MultiVersus characters

MultiVersus characters: How to create iconic AV characters!

MultiVersus characters belong to a cross-dimensional universe of electrifying matches. Create Rick vs. Morty family clashes in the Cromulons – or take it to the Throne room with Arya Stark. Witty battle banter included! From Bugs Bunny’s cheeky snark to Taz’s comical sound effects, the MultiVersus roster is chock-full of vocal inspiration for your next AV creation. 

At Voice123 – where you’ll find professional character voice actors – we understand the impact of unique AV experiences. So, here, we’ll explore the MultiVersus roster with nifty MultiVersus game inspiration just for you. 

Get ready to unleash mayhem with bold characters in MultiVersus!

What is the MultiVersus game? 

The MultiVersus game is a fighter-style video game published by Warner Bros. with 26 playable fighters, like Superman and Wonder Woman, from four main power classes: Assasin, Bruiser, Tank, and Mage/Ranged. The MultiVersus characters come from thirteen franchises, including DC, Looney Tunes, and Cartoon Network. Players can arrange 1-vs-1, free-for-all, or teams of two-character challenges using each fighter’s unique abilities, signature moves, strategic gameplay, and combos to outmaneuver opponents. All character matchups in the MultiVersus game include playstyle dialogue enhanced by realistic voice acting. 

Who are the MultiVersus characters? 

The MultiVersus roster

MultiVersus characters

The MultiVersus new characters released in May 2024

  • The Joker is one of MultiVersus’s new characters, voiced by Mark Hamill. He captures DC’s Clown Prince of Crime’s deranged tones as he unleashes battle chaos with razor-sharp cards. 
  • Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th is another of the MultiVersus new characters, but he’s silent. Known as the weirdo in a mask, he terrifies fighters with his empty stare and deadly machete. 
  • Banana Guard is a princess guard from the Adventure Time Cartoon Network series. Austen Moret voices this new addition to the MultiVersus roster with a positive vibe and unique voice style. 

The platform hasn’t released any information about MultiVersus’s new characters, but a blocked card next to the official characters has the teaser, “More Revealed Later!”

MultiVersus characters list: The top 10 voice actors 

  1. Bob Carter voices Black Adam, a DC character with a menacing personality. Carter’s commanding tone echos Adam’s imposing presence.
  2. Ian Cardoni voices Rick Sanchez – a brilliant, sarcastic scientist from the Rick and Morty TV show. Cardoni highlights the cynical genius’s eccentricity across the game’s variants. 
  3. John Eric Bentley voices LeBron James, a professional NBA player, and character from the Looney Tunes Space Jam franchise. Bentley’s confident vibe reflects LeBron’s leadership and charisma. 
  4. Jonathan Lipow voices The Iron Giant, a Warner Bros. robot inspired by Superman. Lipow’s compassionate tone emphasizes the giant’s deep, soft tones. 
  5. Jim Cummings voices Taz, a wild, rambunctious Looney Tunes character. Cummings’ tone highlights Taz’s frenzied, unpredictable behavior and special moves.
  6. Maisie Williams voices Arya Stark, a Game of Thrones warrior who trains to avenge her family. Willaim’s refined British accent reflects Arya’s cunning, resilient nature. 
  7. Daniel DiVenere voices Steven Universe, a human/gem alien from the Cartoon Network TV series. DiVenere’s heartfelt tone highlights Steven’s adventurous, empathic game spirit.
  8. Abby Trott voices Wonder Woman, a DC superheroine trained as an Amazon warrior. Trott’s deep tones reveal Diana’s regal strength and grace. 
  9. Eric Bauza voices Tom and Jerry, a pair of mischievous characters from the Looney Tunes franchise. Bauza transforms the duo’s rivalry into a team-up with slapstick energy and timeless antics.
  10. Daniel Ross voices Gizmo, a mogwai from the Gremlins franchise who’s adept at weaponry. Ross highlights his cute, lovable personality with catchy vocal effects. 

AV production tips from the MultiVersus characters 

1. Develop unique personalities 

Fans have enjoyed watching Superman’s rich backstory for eight decades, so add trials, motivations, and growth arcs to create inspiring protagonists like those on the MultiVersus character list. 

2. Create artistic dimensions

Experiment with 2D and 3D animation effects, like the MultiVersus Batcave, which enhances the gameplay experience. Develop visually striking environments that support the narrative.

3. Add dynamic soundscapes

Use audio engineering techniques like distortion and reverse reverb to create epic scores and sound effects like swords or sonic blasts to add depth to filmmaking projects. 

4. Recreate signature abilities 

In AV projects like remakes, live-actions, or video game adaptions, the characters must have their signature moves and abilities to create sequences that audiences will recognize and enjoy. 

5. Use professional voice actors

Professional voice actors can deliver goosebumps-inducing dialogue for inspiring heroes like Superman or irresistible villains like Harley Quinn. If you’re an AV producer, check out Voice123, your go-to voice over platform.

Final Thoughts

MultiVersus characters

Characters in MultiVersus belong to a universe where heroes, villains, and gameplay combine to create an epic fusion of voice, visuals, and sound. From Dexter’s Laboratory to Scooby’s Haunted Mansion, the MultiVersus character list is a wealth of inspiration for vivid AV projects that keep audiences hooked. 

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Get unique MultiVersus character list inspiration with Voice123! 


How many characters does MultiVersus have?

There are four classes with 26 different fighters from thirteen different franchises. 

Will there be more MultiVersus characters?

Yes, the MultiVersus roster currently has a locked blank character box called, ‘more revealed later.’ 

Who is the best MultiVersus character?

Some of the best MultiVersus characters are Arya Stark from the Assassins category, Batman from Bruisers, Bugs Bunny from Mage/Ranged, and Superman from the Tank class. 

Who is the most broken character in MultiVersus?

According to players, Harley Quinn, Bugs Bunny, and Tom and Jerry are among the most broken game characters. 


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