Let’s Check Tara’s Inbox: FAQ’s from Voice Actors

On a typical weekend morning, you can find me in front of my laptop, checking my email. My inbox always contains some questions and testimonials from Voice123 voice actors. […]

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Love it or Hate it? Valentine’s Voice Over Contest!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest here at Voice123 and with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we thought we’d show our voice actors some love with the […]

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Why are we asking you so many questions!?!?

Voice123 is not going away!
Recently, you may have noticed a little pop up box at the bottom of Voice123.com asking you things like, “What did you come here today […]

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Stop that Negative Voice Over in Your Head

Recently, I read a blog post by Remit Sethi (the “I will teach you to be rich” guy) called “How to stop feeling guilty” and a lot of what […]

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Stop! Don’t audition for that voice over job!

It’s a new year and with a new year comes new goals, new motivation, and, for some, new career paths. If you are new to voice acting, welcome! We […]

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Damnnit Jim! I’m a Voice Actor, Not a Studio Engineer!

Today’s voice actor is more than just a pretty voice. These days the voice actor has to be a computer repair expert, a marketer, an agent, a writer, a […]

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Setting S.M.A.R.T. Voice Over Goals For 2014

It’s a new year, filled with new voice acting opportunities. If you want to maximize those opportunities you need a plan. Just like you wouldn’t set out on a […]

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How to Maximize Your Exposure on Voice123.com

Recently, I was asked by voice actress Julie Williams to help out with an upcoming webinar about “Making More Green in 2014″. She asked me to put together this […]

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Recipe for Voice Over Demo Success – Part 2

If you missed part one, read it here first!
Why isn’t my demo getting me voice over work?
By Voice123 Voice Actor and Voice Over Coach Deb Munro

1 produced demo
1 online casting site
1 computer
Thousands of emails

Put it all together and you should have voice over jobs, right?

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How to Get a Voice Over That Sounds like Apple

So, you’re looking for a voice that sounds like an “Apple” ad, huh? Here’s how to ensure you get just the right voice for your commercial, video, or whatever […]

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