How to get Netflix voice over jobs

As more and more voice actors search for Netflix voice over jobs, Netflix continues to expand and the demand for streaming content in various languages continues to grow. Thus leading to more opportunities for Netflix voice over jobs. For example, famous shows like Squid Game were dubbed to appeal to an international audience. In fact, Netflix dubbed 5 million minutes of programming last year. And since the average television series has between six and seven seasons, these kinds of Netflix voice over jobs can be a stable long-term project. 

However, starting an acting career or getting Netflix voice acting jobs or dubbing jobs doesn’t happen overnight. It involves doing regular industry research, learning how to use the right tools, honing your acting craft, and creating a diverse range of samples. 

3 things to do before applying for Netflix voice over jobs

Do your research

Research Netflix voice over shows dubbed in English according to their relevant genres. For instance, the streaming platform features a wide range of dubbed content in multiple genres like the documentary ‘Catching Killers,’ and the anime production ‘Marvel Wolverine.’ However, doing Netflix voice over jobs, especially for productions in different languages involves more than just reading scripted dialogue. You have to become the voice behind the character. This is where researching the culture and heritage of the characters you’ll be voicing can also be helpful. And to put you on the right path, here are a few simple steps to help you learn more about what is dubbing.

Create an assortment of samples

Since the focus of Netflix voice over jobs is ‘the voice’ it’s only natural that casting agents, directors, or producers will want to hear an audio sample of your vocal and dubbing abilities. So, creating a diverse range of voice over samples provides you with a type of performance portfolio. In addition, when they’re top-quality, you have a chance to stand out from the crowd of Netflix voice over auditions. This also applies if you’re looking for Netflix acting jobs. Finally, if you’re deciding whether coaching will help you enhance your craft, check out this practical guide.

Learn the tools of the voice over trade

When creating your own voice over samples and final deliverables, keep in mind that they need to be high-quality recordings. So, it’s good to understand the workings of specific software like Audacity and WavePad. And especially how to make your voice sound better. Then, when you have to record in your own studio, you’ll be able to produce professional recordings that bring your characters to life. And whether you’re focusing on Netflix voice over jobs or acting jobs, the key ingredient is authentic and believable performances. So, be sure to hone your acting craft!


Dubbing is when the original dialogue in a film/series is replaced with one of another language. Simply put, it’s when a different person/actor speaks for the on-screen actor. 

Yes. For instance, Netflix’s most-watched series, Squid Game, and the Emmy Award-winning, Money Heist have both been dubbed in English. Although originally filmed in foreign languages, these shows are perfect examples of a successful Netflix voice over performance.

Whether you’re a voice actor or actor, you can learn more from the partnership agreement between Netflix and SAG-AFTRA on this website.

“Dubbing is hard. When you’re trying to actually provide a voice for a real, living, breathing person, that you can see every little tick of their eyebrow, every kind of, you know, slight grin, frown, grimace, and you’re trying to match all of that vocally, there’s a lot to do and pay attention to. You’re doing your vocal performance while watching the actor’s performance."