Imaging: How to Become the Voice of Radio and TV

The Voice Over Industry’s Most Coveted Job Gets Broken Down
Over my 20 year career in voice acting and radio/television station imaging, I’ve been constantly asked the same group of […]

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Voice123 Review: Voice Actress, September Day

What’s incredible about Voice123 is that you are only judged by what you deliver to a client… not by how you look, your resume, or where you live…it’s just […]

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    Update: Changes to Voice123 Ranking System and New Category!

Update: Changes to Voice123 Ranking System and New Category!

You’ve probably noticed some changes around lately, from the new homepage to design elements around the site. We’re doing more than giving Voice123 a facelift though. We recently […]

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Dealing with Unreasonable (and/or crazy) Voice Over Clients

”You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, Know when to walk away and know when to run. You never count your money when […]

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Choosing Copy that Speaks to You as a Voice Actor

You’re a commercial voice over artist, a speaker of life-enhancing opportunities and stories. But, which creative scenarios best suit your unique sound?  What products match your personality?  And how […]

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Protected: Meet Eleven Year Old Voice Actress Morgan Burch

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Ten Free Ways to Forget a Bad Week in Voice Over

We’ve all had them. Bad weeks in the voice over business. Those weeks when you submit all kinds of auditions and demos and nothing seems to stick. Weeks when your best […]

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Free Webinars: how does Voice123 REALLY work?

Our goal at Voice123 is simple: to get voice actors more jobs. The key to success on the site depends heavily on making your profile work for you. Every […]

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Winners of the Fifty Shades of Voice Over Contest!

After listening to 147 auditions, we were finally able to narrow down the finalists and choose the grand prize winners for our Fifty Shades of Voice Over contest! Some […]

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    $50 off Voice123 for Voice Over Virtual conference attendees!

$50 off Voice123 for Voice Over Virtual conference attendees!

The Voice123 team is pumped to attend our first ever “virtual conference”. The Voice Over Virtual conference is happening online September 18-20th. This giant 3-day Online Conference features a […]

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