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Marvel vs. Capcom: How to create an iconic franchise!

Marvel vs. Capcom is a fusion of two powerhouse superhero universes that redefine what video games are all about. 

At Voice123 – where you’ll find skilled video game voice actors – we’ve got unique AV insights on how to create a fan-favorite franchise for multi-media projects or video games. Here, we’ll explore the characters, the games, and takeaways for AudioVisual creators.

Get ready to experience the ultimate crossover clash!

1. Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

Clash of Super Heroes released in 1998 and it uses a tag-team gameplay mechanic to create a dynamic combat style. The characters include Captain America, Ryu, and Mega Man

2. Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

New Age of Heroes was released in 2000, and it transformed the series with 56 new playable characters. It featured a vibrant comic book animation style and fan-favorite characters like Thanos, Jill Valentine, and Anakaris

3. Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds 

Fate of Two Worlds released in 2011. It featured complete 3D video game characters and a new feature called X-Factor. The characters in this installment included She-Hulk, Crimson Viper, and Nathan’ Rad’ Spencer.

4. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

This ultimate version of the previous game released in November 2011, and it introduced the Heroes and Heralds mode and added 12 new playable characters like Hawkeye, Frank West, and Vergil.

5. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Infinite released in September 2017, and it included new features like Infinity Surge and characters like the Winter Soldier, Sigma, and Monster Hunter. Despite these upgrades, GamesRader+ criticized the game’s roster, narrative, and visual design. 

6. Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics

The Fighting Collection is an upcoming compilation game that was announced in June 2024 and will be released later this year. It features remastered versions of iconic games in the series like The Punisher and Marvel Super Heroes

The voices behind the Marvel vs. Capcom characters

marvel vs. capcom
  1. Clash of Super Heroes: Cal Dodd’s gruff tone for Wolverine added a fierce authenticity to the character, and  Toshiyuki Morikawa brought Strider Hiryu to life with mystery and intrigue.
  2. New Age of Heroes: Lenore Zann’s charismatic voice over for Rogue added a unique charm, while Tomomichi Nishimura’s voice over for Ryu showcased his stoic nature.
  3. Fate of Two Worlds: Susan Dalian’s passionate voice highlighted Storm’s power, and Fumiko Orikasa voiced Chun-Li with strength and determination.
  4. Ultimate 3: Laura Bailey’s voice added tough suspense to Black Widow, and Paul Dobson’s intriguing voice style brought Doctor Doom to life.
  5. Infinite: Travis Willingham created Thor’s commanding presence, while Mayumi Tanaka added a sense of adventure to Mega Man.

Takeaways for AV creators from Marvel vs. Capcom

1. Strong character development

The Marvel vs. Capcom characters have relatable backstories and personalities. So, in AV production, focus on character development to build strong emotional connections with gaming fans.

2. Consistent innovation 

The franchise constantly added exciting features to each installment. In a franchise, it’s important to balance the core elements that fans love with innovative techniques to attract new audiences. 

3. Engaging with fans 

The game developers listened to feedback by integrating fan-favorite characters and creating special events. So, use social media and forums to gather insights, then adapt to give the audience what they want. 

4. Transmedia storytelling

The franchise has stayed consistent across different media, such as comics, live-action films, and games. So expand your story to broaden your reach and develop a brand that audiences will instantly recognize. 

Final Thoughts

marvel vs. capcom

This epic video game universe continues to captivate players with thrilling battles and popular characters. And the talented video game voice actors played a key role in creating a legendary gaming franchise.

Now that you’ve got AV inspiration to create your own masterpiece bring it to life with the skilled voice talent on Voice123. Or opt for our full-scale Managed Services to manage your entire project seamlessly.

Power up your projects, and let the games begin!


What platforms is Marvel vs. Capcom on?

It is available on various platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Will Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection be on PS5?

Yes, the physical edition of the Fighting Collection will be released on PS5.

What is the newest Capcom vs Marvel?

The latest game in the series is the Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics, which will be released later this year.

Why was Marvel vs. Capcom 2 removed?

It is no longer in production due to legal copyright issues, but it will be re-released this year as part of the Fighting Collection.


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