The Leadership team maintains the core company vision of crafting the future of the voice over industry.

By taking charge and setting the long term vision and strategy, they also encourage all team members to reach their full professional potential.

Germán González - Head of Engineering
Germán González - Head of Engineering from & living in Colombia 🇨🇴.
Likes: Biking
Dislikes: Getting lost while driving 🏎️
Current obsession: Winning the champions league in FIFA21
Rocío Perez - Head of Company Ops
Rocío Perez - Head of Company Ops from & based in Colombia 🇨🇴.
Likes: Chocolate 🍫
Dislikes: Onions
Current obsession: Makeup
Rolf Veldman - CEO of Voice123
Rolf Veldman - CEO from & based in The Netherlands🇳🇱.
Likes: Board games
Dislikes: Chocolate con queso
Current obsession: renovating my house 🏠

What's the company value that the leadership team resonates with most?

“So as a team, it really depends on how you see us. If you’re thinking about us as the people that set the strategy of Voice123 and who really plan out the next decade, then we’re forward-thinking. If you’re thinking about us as leaders, we’re delivering memorable experiences and prioritizing inclusiveness.

But by the nature of how we operate as a company, then we can mainly side with being transparent. And being transparent is how we deliver memorable experiences; which is very important because it encapsulates what Voice123 stands for, progresses into and how we feel we should lead a company where we’re all equals. And going back to encouraging team members, we cannot do that without being passionate ourselves. So it really depends on the viewpoint that you take.”

We encompass all company values to be the strongest leadership team possible.

In this round of "Meet the Teams!" activities, the leadership team got together to reflect on the 'firsts' in their journey.

What were your proudest accomplishments as a team in 2020?

“Voice123 grew as a team in 2020! Even with COVID-19 and all its effects on team members, we’re super proud we expanded our team globally. 

Being prepared to restructure and re-strategize

It’s a no-brainer that the biggest challenge was the pandemic for the leadership team. Managing the potential outcomes of zero budget revenue; if push came to shove, we had back-up plans to let certain people go. And then we decided to share that with the team, too. It’s one thing to avoid/deflect, spin fairy tales and tell everyone it’s going to be fine. But we laid it out very honestly; we said, things might not be fine, but you can count on us to carry you as long as we can, every step of the way, we’re going to tell you where we are. 

Putting health first

That was very stressful, and of course, everyone’s tired, so it’s a matter of remembering to take care of yourself and others. Part of making sure the team was OK, we implemented activities like the virtual retreat, implementing new perks, and more.”

What's down the pipeline?

“Grow, grow, grow, grow. Our goal in 2021 is to become more invisible in the day-to-day and to put our team members in a position where they have full ownership. By removing ourselves in the day-to-day, leadership becomes more involved with recruitment efforts.”