What you need to showcase on a successful voice actor website

Have a successful voice over website is all about simplicity and focusing on the fundamentals.
This piece will break down what’s involved when creating a web page, and how you can purchase one at a discounted price.

Facebook, Google, Airbnb…What do all of these websites have in common? Besides being tech giants and worth billions of dollars, they’re all famous, trusted brands. The ground for thousands of virtual pedestrians. 

Now, as a voice actor, you don’t need thousands of people to find your website. But to facilitate a long-term career, you need to create and maintain an online presence related to professional voice overs. That’s where voiceover web design comes into play.

"Websites are going to set you apart from the field because it creates more professionalism. If you don't have a website in 2021 that's certainly an issue." -  Nicholas Scalice, Founder of GrowthMarketer

Why is voiceover web design important?

It’s easy to think that a website is only about having a few voice over samples of your work and an email address. But your website speaks for you when you can’t. And you need it to ‘say’ the right thing. 

The benchmark of a successful website is to:

  • Be easily found on Google
  • Have a landing page with a successful call to action (CTA) 
  • Be easy to navigate on any device
  • Have up-to-date contact information
What you need to showcase on a successful voice actor website

Ultimately, successful voiceover web design is the fine line between a visitor thinking, “Wow, this website is so confusing and hard to navigate.”
Or, “Wow, that was easy to find. I think I’ll reach out to this voice actor for my project.”

How to build and manage a professional voice over website

Just having any website for exposure isn’t going to cut it. It has to be a professional voiceover web design with the ‘right’ kind of exposure. 

It’s almost like building a house. It takes time, research, and good-quality materials before you can feast your eyes on a masterpiece.

3 steps to building a professional voice over website: 

  1. Choose the right hosting platform. This will be the foundation of your website and ‘hosts’ your site.
  2. Invest in good quality materials: To write and publish information according to your voice over web design, you need a content management system (CMS). 
  3. Choose the right finishes: Choose colors, features, and templates that are user and SEO-friendly. If you opt for a free domain name, it will come with the platform’s name, such as Or, you can choose a paid, custom domain such as This depends on availability and hosting platforms. 

To learn more, Voice123 spoke with Nicholas Scalice, a growth marketing consultant on this subject. He highlights three essential factors for successful voiceover web design.One, you have to have a great offer; a free consultation or, in the case of voice acting, a unique approach that you bring to the table. Two; clear messaging. So you’d want to avoid confusing terminology. Third, effective calls to action. A button, form, or link to give you a phone call; something that lets people know this is the next step.” 

What is a good service to host your voice over website?

The following guide has a list of commonly used platforms that have been organized according to the services they provide. 

Do careful research to help you choose the right platform that meets your needs. 

What you need to showcase on a successful voice actor website

Some of the above CMS websites offer DIY options, which can be helpful when you’re starting out. With pre-made website templates, a website design doesn’t have to be made from scratch. You also don’t need to know how to code or have any formal education or experience in web design.

How a landing page can help you generate more leads

Landing pages are often confused with home pages, but there’s a significant difference. Your homepage is like your welcome mat, where people first land when they visit your website and then decide where to head to next. Whereas a landing page is like a drop pin. It takes you to an exact page with eye-catching information and a well-placed CTA. 

voice over website

Landing pages are also used to boost SEO ranking, sign-ups, conversions, and sales.  And is the ideal place to showcase your voice over portfolio through clear and creative voiceover web design. 

Adding multimedia content to your voice acting website 

A simple landing page with different categories of your samples is all that’s needed. Adding a downloadable option for clients is up to you. But be selective. Only include work you’d like to be known for and organize it with clear-cut titles and tags. You can also highlight your other abilities like scriptwriting, audio editing, and union memberships

Anne Cloud, a Voice123 Platinum member, reflects that having my samples of recent work allows me to point people there instead of sending attachments and links. I have lots of videos of my recent work so people can hear the range of tones and emotions of my voice.” 

If you can’t afford to pay for a custom domain or don’t have the time to design one, sign up for a free Voice123 profile!

Your Voice123 profile can boost your SEO appearances, provide a platform for you to showcase your samples, and even has space for a short bio and a list of skills and experiences. 

What you need to showcase on a successful voice actor website
Anne's Voice123 profile is picked up by a search engine.

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How to give your voice over website exposure

In how to start a voice over business successfully, we outline how vital it is to lay out your business for long-term success. Networking is one way to achieve sustainability-from meeting new clients, to forming connections with agents, directors, and even other voice actors who want to spread the word about their voice over work. 

This is where well-planned voiceover web design can work in your favor. It can be your virtual business card that can be shared anywhere. 

Tips from the community – how do voice actors network?

Networking suggestions from Voice Actors 

"Most of my work has come from my own marketing efforts … email marketing to different companies, and when I don’t get a response, I pick up the phone and call them. Because I speak two languages fluently, I am a part of different chat groups/WhatsApp groups, and I get a lot of artists referring me to companies." - Pippa Vos, Platinum member on Voice123

Ensure that your website is optimized for search engines (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a method of exposure that can boost your online presence. 

Imagine searching through hundreds of emails in your inbox, trying to find a brief from a client. You only remember that his name was ‘Tom,’ so you type ‘Tom brief’ in the search bar and hit enter. 

It filters the results to only four emails and presto! Tom from ABC media is right at the top. 

SEO works in a similar way but on a much larger scale. When someone types keywords into a search engine, it filters millions of results to provide the most valuable results. Some common factors that play a part in displaying a website include keywords, mobile-friendly, security, and domain rating. 

Check out our SEO engineer Andrés Zuleta’s platform education guide to learn more about how you can use SEO best practices to leverage your Voice123 voice actor profile, and ultimately, your online presence: Platform Education for Voice Actors.

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