Our marketing team is growing the Voice123 universe.

Meet the marketing team, responsible for growing and promoting the Voice123 universe, establishing Voice123 ‘s public image and communicating the impact we’d like to make in the world. We’re working on becoming a household name, being the best at what we do and being respected for it.

Andrés Zuleta - SEO Engineer
Andrés Zuleta - SEO Engineer from & living in Colombia 🇨🇴.
Likes: video games
Dislikes: traffic jams
Current obsession: learning about AI
Sandra Herrera - Product Designer
Sandra Herrera - Product Designer for Growth from USA 🇺🇸, living in The Netherlands 🇳🇱.
Likes: astrology
Dislikes: onions
Current obsession: Simone de Beauvoir
Carel Cronje - Content Editor
Carel Cronje - Content Editor from & living in South Africa 🇿🇦.
Likes: voice artistry
Dislikes: dad jokes
Current obsession: the art of storytelling
Rachel Lo - Social Media Manager
Rachel Lo - Social Media Manager from & living in Indonesia 🇮🇩.
Likes: mountain trails
Dislikes: Overcooked noodles
Current obsession: custom made furniture
Josephine Tse - Storyteller
Josephine Tse -Storyteller from & living in Canada 🇨🇦.
Likes: Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Dislikes: Back pain
Current obsession: making arepas

What's the company value that the marketing team resonates with most?

“We are passionate about our work and supporting each other as a team. We’re always experimenting, taking risks to test our many hypotheses; really keeping in mind that we’re creating to engage with more users while driving traffic to our platform. We’re also very diverse, bringing different perspectives from both our personal and professional backgrounds. That in itself makes us more empathetic too, as we learn from our failures and celebrate our successes. We’re lucky to have this bond within our team. But it’s our collective passion that really drives it forward.”

We took the Marketing Team aside and had them play a round of Co-Star, a really popular astrology app that updates in real time with AI software to check out what it says about our team compatibility. (PS: yes, you could say we braved it out during mercury retrograde!)

What were your proudest accomplishments as a team in 2020?

After years of tweaking, we finally built a team where all team members are working from their own strengths. 

We’re a relatively new team; Sandra joined for virality/growth around the latter half of 2020, Jo got onboard in the summer of 2020 and we really only kickstarted social media efforts publicly in November.

So yes, our proudest accomplishment? 2020 forged us together as a team more than anything else. The COVID-19 pandemic destroyed so many things, but it brought us together and served as a motivation for us to bond and establish what we have. After years of planning, we now have a dedicated content team, a well structured SEO team, and it feels for the first time, there is a long term plan!”

Meet the marketing team

What's down the pipeline?

“We are ramping up efforts to make every member on our platform visible. With our SEO efforts, we are trying to find creative solutions, highlighting voice actors’ work experiences and quality and making sure that people can find them on public search engines.

With our branding efforts we are trying to celebrate voice actors’ careers and successes. All efforts are aimed at putting the voice actor in the center. For instance, we are also working on growing The Booth, our content studio. We’re transferring energy into solidifying our reputation as a platform that serves our users. We want to keep empowering people to speak for themselves. The voice has always been there, and always will be our primary means of community.

Finally, we are working on improving our brand reputation, and continuing to up our social media presence. There’s always a great deal being said about online casting platforms, and much of it points out the dishonesty and non-transparency of the entire business. Voice123 is 18 years old, but it still feels like a young start-up because we haven’t had time to really work on improving ourselves. We’ve kept coming off the poor second cousin that nobody really wants to talk about. Great analogy, right? Anyways, for the first time, it feels like it’s turned into a company that we’re proud to speak about.”

Anything to add?

From Carel Cronje, Content Editor: “Somebody mentioned to me the other day, just after The Booth was launched, “you know, I find that most companies on the net are 2D, but Voice123 with the launch of The Booth, you’re creating this impression that you’re 3D.”

I thought it was a beautiful definition of the way we’re going. In the past, Voice123 felt terribly stayed and 2D. And for the first time, we really are starting to become 3D. We mean something and that’s great. That’s what we are supposed to be doing.

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