What is Voice Over and How Do You Become a Voice Actor?

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By Bettye Zoller Seitz, Voice over coach and Voice123 voice actor since 2003
What Is A Voice Over?
Radio is the ultimate voice over. It has often been […]

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Recipe for an Awesome Voice Over Demo – Part One

Not sure what makes a great voice acting demo? How long should it be? What should I include? How do I know if this is what clients want to […]

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Are You Sabotaging Your Chances at Getting Voice Over Work?

We write a lot about how to book voice over work on Voice123 but I think the most helpful info comes straight from our voice seekers. In my opinion, the […]

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Voice123 Academy Promotion

We are very excited to announce that Voice123 Academy will officially launch on December 2nd! We are using the vast knowledge and network we’ve acquired over the last decade […]

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Understanding the Voice Actor: An Article for Your Family

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Today’s guest post comes from voice over coach and Voice123 voice actress Deb Munro. This is a fantastic article that I read last […]

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How I Landed My Dream Voice Over Gig

Today’s guest post is from Voice123 voice actor Hugh Galyean. He tells his story about how he went from voice over newbie to booking his dream voice over job:

Last fall, […]

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How to Convert a Non-Union Voice Over Job to Union

Today’s post is from SAG-AFTRA Voice Actor and Voice123 premium member, Dude Walker. He graciously invited me to attend an online meeting of his voice over group to answer […]

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Voice Over Demos: Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Went!


Did you spend lots of money getting your demos professionally produced? That’s cool and all, but you need to be able to deliver that same sound when you are […]

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How to get Testimonials from your Voiceover Clients

Earlier this week, we posted a blog on how NOT to market yourself as a freelance voice actor. Today, we wanted to share this great blog post from Voice123 […]

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    Is Your “Marketing” Actually Costing You Voice Over Jobs?

Is Your “Marketing” Actually Costing You Voice Over Jobs?

This is one of those blog posts that’s just not that fun to write and I wish I didn’t have to. We talk a lot about how to market […]

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