What you need to showcase on a successful voice actor website

A great voice actor website is all about simplicity and focusing on the fundamentals.
This piece will break down key tips and strategies to build a successful website to showcase your voice over skills.

A voice actor website is your online business card on search engines. That’s why your voice actor website needs more than a few voice samples and an email address. To speak for you when you can’t, voice over artist websites should include demo reels, additional services, experience, skills, and glowing testimonials from past projects. But that’s easier said than done, right? So, here’s everything you need to know to create an outstanding voice actor website.

"Websites are going to set you apart from the field because it creates more professionalism. If you don't have a website in 2021 that's certainly an issue." -  Nicholas Scalice, Founder of GrowthMarketer

What is a voice actor website?

A voice actor website is your online profile to showcase your bio, vocal talents, experience, services, contact info, blog (optional), and testimonials for potential clients. It should be easy to find on Google, easy to navigate on any device, and have a landing page with a call to action such as ‘Book Amelia’s voice for creative commercials. 

What you need to showcase on a successful voice actor website

Voice actor websites introduce clients to the person behind the voice, so the design and content must also complement your voice over persona and values – painting a professional image of credibility with potential clients.

How to build a professional voice over artist website

Creating voice actor websites is like building a house – it takes time, research, and good-quality materials. 

Here are 5 steps to building professional voice actor websites:

  1. Host your website with WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix. These platforms have pre-made website templates to help you start a voice over career
  2. Use CMS like Weebly, Joomla, and Drupal to easily upload audio files, create a portfolio, and integrate contact forms. 
  3. Choose a design with colors, fonts, layouts, and a professional theme that reflects your brand identity and niche.
  4. Include contact info like a bio, demo reels, contact details, testimonials, and an optional blog section with links to your social media or podcast.
  5. Improve SEO by optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, and headings with keywords and creating descriptive alt tags for images.

To learn more, Voice123 spoke with Nicholas Scalice, a growth marketing consultant on this subject. He highlights three essential factors for successful voiceover web design.One, you have to have a great offer; a free consultation or, in the case of voice acting, a unique approach that you bring to the table. Two; clear messaging. So you’d want to avoid confusing terminology. Third, effective calls to action. A button, form, or link to give you a phone call; something that lets people know this is the next step.” 

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How to craft a voice actor website landing page

A landing page is like a drop pin taking visitors to an exact page. With their streamlined design and compelling messaging, landing pages are ideal for voice over portfolios and CTAs encouraging clients to take specific action, like hiring you for a project. Try to be creative and strategic with your landing page; use inviting visuals, convincing demo reels, and compelling copy to make your brand more visible online and contribute to business growth.

How to give your voice actor website exposure

  1. Join Facebook groups, Edge Studio’s community forum and their Share your VO accomplishments section, or the Voice Acting Discord. Voice123 also lists communities and groups on our voice over resources page.
  2. Share your website URL on your Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles, and use social media to interact and connect with industry professionals and potential clients. 
  3. If you have a Voice123 profile, you can add your website URL to your voice over profile and ensure it’s completed and optimized with SEO keywords.
  4. Social media management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer can help you schedule posts, monitor engagement, and track mentions of your website. 
  5. Guest blog on voice over artist websites or podcasts in related industries to share your expertise, promote your website, and reach new audiences.

Networking suggestions from Voice Actors 

"Most of my work has come from my own marketing efforts … email marketing to different companies, and when I don’t get a response, I pick up the phone and call them. Because I speak two languages fluently, I am a part of different chat groups/WhatsApp groups, and I get a lot of artists referring me to companies." - Pippa Vos, Platinum member on Voice123

SEO strategies for voice over artist websites

When someone types SEO keywords into a search engine, it filters millions of results, providing the most valuable ones. Optimizing your voice actor website pushes your information to the front of the line.

  1. Keyword research identifies voice over terms potential clients use during voice actor searches. Incorporate them in your website titles, headings, meta descriptions, and image alt tags.
  2. Create applicable content for your bio, portfolio descriptions, blog posts, and demo reels that attract, inform, and encourage visitors to spend more time on your website, signaling to search engines that your site is authoritative.
  3. Use security measures like SSL certificates to make your voice actor website trustworthy. Secure websites are favored by search engines and are more likely to rank higher in search results.
  4. Take advantage of Voice123’s platform education resources for voice actors. You’ll learn valuable SEO insights and tips for optimizing your profile and samples to enhance online visibility and attract more clients.

Resources for voice actor websites

  1. Village Green Studios has unique designs reflecting a voice actor’s individuality. They focus on branding voice over artist websites with usability, visual appeal, and functionality. 
  2. The Voice Actor’s Webmaster offers customized website solutions prioritizing user experience, navigation ease, and optimization for search engines for maximum visibility. 
  3. VO Site Pro offers mobile-optimized voice actor website examples that provide voice actors with a strong online presence by focusing on search engine optimization that attracts more clients.
  4. Gabby Nistico focuses on strategic branding and messaging techniques to help voice actors create a distinct online presence with logo design and website content.


A successful voice actor website features thrilling designs, content, and SEO strategies that are continuously updated. Stay informed about the latest trends and industry developments when optimizing for search engines, and actively network to raise your exposure. Voice123’s platform education resources offer valuable insights and guidance for voice actors looking to build and showcase portfolios effectively.

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Choose a reliable web hosting service like WordPress, designing a website that showcases your samples, bio, portfolio, and contact information. Optimize your website for SEO and update it regularly with new samples, testimonials, and professional achievements.

Yes, with online casting platforms like Voice123, you can audition for projects online and use a home studio setup to record voice overs and send them to clients online. 

First, hone your vocal skills, invest in a quality home studio setup, and establish your online presence with a compelling voice actor website and profiles on casting platforms like Voice123. For more info, check out our guide on how to get into voice acting.