reports to document what’s working, what isn’t, and where we can improve.

Here are some practical, positive steps that we will be taking this year to do our part in deconstructing the system.

  1. We are reviewing our internal recruitment efforts
    We are a small team but we are constantly recruiting, adding candidates to our pipeline of openings! We commit to spending time on where we advertise, how we select for interviews, and how new recruits will improve the diversity of our existing team.
  2. We are promoting a safe space of open dialogue so you can offer feedback – confidentially with impunity
    We aim to continue fostering a safe environment for feedback. If you spot a project proposal or voice actor profile that you believe can be problematic or inappropriate, contact us directly or flag it to our attention via the platform.

    This brings us to outline Voice123’s rules of engagement, which is generally reviewed on a case by case basis. But to be very clear, once something has been brought to our attention, our immediate next step would be to act as a mediator and communicate to the client or voice actor that they’ve been flagged for something that was found to be problematic and inappropriate. There, we’ll access the situation and approach accordingly.

  3. We are reviewing our product roadmaps with a DEI heavy mindset
    We are reviewing initiatives we can add to our product roadmaps to push for a more diverse and inclusive voiceover industry, as well as improving our outward communications about what’s going on at Voice123. We will also be publishing an updated, transparent product roadmap so anyone can follow along with our progress.
  4. We are on a journey ourselves
    We are doing our best with what we have and what we know. We know that we are not perfect, so we are working on improving ourselves and our business, a little more, every single day.

This is a living, breathing document, a collaborative effort passed through the hands of those who want to see a more diverse and inclusive future. Again, we thank all the voice actors who’ve offered feedback and improvements, as well as Nyasha Pitt for working with us to hone in on our company pledge.

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